George September 2000

George September 2000

This bad girl would be Charmed, I'm sure, to welcome Woody Harrelson and Robert DeNiro to the White House--but sorry, Luke: no 90210-ers.

George : Why should we elect you?
Shannen : My honesty- what you see is what you get.

George : What would be your campaign slogan?
Shannen : "No Shannen-igans."

George : How would you raise money for your campaign?
Shannen : By having the world's biggest bake sale.

George : Write the first news headline of your administration.

George : Which of your activities would present the greatest challenge to your spin doctors?
Shannen : My excessive use of Air Force One.

George : What activity would pose the biggest challenge to your Secret Service detail?
Shannen : Shopping at Barneys.

George : How much personal information do voters have the right to know about you?
Shannen : Don't they know everything already?

George : What's the biggest problem in the world? How would you fix it?
Shannen : Lack of education. I'd fix it with free Internet providers, better training and testing, and higher teacher pay.

George : Whom would you appoint to your cabinet?
Shannen : My brother, Sean Doherty, as secretary of state, Robert DeNiro as secretary of defense, and as for ambassadors-whoever kisses my ass the most.

George : Who would be your spiritual adviser?
Shannen : My mom.

George : What person, living or dead, would you model yourself after as the leader of the free world?
Shannen : My dad.

George : What three objects must you have in the Oval Office?
Shannen : My dogs, a Sony PlayStation, and deviled ham sandwiches.

George : Whom would you pardon?
Shannen : Myself and Microsoft.

George : What would you legalize?
Shannen : Woody Harrelson's future protests, so taxpayers won't have to pay for his incarcerations anymore.

George : What would you outlaw?
Shannen : 90210 reunions.

George : What would you veto every time it hit your desk?
Shannen : Tax increases.

George : What would be your favorite presidential perk?
Shannen : Air Force One.

George : How would you unwind from the pressures of your job?
Shannen : By riding and jumping my horses on the White House lawn.

George : Who would get an invitation to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom?
Shannen : My folks.

George : Who would never get an invitation?
Shannen : Anyone from 90210.

George : What book would be required White House reading?
Shannen : The Horseman's Bible, so that the staff and Secret Service will be able to help with the horse's and any problems that would arise.

GEORGE : Name the movie based on your presidency.
Shannen : An Affair to Remember.