Story-- Adult Content!!

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Story-- Adult Content!!

Postby lover » Sat Jan 03, 2009 9:10 pm

Hey guys, I have an assignment due by Weds. I got 2 stories to analyse according to the things I've studied and just say why things are done this way, noticing every little details. I translated it to English, so it's not exact, but I really don't understand the point of it and can't say much about it. Please notice that it has adult content in it and make sure you're in the right age to read it, guys.

I need to analyse this story with some of things we learnt;
gap filling, rebuilding things and changing ideas, first and second readings, the Recency and Primary Effect-the effect of the first and last paragraph, chronolocigal order, model oriented justifications (ie, copying things from other stories, like for example, a person who talks about himself is something that's usually used in Literature), readers oriented justifications- The way things afefct our reading, like how the lack of chronological order affects the readers and what point it makes in the story, etc. Here's the link;

I already thanked him in person, but I really want to thank harles again for the help, so thank you very much Image.

If you guys could help me with it I'd be really grateful because I'm quite desperate. Thanks.

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