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Everyone's top 10...

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:08 pm
by AotearoaTPPinot
So I just kinda got this idea from Sam Neill ;p and I'm hoping it works. Pick 10 songs- share the links and why you like those 10 songs. You have to have a 'personal' reason why. For reference, you may look at Sam's blog I think this might be a fun thing to do!

1. "Misty Frequencies" by Che Fu

And I guess because and not only because of the fact that Sam Neill likes this song. Though, this song has deep lyrics and about listening to the misty frequencies on the radio-and I love a load of music in general so being that it's about listening to misty frequencies on the radio I rather like that and the fact that the song/and the singer Che Fu are so smooth! It's a song for the ages I think!

2. "On My Mind" by Kora Well Sam said it reminds him of Aotearoa and likewise it does remind one of Aotearoa-you can have a picture of Aotearoa or rather New Zealand on your desktop listen to this and besides wanting to dance-it uplifts you in a way and it reminds you of Aotearoa in your thoughts.

3. "How do I Live" by Leann Rimes First off, this song reminds me of my Grandpa who died a good few years back. Because everytime I'd get into his Jaguar-on the radio this song would start playing-it was odd. Also because it reminds me of the what if-I mean how will I live without certain people in my life-when the time comes for them-and yes one of those I think is definitely Sam Neill-I just dunno if I could go on. I really do need to find a way to New Zealand to work for him in his vineyard!

4. "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban This song reminds me of my mom because she's the one who raises me up all the time. :).

5. "Remember Me This Way" by Jordan Hill.
Now I like the psychic medium John Edward and in one book he stated it reminds him of how the other side feels about this side and I get that with my Pisces psychic intuition readily when I listen to it besides the fact that this is just so beautiful and Jordan Hill-my gosh what a singer!

6. "Wind beneath my Wings" - Bette Midler Well Bette Midler has such a great voice and this song reminds me of all the heroes in my life who are the wind beneath my wings and to them I owe my life.

7. "Luckiest Man Alive" - Tim Finn Well it's personal to Sam and now for me too. Tim Finn's brother Neil Finn followed me on twitter and well those brothers both Timm and Neil-so great-fantastic music that transcends the soul it seems. Also because it reminds me of Sam who shared the story about how Timm had played this song-and shortly after Sam(who takes the back seat many times over) took control forcing his friend Tim to dial up a woman in the phone book who is now his wife(Tim's) and also because the place where Tim had also performed was where Sam's wife had done hula dancing on stage before-though for me it brings good memories filled of Sam and then just to know that I've been lucky having been thanked by Sam-one of the luckiest men alive before and I'm eternally grateful to Sam.

8. "Not the girl you think you are" - Crowded House(Finn Brothers) Well just the fact that this is by the Finn brothers and their music transcends the soul time and time again-I am constantly officially blown away by their music!

9. "As Close as this" - The Muttonbirds The lyrics are lovely and the music is lovely and it gets one happy and I love this song!

10. "Higher Ground" - Stevie Wonder Well just the fact that it's Stevie Wonder should give you a clue! Who does not like Stevie Wonder I love this song and then the fact that I found out Sam Neill likes Stevie Wonder ay-oh ay oh :) Stevie Wonder is a genius though and then Sam's story about meeting Stevie Wonder oh hilarious! Though Stevie Wonder and his music-phenomenal!