A coffe shop kinda conversation..

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A coffe shop kinda conversation..

Postby shakes » Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:47 am

I've written an editorial of sorts, it's unpublished as of yet.
I'm still considering wether or not I want to submit it to anyone.
Here, read it and lemme know whacha think:

Racism rears it’s ugly head.

Being a white man living in America, I never thought racism would affect me. I’m not racist, I judge people based upon who they are and what they do. Not what they look like. I didn’t realize how naive I was being. I’m currently renting an apartment in a decent neighborhood in Hollywood. Before I go into the details, allow me to give you some background information. I had gotten divorced, lost my job and was living with my parents. Things weren’t going too well for me in my hometown. I decided to pack up everything and head out west. My dad had a friend in Bakersfield that I could stay with. Unfortunately, while I was there, he ended up getting a divorce. I was caught in the middle of everything. I got pulled into their arguments and ended up having to leave. I didn’t have anywhere to go, I ended up living in my car. Things didn’t seem to be going any better in Bakersfield. I decided to give LA a try. I had been living in my car in North Hollywood when I ran into a stranger. I had never met this person before. He helped me repair the relationship with my parents enough to the point where they set me up in this apartment that I currently live in. He is the black man in question here. I would never ever turn anyone out into the street. Although, several people have done it to me. I wanted to add this man to my lease so that we could share this apartment without any hassles. I didn’t realize what a hassle it would be. I have rented apartments before, and all I ever needed to do is give them the names of the people living with me. The company managing this property came up with some new “policies”. They wanted him to fill out an application and pay a processing fee. All of that just to get added to MY lease! I had already been approved! Why do they need all of that information from him? We took it in stride and decided to fill out the application and pay them their fee. They ended up not even processing the application and returning the fee. They never had any intention of letting this man stay in my apartment. They threatened to evict me if he stayed with me for more than 15 days. People like this make me sick.

I'm currently on a rent strike and filing a lawsuit against them.
I've also complained to the department of fair housing and employment.
I want to make an example out of these racist scumbags.
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