Some awesome movies, IMO! :)

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Some awesome movies, IMO! :)

Postby Linz » Sun Jan 02, 2005 6:24 am

Guys I just saw National Treasure and Meet The Fockers! HILARIOUS! Both of them were believe it or not! The girl who played Abigail Chase in National Treasure with Nic Cage was a great actress (her name is Diane Kruger!). I thought Shannen could have played that part VERY well! She was awesome. Justin Bartha played Riley (Nic Cage's characters friend!) and he was HILARIOUS let me tell you, he was SO funny! I laughed at him like every minute, just his expresssions and sarcasm were SO funny! That movie was VERY good! Image

Meet The Fockers... OMG I was dying laughing! The little kid said 'asshole!' and it was SO funny! That was a great movie. I like Ben Stiller in that movie and Barb Streisand was hilarious! The whole cast was great! Image

Also.... I saw Spanglish and I LOVED it! A lot of people didn't like it but I really thought it was good. Its very intellectual and I suppose for my age I have an extensive vicabulary and maybe I am more mature than my friends, but I though that it was very well written and focused on many important points in life! Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni were very good. Paz Vega was Flor, Sarah Steele was Bernice and Shelbie bruce was Cristina and I thought they were amazing in the movie, exceptional acting! I absolutely loved all of the characters in it and seeing Adam Snadler in a dramatic role was neat, he played that character very well and he was able to add humor to his character while keeping his serious demeanor at the same time. I would LOVE to be a movie critic you know it! LOL! Image

Have and of you seen these movies? What do you think? Image

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Some awesome movies, IMO! :)

Postby frz » Sun Jan 02, 2005 7:50 am

I heard that those movies are so great . Image

I'll see them when they are on DVD Image
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Some awesome movies, IMO! :)

Postby killingheidi » Sun Jan 02, 2005 7:51 am

i havent seen any of them but i do want to see meet the fockers

gotta be careful about how ya write that lol!
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Some awesome movies, IMO! :)

Postby queenoor » Sun Jan 02, 2005 7:56 am

yeah Image meet the fockers was deadly funny. Image

i loved it
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Some awesome movies, IMO! :)

Postby shannenhalliwell2 » Sun Jan 02, 2005 3:33 pm

I havent seen any of them but i will c meet the fockers when it comes out ova here :tup:
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Some awesome movies, IMO! :)

Postby daniinicolee » Sun Jan 02, 2005 6:50 pm

omg meet the fockers was hysterical!! i was peeing in my pants lol Image

i love the baby!! hes adorableee haha
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Some awesome movies, IMO! :)

Postby KiwiGirl » Mon Jan 03, 2005 7:54 am

i have never heard of it
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