Sarahs here.and im a bit late...

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Re: Sarahs here.and im a bit late...

Postby honda200 » Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:33 pm

Well nice to know someone is ..because hears a few more that will be near a dear to Sarahs heart..

as this rabbit that we feel was a domistic rabbit but had escaped captivety,kept coming around and injoying our grass, and the first shot of Sarahs little friend to witch she named Roburt after her dreamy Roburt Patinson of Twight ,it would ether plant itself in the pathway to the garage ,we had to litterly sidestep him .so as not to trip on him ..

Or he would happly sit under my truck. It got so that we had to check under my truck before we started it .


Sarah would have a great time getting aquianted with the little fellow ,trying to gain its trust so she could bet it would let her get pretty close at times



this one i got the bigest kick out of as you can see Dasie my in-lays Germin Sheppered mix standing in the back ground with her eyes fixed on the rabbit ,licking her chops but at the same time knew she wouldnt get it ..and Sarah greeping acoss to try and feed it some lettus


and this ones ,Sarah had put some left over letus by the wheel of my truck,he tried some but i think he prefured our nice grass over the letus

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Re: Sarahs here.and im a bit late...

Postby Sarah-Lucy » Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:44 pm

thanks for sharing jean. i am sure you both will have lovely memories forever, i am glad it went well. ;)
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