Shannen we love you!!(russian fan)

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Shannen we love you!!(russian fan)

Postby tolikshann » Wed Dec 13, 2006 9:29 am

Greetings to all! (SO SORY TO MY ENGLANDS)
I write here becose any more are silent about the pain about everything, I yesterday go to one very much popular site and there esteemed post people to Shannen, I was in a shock from that
that there wrote, one girl has written very sick post-" Shannen you anybody in the world and there is nothing fix thats " I have burst into tears, yes I know guys not cry but I more combat this,
me all this desparetes shannen remains at home, it news about itself and still her career has come to deadlock, I write now and cry, people can be malicious to her, I wona that it in hands and have blown up myself up new projekts, know to me was very sick when I read this retorts aside Shannen I needs that it knew that there are many fans for the sake of which costs will return and to become again the divine tv, Shannen we with you allways!
Diana I at you to ask, if you contacts with Shannen ples tok to it about that that we are at It seems to me that at it not good time and I needs that it knew that there are people which love she!
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