hi gang

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hi gang

Postby Shannen Doherty » Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:28 pm

hi everyone. it's been awhile and i miss you all. i am back in la for a couple of days and really enjoying my time here. a stray dog followed my mom into the gates of my house so i have been busy trying to find his owners and getting him cleaned up. all is well in hawaii but i do get homesick when i am there. i read a few post that concerned me a bit and want to clear up a few things. first off, we are what god made us and should be happy with what we have.our obsessions with our bodies is retarded. yes,you should try to take care of yourself but not to an extreme. i don't know where some people got there info from but i DO NOT work out. i don't do ab crunches or obsess about my body. the most i do is sports which keeps me healthy. i will do pilates twice a week if i am in la but being in hawaii,all i do is surf. which by the way is great for toning. it disturbs me to read about people talking about their weight and my butt. we are all special. i would much rather my acting be talked about or my brain as we all should. there are too many women out there with eating disorders because of the pressure society puts on us. as far as chroins disease making you lose weight...that is only true if you have a flare up which i have not in over 4 years. and never wish for a medical problem. also, i do not laminate my hair. this is crazy stuff that i believe takes beauty to far. Once again, we are all beautiful in our own unique way. i hope you all are well and i will try to post again before i go back to hawaii in a couple of days god bless you all and much love!!!!!!!

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hi gang

Postby Linz » Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:58 pm

I read this post often! I need to- as a reminder that inner beauty is the most important!! I agree with Shannen- there are so many people with eating disorders because of the media and societal pressures. I hope our society will stop putting so much pressure on women, someday!! Shannen is such an inspiration to me- she is beautiful, strong, independent, etc!! She has many amazing qualities! Image
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hi gang

Postby pruemariehalliwell » Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:42 am

i totally agree with you shannen,As a guy i wish this who obession with our body's in the world would end as no one is perfect & the true beauty as you so wonderfully put it is in our hearts Image.May one day the world wakeup soon i hope so that we all focus on the thing's that truly matter instead of look's & weight.
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Re: hi gang

Postby pocahontas » Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:48 am

hey shannen what's up? n i totally agree with u on that. i know what u mean i used to have a eating disorder it got so bad to where i ended up in the hospital with a feeding tube n i remember why i did it n how it started in the first place. but got better. years later when i got a night job my mom got worried n called n kept asking if i'm eating n i said yes i'm eating n i knew cause she cared n was worried that i would start again. n she said i'm skinny n asked again if i'm eating n i said yeah. then one time when i went to the store with my case manger n i felt dizzy n lightheaded n i passed out in front of the store n that was cause i didn't eat anything all day. so went home n got something to eat. n now years later my doctor got me on a diet cause of something n my ex-stepdad's ex wife sara was trying to make it into a whole weight thing n that wasn't it n everyone say why u on the diet your skinny enough n i said i know but that has nothing to do with it it's something else but my ex-stepdad's ex-wife sara was trying to make it into a whole weight thing n saying this n that n sometimes i feel like i'll be back to having an eating disorder if people don't shut up lol. but then i think about how i ended up in the hospital when i was little n i listen to music n play video games n read a book or chat with my friends online n that always calms me down n not think about it. n i think about how happy i am with the way god made me n that to me i'm happy with who i am n god made no mistake with making me n that beauty is on the inside :)
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Re: hi gang

Postby Sarah-Lucy » Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:00 pm

Just read this post this evening and was touched. Shannen is such a great role model to her fans :)
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