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Hello everyone-Back-sorta!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:43 am
by AotearoaTPPinot
Whoa it's been way to long! I have not been on in I think 'ages'! Not sure if anyone remembers me-it's been that long! Lately-well I'm still in college-I am going to junior college-I was going to Northridge though difficulties with roommates and such and stress well I ended up moving back home with the rents'! Not that living with the rents' is very appeasing >.< I actually have goals to somehow/sometime soon just to like run away and fly to New Zealand and work under Sam Neill at his vineyard. I have dreams/goals to do that really-I love beer and wine-I am now 22! You can find me on twitter under AotearoaTPPinot-uh I have that under website :). Sam Neill is on twitter too like Shannen-he replies so much-and he's retweeted/thanked me so many times it's hard to keep track. So I'm currently having this twitter follow limit problem-I guess I have to wait until I get like swamps of new followers to follow more people! I hope to get that many more-who knows though! Sammeh ;p has helped with that mainly god bless him for that! Sam is one of the most modest of what you would call celebrities on twitter-he takes compliments but dishes out thank you so much-he does not consider himself a celebrity-of course to me it's always quite a shock whenever people say they do not know Sam Neill-it makes me almost want to force a Sam Neill movie marathon on them! Hmm...I have two youtube channels SaltJolie1 and MrsSeanBean1 and I have 50,000 something on a tribute to Andy Whitfield video I did on my MrsSeanBean1 channel-I have a 4,0000 something views on Mariska's Miracles on my SaltJolie1 channel as well as about 2,000 view count on a goodbye Christopher Meloni video on SaltJolie1 channel again! So I've been busy creating videos through Windows Movie Maker as well as school-parents and :) so life's been a bundle of stress but great and Sam Neill makes it all that much more the best and Shannen-well I'm happy she has a new show again! I look forward to keeping up on her show and these forums once more-so I'll try my hardest to stay connected around here!

Re: Hello everyone-Back-sorta!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:32 pm
by Kristin Marie
Welcome back!! :D

Kristin Marie