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Postby fuertesmrl » Sun Apr 05, 2009 11:48 am

hey diana am glad that you are checking pictures of shannen to protect her.. hope that she aprreciates it.. Image
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Postby Kristin Marie » Wed Sep 29, 2010 3:35 pm

I don't even remember this thread at ALL!! WOW!! Image

When Dianna first came to me with this idea in her head about creating this site, remember, she was just 16...and I thought, "Good luck because your going to need it." She had tough competition out there and people were so brutal about Shannen back then, you think she created the most horrific crime of the centuries and her being probably the youngest webmaster out there at that time I was a little worried about her.

But then later she asked for my help and when I heard what she was doing..I couldn't refuse...I thought, Either this blow up in our faces and feel stupid at the end or this will be a success story...and 10 years later, we are STILL HERE!! How amazing is that?

At the beginning of creating this site I told Dianna, you have two choices and think wisely and carefully..Do you want to be like other website that is so terrible and has so much rumors and people are complaining, " This site sucks" " What wrong with she on drugs?!" OR do you want a website where people can come and be WOWED and say, " This site is awesome. Dianna did a great job. And its great to come here and not listen to
"Shannen did that." "Shannen did that" about 100 times a day. And luckily for Dianna( and I..It didn't take much to convince Dianna..) she chose the rumor free board. Also we respected Shannen's privacy, in both her personal and and private life. And, most importantly we support her in what she does

Dianna was a very smart and mature young woman back then who knew what she was doing. There's time I sit back and let her do it..I always thought she was a creative genius( I so envy people smarter than me...LOL!! Just kidding. )

Back to what this thread is originally about: Dianna mission and her main goal was doing this site rumor free and no hurful things and posting bad pictures...and for the last 10, 9 years she's been doing a really great job at it.

I thank god every day Shannen can come here and find wonderful things that being said about her, a place she can unwind and have fun reading our thread. She always think of her as her friends...but I think of her as my big sister...

You have no idea how hard it was to leave this website for years..I didn't want to do it...I know Shannen always said, no stressing and I needed to take better care of myself and I did.

When I see Shannen( I hope she comes to Atlanta or Newnan) I'm going to give her a big hug...

Kristin Marie

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Postby shell » Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:09 pm

I think that's a really sweet and true what you have said and what you helped with in the past.

I haven't been a member here long. Only since March, but used to cheak the news part of the website for updates for years before and never became a member.

Then I wish I had sooner considering I cheaked the website for updates.

I found the message boards a great place to come too as everyone is so friendly here.

I had never been in this thread before. So I thought at first it was just photos till I got inside and it was people having a discusion about photos.

I agree with what people have said we should have permission to put photos on here like people have said the paparazzi interfere with Shannen's privite life in my words also. If that's the right way to put it.

I also agree with the other points you have put too like what you put about Shannen having good place to come and reading what members say about her in the nice way like everyone should be, but that's the world where everyone isn't because they belive in bad things and not the good things. Image
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