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People's Farewell

Postby jhem » Wed Aug 05, 2009 6:10 am

I just want to share how this day change all my political beliefs..Image

Today,all the Philippine flags are half mass, this is a non-working holiday,millions of people are on the streets shouting "Thank you,Cory" and all TV stations are covering Former President Corazon Aquino's funeral.

She's Philippine's first ever female president,
*the person who ended the dictatorship of Marcos
*the bearer of our country's hope
*the widow of the assassinated former senator Benigno Aquino
*the person that fought the dictatorship holding a rosary

after hearing all the things she does for my country..i reflect..
i remember last month when my mom asked me to register for the 2010 election and i said
"What for? our country will never vote is useless"

but now, i realized who am i to doubt my fellow Filipino's ability to change? who am i to surrender what Madam Aquino fought (The Philippine freedom) many years ago?

i just want to share to you guys,that even a hard headed bitch like me..can be soften by the simple words from "The widow in yellow", Corazon Aquino!


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