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On October 9-10th 2009 I (Dianna) had the honour of meeting and interviewing Shannen exclusively at Spooky Empire in Orlando, Florida. Shannen was really kind hearted and sweet. We had drinks together and went to two VIP parties, it was a lot of fun. The interview was a lot of fun too! I asked questions that fans really want to know the answers to. I also interviewed Shannen's Charmed co-star, Brian Krause! You can watch the interview here and read my personal story in the 'Shannen and her fans' section. Enjoy!

Shannen and her best friend, Holly Marie Combs filmed a new show together called 'Off The Map With Shannen & Holly'. The travel show followed them both on a road trip across the Southeastern United States through Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. The series followed the two Charmed ones as they "travel unknown roads" and "meet locals" while tackling "exciting adventures" with help from viewers. Viewers voted on which activities they do at each destination on GACTV.com. The show premiered in the US on January 2nd 2015 at 10:00PM ET on GAC and was six episodes long. "This was truly a Great American experience, Not only did we do some amazing and fun things, we also met really interesting, lovely people on this road trip. And sharing the experience with Holly made it all the more special" - Shannen.

I can also officially confirm that Shannen will be in a new movie romantic comedy called 'Bukowski' which was filmed in LA. The movie is scheduled to air in 2014 (on hold right now due to a lawsuit). It is being directed by Actor/filmmaker James Franco and she will play the role of Katharina Bukowski. The movie is about the early years of the poet/author, Charles Bukowski who was inspired by his past to write some of his most famous work. More information coming soon!

Another new movie she will be in is 'Undateable John' which was filmed in LA. It is scheduled to air in 2017. She will play the role of Charlene. The independent movie is about musician with an alcohol problem who befriends a strange couple at an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting. More information coming soon!

She has also signed up for a role in a new movie called 'How to Make a Deal with the Devil'. The movie is currently in post-production and is scheduled to air in 2017. She will play the role of the Devil. The movie/comedy is about a group of people seeking to make a deal with the Devil. But they soon find out that the Devil herself may have a few little screws loose in her head! More information coming soon!

And...She will be in a new movie called 'Bethany'. The movie is scheduled to be released in US theaters on April 7th 2017. She will play the role of Susan. The movie is about a woman named Claire who moves back into her childhood home with her husband. The abusive, traumatic memories of her mother return to haunt her; and as her husband becomes busy with work, she finds herself in a fog of memories as a small figure tries to reach out to her.

NEW TV series!!!!! The show is called 'Rock in a Hard Place'. The pilot episode is currently in production and is scheduled to air next year. She will play the role of Janice Henley-Jones. The show is about a former punk rock star who has been divorced twice with three children from his previous marriages. When he leaves rehab for his alcohol addiction he moves in with his over-bearing mother. More information coming soon!

I can also confirm that Shannen will be returning to a familiar role in the upcoming TV reboot of 'Heathers'. The TV show is currently in production in LA and is scheduled to air on TV Land next year. She will play the role of a central character which is yet to be named. In the original 1990 dark comedy, Christian Slater starred as deranged high school student who goes on a mass murder spree along with his somewhat reluctant girlfriend, played by Winona Ryder. Their primary targets: the Heathers, a group of popular mean girls who all happen to be named Heather. The reboot takes place in the present day. It features a new set of popular-yet-evil Heathers only this time the outcasts have become high school royalty. Heather McNamara (originally played by Lisanne Falk) is a black lesbian played by Jasmine Mathews; Heather Duke (originally played by Shannen) is a male who identifies as gender-queer whose real name is Heath played by Brendan Scannell; and Heather Chandler (originally played by Kim Walker) has a body like Martha Dumptruck and will be played by Melanie Field. Newcomers James Scully and Grace Victoria Cox star as J.D. and Veronica, respectively. More information coming soon!

Shannen has set up a production company called 'No Apologies' where she was the co-executive producer for 'Another Day' and she produced 'Breaking up with Shannen Doherty'. Shannen and her husband Kurt, were both executive producers for 'Shannen Says'. She is also directing a feature film called 'Crossroads' and her company will produce that too. More details coming soon!

In her personal time she has been busy writing scripts and writing her own songs. She is thinking about making her own album because she was inspired by one of her movies, 'Friends til' the end' where she had a singing role.

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