Please pardon my dust

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Please pardon my dust

Postby msyana » Mon Apr 27, 2009 11:44 pm

chucklemagne wrote:We started getting the errors in the Coffee House again. I tried moving some posts out of the Arcade, and it did not stop the errors in that board even though I moved a lot more posts than I had from the Coffee House. So my theory that it has to do with the number of posts in a board may be bunk.

Trying to get in contact with Yana to see if he knows how to reach Suddenlaunch. Dianna's on vacation and I hate to bother her. She really deserves a break.

Both Chuckle and I decided to wait for Dianna's return. She knows the ins and outs of the site afterall she was one of the two involved building the whole thing.

If weird stuff happens let either Chuckle or me know and we will make sure it all get's forwarded to Dianna when she is back home.



ps. Before you even don't want me to go into the basic build of the site and try to fix stuff....after i fixed it the coffee house and arcade wouldn't be the only two forum parts giving errors Image
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