Bebo/Facebook/Mysapce--maybe good after all!

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Bebo/Facebook/Mysapce--maybe good after all!

Postby AotearoaTPPinot » Sat Nov 08, 2008 1:16 am

Image Even though Shannen doesn't have a bebo, a few of the Harry Potter stars have bebos!!!!!!!!! Devon Murray(Seamus Finnigan) has one and he states it on his main website tooo! Boy do I LOVE Dev--he's taken sadly!!!! Besides the fact that he's a million miles away from me in England! He also has a facebook too!!! Robert Pattinson also has a bebo! So does Bonnie Wright, James and Oliver Phelps, as well as both Garrett hedlund and Edward Speleers from the movie Eragon! So maybe it is good after all! Then on Myspace and facebook, Kristen Stewart is on it and so is that one actor who was in Pirates of the Carribbean, Martin(Marty) Klebba! He has told me if I have to make a student film, he'd be in it! I was like ahhhhhhhhhhhh! When I read that, also, Gary Oldman's son Alfie has a myspace! Dakota Fanning has a facebook--found out from my roommate here at college who has friends that know her and umm yeah! Also, currently on both Facebook and Myspace, I'm friends with the boy who is going to play the young Lucious Malfoy in the next harry Potter movie Tony Coburn, and then I'm friends with Fenrir Greyback on facebook! Also, on facebook im friends with Nancy, she was in this tv series Brotherhood with my other fave actor Jason Isaacs(Lucious Malfoy). Marc Pickers also has a myspace, he was the young boy in Sleepy Hollow alongside Johnny Depp! I'm also friends with Hugh Jackman on myspace and facebook, and then that Johnathan Scheach or whatever his last name is, he has an official they're not all losses after all! But yeah, I'm aggravated that people say that they're a celebrity and they're not! The following people above, I have been given proof that they are who they say they are! Alfie actually told me he'd stop by my dorm when I'm 19, since he's currently 20. My jaw dropped, I imed him like a good twenty times, because since he lives in England and I live here in the states, he asked me if I'd stay up and chat with him during the summer until he went to bed and I'd be up til like 3am just talking to him. Gushing my guts out. I told him like everthing almost about me and he asked me why I had a picture of his dad on my facebook because I had a pic of Gary Oldman on my facebook and I said because I'm a fan of your dad, but that I was also a fan of his.
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