Read this fantastic rules about easy life

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Read this fantastic rules about easy life

Postby irena75 » Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:34 am

next time when you feel angre, rage, guilt, madness, unhappines etc read or remind youself on this rules:
1. Do something on right time!
2. Don`t ignore problem(s), meet them and try hard to resolved!
3. Learn (how) to lisnen!
4. Learn (how) to ask!
5. Distinguish important relevant from unimportant irrelavant things!
6. Accept (adopt) change variable and if it is unavoidable!
7. Admit errors!
8. Talk articulate, clearness, distinct and understandable!
9. Be calm (over all situation)!
10. Smile always!
Also this can be from help:
1. Don1t afraid to do mistake(s), because fear from mistake can get us to 0o wrong things, because its best learning and because people can`t stand "perfect" men/women
2. Don`t want to much from real life - Instead: "That`s it" say: "It is better..." (Maybe people start do not escape and avoid meetings with you or try to escape/avoid when saw you)
3. Talk only you have on mind and really thought and think.
4. Enter fun in your life (Accept that realx and fun are most important human needs who like sleeping recover and refresh body and revive mind). That doesn`t mean that fun is waist time or leziness
5. Got took your life in your hands only then will seat on driving place for your life and guide future with your hands. Don`t accuse circumstances and others for your mistake(s), problem(s) and trouble(s).
6. Don`t post for or to yourself impossible goals in life. Research and know how to deal with your weaknesses and don`t expect impossible. Everyone its short in some area and profesion. Enjoy in on what you have instead regret for something you don`t have and really not need
7. Forgot mistake from PAST! If you always remind on your past mistake and errors to everyone if you do that constantly this can provoke deppression not for you but also to people who really like and are near you. Then do not surprise when they go away from you.
8. Lear how to say: "NO!". Your determent "NO" people will pressure more than undeterment involuntary Yes.
9. Resolved obstucles and difficulty in life. Obstucles can get you to be stronger. If sometimes end up with empty hands say: "One who doesn`t can lose also can`t get anything." In every life something you get and something you lose. Pacify whit that that life isn`t fer to anyone.
10. Always positive thinking does not (re)solved problems and look on life with rose eyeglasses don`t solved problems. Instead to say: "That`s nothing on the end all be good," recognized the problem and try step to step what do you need to do to (re)solved that.

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