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I finally got my E-Commerce Project done. Check it out.


Here are some descriptions of who people are on the pets page.

Groucho and Callie are brother and sister, they are our two "kittens" but they are three years old. They were born on our house on halloween

Sylvie is our stray cat who came to my mom's friend and then to us (she already had nine cats) and gave birth to Groucho, Callie, and their brother Spooky (we gave him to another of my mom's friends) two weeks after we got her

Liza is the cat I got at a garage sale. She came over to me and when I petted her the owners told me they didn't want her anymore and I could have her. They only wanted her kittens.

Dudley is my mom's five year old yellow lab, he's a sweetie now but he used to be nuts.

Jack is my baby boy! He is a Border Collie/Lab Mix. My dad's friend had him and he ate their pet chickens so they gave him to me. He's almost three years old and his birthday is February 14.

Teddy is Boomer's brother. They are six months old now and Teddy is almost as much of a sweety as Jack, but Jack is much calmer. He is an Australian Shepherd.

Boomer is a Blue Merlin Australian Shepherd. He's a total nut and he bullies all the other dogs. He's also a total scaredy cat. He is scared of people he doesn't know, water fountains, trash cans, air conditioners, the list goes on and on.

Romeo is a White-Faced Cockatiel. We just got him from my mom's friend because he wasn't getting enough attention. He's a sweety and I'm trying to teach him how to say "Good Bird Romeo" he can almost say "Romeo" already.

Now for the people.

Jennifer (Jenny) is my sister. She's 33 years old. She has two kids, Jackie and Darrell. She has a girlfriend named Helen (she's in a few of the pictures in the background). Helen has two kids named Brandon (I don't have pictures of him up, it's a different Brandon than the one who's pictures are on the site) and Darius (no pictures of him either, they weren't at their mom's house when we got the pictures I posted).

Jackie is my niece, she's 12 years old. Her birthday is December 24, lol.

Darrell is my nephew, he's 8. He's such a cutie.

Cheri is my cousin, she has four kids: Ryan (he's adopted), Nathan, Brandon, and Brooklyn (they're twins).

Ryan is my 2nd cousin, he's 3 or 4 years old (I can't remember right now).

Nathan is also my second cousin, he's 2 or 3 years old.

Brandon and Brooklyn are my second cousins as well. They are 10 months old and I've only seen them twice so they don't know me very well.

That should be everyone, if not just ask and I'll let you know. Let me know what you think.

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