Warning Palladium

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Warning Palladium

Postby blackrose » Wed Jan 04, 2006 9:35 am

I just discovered Palladium this morning....and i'm really angry F... Microsoft.What's is Palladium?

Well is system who will be on all Microsoft new machine with the new software Vista ,new petium processor Pentium D,New Mac OS,

They say is against the Terrorism but on reality this will be hit us normal users .....The bad things is who normal userser dosen't know those kind of things so will buy the new hardware and software and will be under control of the Big Brother.

With this new "funny" system we can forget to exchange files with our friends because ALL our files will be read only by Our PC but those will never works on another Pc

With Palladium we'll have no freedom to watch sites who aren't allowed by Microsoft.

With Palladium we can forget to use pc with other technology (software,hardware) who dosen't use TCPA protocol wich is the guilty of all this

No more File Sharing program will be Impossible use ANY Software we use to download our files by the Net

ANY file downloaded will not works on Pc ,Players,Tv and if you are so good to bypass this kind of protections the system will not reconisgnized anymore the old system

ANY Your File will be monitorated so No Privacy

I'm not a person who do this kind of things but on this case i'm very worried.. for be safe by this there is only one mode use old OS (till Xp) and use other OS if you will want buy a new Pc or Laptop sorry if sound too drama but i'm really shocked

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