What are your Top 5 TV shows?

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What are your Top 5 TV shows?

Postby jhem » Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:15 pm

crazy4shannen wrote:i'd go for bette, jodi, and helena. super hot! i wonder if i'm missing anyone...

yeah...Bette and Helena are definitely HOT!!!!!
but Jodi...hmmmm I guess i'm a Solid "TiBetter"that's why i don't appreciate her,.

*Helena is also one of the "torns" on Tibette's love affair but she's too hot to ignore,and i started to like her in their basketball tournament against Papi! Image so funny!
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What are your Top 5 TV shows?

Postby nathin » Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:08 am

1) charmed

2)Sweet Valley High

3) Law and order svu

4) Sister, Sister

5)The Game
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