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The L Word Quizzila

Postby blackrose » Wed Jan 24, 2007 8:25 am

Ooops this was the right section where post the test Image

I know there is some other LWord fan here ....i find 2 test

i got the follow score


Kit Porter

You've had a tough time living the life you live, and I think the special case of mild alcoholism makes you uniquely Kit Porter, Bette Porter's sister, jazz and blues singer, DJ, club owner, and recovering alcoholic.

You're an altogether interesting person, trying to redeem yourself for your past mistakes and meeting several obstacles in your way; but you're pulling yourself out of it, so hoorah for you.

Even though you have to work hard at life, you're definitely succeeding, or at least you will succeeed if you keep on going. You're a great person, wise, understanding, and still up to date on all the new trends. In fact, you tend to set trends. Those in your life are lucky to have you, as you're loyal, kind, honest to a fault, and determined in everything you do.

You're a good friend. Keep it that way.

Mmm somethign is true something no i think to be more like Bette and Jenny



Jenny - You're...well...mixed up. Some see you as deep, other's as insane, and some may see you as innocent and pure (poor mislead people). You're currently so busy trying to figure out your feelings that you tend to completely forget everyone elses in the process. Now the good thing is you're creative; the bad thing is you probably could use some medication (and to be tested for STD's...quick!) Good luck.

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The L Word Quizzila

Postby imanijonny123 » Thu Jan 03, 2008 5:40 am

i got this

1.Alice - You're creative and witty (well, you came up with the whole chart thing didn't you?). You're really there for your friends, and you like to be the mastermind behind the scenes. On the down side, you tend to let people walk all over you sometimes...but it's ok, you just need you're friends to help you know when to say "Step off Bitch".

2.So you're the kind of girl even straight girls would turn gay for. Shane McCutcheon: the stud; playing heartbreaking, I-am-the-sex-you-want-to-have kind of lesbian.
You don't do relationships, don't live by a plan, and you have an affinity for hair.
You also have serious trust issues, and rightfully so. You're a giver, and you tend to give all of yourself to everyone, and that's no good. You care about humanity in general, even though humanity couldn't care less about you, and it costs you. You tend to spread yourself a little (very) thin at times, and this makes you unstable in many areas. Maybe you're just young, maybe somebody's hurt you, but
watch out, because love's gonna slap you in the face - hard. Be ready for it, kid, because after you find it, you'll never be the same again.

but i am not gay , i just dont like tight close , it makes me feel hoe-ish
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