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Orlando, Florida interview with Shannen

PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:30 am
by shaed412
thanks for sharing your unique experience with shannen with the board...loved it. she's so adorable and i can't wait to read her new that she's a writer. so im a writer myself...she's always inspiring and so funny. and it's really great that you got to share that with jaimie...u two are so cute together...thanks, di!!!

Orlando, Florida interview with Shannen

PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:59 pm
by Dianna
In part one the questions I asked Shannen are:

Well, you have a very long and excited career that is still going! Let’s start with Heathers –which was very successful comedy in the late 80’s. People are still talking about this, many years later and it’s now being remade as a TV show! How do you feel about that?

So, how do you feel about the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun remake then?

Another show that has been a huge part of your career is Beverly Hills, 90210 where you played Brenda for four years. It’s such a success that there is a spin-off on air where I know you made several guest appearances and I would like to know what your favourite Brenda moment is?

Okay, so what was your favourite episode then?

I know the original cast had a reunion in 2003, Are there any plans for a movie so we can see how the gang is with their careers, family, kids etc?

You have also been the host of Scare Tactics, which is a reality show that puts unsuspecting victims into terrifying situations, which usually involves movie-style themes with a hidden camera. When planning pranks on people, did anything happen that didn’t go according to plan?

Part two

You don't actually hear me say these but I asked her

[What was your favourite episode?

Out of so many remarkable performances in movies and television, what do you feel is your proudest moment so far in an amazing career of accomplishments?

What was the hardest role you have ever had to play and why?]

You don't hear me ask her any questions in part 2.

Part three

I have heard that you are setting up your own company called No Apologies, is this true? And if so can you tell us a little bit about this?

I have also heard you are bring a a book coming out, can you share a little bit about the book please?

Speaking of Charmed, I would like to take this moment to introduce your fellow co-star Brian Krause, also known as Leo to the stage!

Welcome to the stage Brian!

It’s good to have you here along with Shannen! How are you?

So, Brian, you are known for your role as Leo from Charmed and various other credits include Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers and you were in an episode of Michael Landon’s Highway to heaven as was Shannen. Shannen also has a history working with Michael Landon on Little house on the prairie. Other credits of yours include Return to the blue lagoon and An American summer. So Brian, what was it like working with Michael Landon?

I heard that you will be starring in ‘The toolbox murders’, is this true? If so, you can tell us a bit about this role?

Shannen and Brian, In Charmed I know the show is about magic and witches did anything weird or spooky happen on the set?

So, if you guys could have any power, what power would it be?

What is your favourite Prue moment, and what is your favourite Leo moment?

Okay, so what was your favourite episode then?

Was it difficult was it to switch between actress and director filming those?

Since you have directed, and produced, have you ever thought about going even further and writing your own scripts?

Okay that's cool, We look forward to seeing that someday.

Brain, I know you wrote for the Charmed episode, ‘Sense and Sense Ability’, what was that like writing for an episode you were in?

What did you guys do on the set when you are not in a scene?

I heard that you were the choreographer in the Charmed episode ‘Coyote Piper’ where you taught Holly Marie Combs how to dance. How did that come about?

Well, it was a great episode anyway.

So, you guys, What is it like to act out a scene that requires special effects to be added in later to complete the scene, and then as an actor or actress, to go back and watch yourself in the scene with the special effects added in?

So, do you guys have any plans to work together in the future?

So, do you any of you have any new shows or movies in the pipeline you’d like to share with us?

Okay, well we look forward to that to.

So guys, What character, TV or movie role, has a personality similar to yours?

Okay, so, Out of all the roles you've played, which role did you find the most impacting in your life? Like, which one had really created an effect on you, one that stuck with you the most?

So, do any of you have any regrets, career wise - or do you feel there are only lessons?

Okay, yeah, they do. So, who would you like to both work with again?

So are there any plans for a Charmed movie then?

I know you both probably get asked a lot of the same questions over and over. What question would you like to be answering that nobody ever asks?

Does anyone else have any questions for our two amazing guests?

She definitely isn't a bitch! She's a really nice person!

Okay, well it was great having you both here in Florida, thank you for joining us and thank you Shannen for being part of the website, myself and the members really appreciate it. I wish you both all the best in the future.

Thank you.

If anyone wants to write up Shannen's parts, feel free to!

Orlando, Florida interview with Shannen

PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 2:09 pm
by littlemissbad
thanks di, ok anyone wanna do shannes bit? xxx Image

Orlando, Florida interview with Shannen

PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:29 pm
by Sarah-Lucy
i loved the bit when the nasty girl said to shannen "are you a bitch then" and shannen replies "security, i will see you outside and take you down!" i love it. Image

it was also very kind of dianna to come to shannen defence and stuck up for her, we are proud of you for doing that. Image

Orlando, Florida interview with Shannen

PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2009 6:29 pm
by littlemissbad
i have my sound fixed now on the lap top, so i will listen to it later. xxx

Orlando, Florida interview with Shannen

PostPosted: Sat Dec 12, 2009 10:36 pm
by littlemissbad
just watched the interview.

wow best interveiw ever, loved the bit when shannen is talking about kurt having a heart attack when they where flying lol. Image

thanks di for posting and well done you! xxxx

Orlando, Florida interview with Shannen

PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 4:56 am
by jikraus
Thanks Diana!! Great video. That would be too cool to do what you did.

I've always wondered how you fell into this? How did you get where you are when it comes to Shannen? Do you know someone who knows her? How did you get started? {I hope its OK to ask}

JIKraus Image

Orlando, Florida interview with Shannen

PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 7:42 am
by thefifthsister
Dianna knows her. Shannen found this site years ago, someone was impersonating her and she got in touch with Dianna to sort the whole thing out. They've been friends since.


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Orlando, Florida interview with Shannen

PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:00 pm
by jikraus
So..Diana didnt start this site up? Shannen did? I'm a bit confused.

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