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Oldest Shannen Fan?

PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 5:40 am
by shannenluvah
I don't know how I've missed this site in past searches, but I'm here now and glad to be here.

I'm a stay-at-home mom of 5 and I think I'm one of the few who've actually seen Shannen grow up before my eyes.

I first saw her thanks to my grandfather. 8 yr. old me, sitting down, being made to watch a little television show. The following week, grandpa was watching me again while mom went out and did something, once again, I saw the name flash across the screen. This time, I wrote it down. I still have that little scrap of paper...framed now.

29 years later, I've finally gotten that show on DVD, and now, my kids (2 of my girls are named after Shannen, as well) love watching it with me.

Little House on the Prairie, you ask?


Father Murphy - Shannen's first ever role - had me hooked.

It was hard keeping up in the beginning, without the internet, without even the teen magazines I got into once I got a little older, but I would constantly beg my mom to get TV Guide and other available entertainment publications at the time, just to try to catch a glimpse of her name, see what she was going to be in next.

Being a Shannen fan this long, I've heard all the rumors (UGH!), met many other fans (YEA!)...and am always looking forward to see what she's going to be in/doing next.


Oldest Shannen Fan?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:40 pm
by shannenluvah
Okay, older fans, maybe but most didn't really notice her until Little House or Our House, some hadn't heard of her until Heathers or Beverly Hills 90210...and a few not even until Charmed.

I feel silly admitting to all that now, but alas, I was hooked from the get go.

I just hope they decide to put more of her work on DVD soon. My "Shannen Shelf" of DVD's is missing a few things, though I do have a lot on VHS still.

One of these days, I will hook up the VCR & my DVD recorder, but I'd rather have the "real" movies/shows.

*goes off to read some more of the forum* Playing catch up after years of this site being here is hard! LOL

Oldest Shannen Fan?

PostPosted: Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:39 pm
by Mercedes-Doherty
i love your history, is really great! i had seen meeting her on charmed and in the season 3 and in the last episode! when i saw died to prue this put me very sad, and i started to find her real name and her films thanks to the internet and this things,that's a surprise can meet her since so young Image

Oldest Shannen Fan?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 7:58 pm
by Sarah-Lucy
welcome to the boards Image Image

what would you like us to call you here?

your story is amazing. i have been a fan since little house on the prairie so that's over 16 yrs for me. your 37 yrs right, that's not old woman!. there are people here older. i am 32 yrs next month.

dont be scared to ask anything Image

where about are you from in the USA?. i am just back from a 18 day holiday in california, it was amazing.

Oldest Shannen Fan?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:59 pm
by shannenluvah
I usually go by Mystique or just Myst. Makes it easier for others to find me. There used to be a HUGE Charmed chat on AOL, got really popular around Charmed's 2nd season, and I hate my real name, so "Mystique" was born. Anyone from the chat can find me easier under this name than my real any time I find new Shannen/Holly/Charmed sites, boards, etc. I just use Mystique.

And yes, I'm 37. It just makes me FEEL old when saying "I've been a Shannen fan for almost 30 years now"...and makes Shannen seem old, too...which neither of us are. At least she started her career when she was young.

The only thing I really want to ask is...well, I have a question for Shannen, but I'm trying to read back posts so I don't repeat anything. That is the one thing in forums that irks me...seeing the same question 500 times...and I refuse to do that to anyone else. LOL

I'm located in Toledo, Ohio (BLAH!) though I've been dreaming of getting out - to Boston, L.A., or Portland, Oregon - for a while now. Though the Portland thing is new. Went there in March for an event and had a BLAST!

For others reading this...go ahead, me anything...I'm not shy. LOL

Oldest Shannen Fan?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:25 pm
by Sarah-Lucy
welcome to the boards Myst Image

what's wrong with Ohio? i am not from the states so dont know. i am sure there is good and bad areas in every town and city. i live in scotland on the east coast nr edinburghImage

you arent old trust me. my grandmother is 90 yrs old and is still amazing.

dont hesitate to ask us anything. Image

Oldest Shannen Fan?

PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:19 am
by shannenluvah
Ohio as a whole isn't so bad...but...Toledo? Only come if you like glassware (drinking glasses, goblets, plates, etc) or if you like to eat (we're the restaurant capitol of the world - more restaurants per city block than...well...anywhere else in the world). Other than that, it's just boring here. Hence my desire to get the heck outta here. I'm the active/outgoing type and this city just doesn't cut it for me.

Before I post elsewhere (I can only read so much in a day, did try to research, though)...has anyone asked Shannen lately if she still plans on doing an album?? I wanna ask SO bad, and I know she had been thinking about it a few years ago, but I haven't heard anything since. If someone has asked recently, I don't want mine to be the 100th time she's been asked.

Oldest Shannen Fan?

PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:40 pm
by Sarah-Lucy
ShannenLuvah wrote:. I'm the active/outgoing type and this city just doesn't cut it for me.

Before I post elsewhere (I can only read so much in a day, did try to research, though)...has anyone asked Shannen lately if she still plans on doing an album??.

so i am! i live in a large town but am lucky my country has lots of nice scenery and moutains not far from me. i like open spaces Image

why not ask your question in Q+A to shannen section, that's where we post if you have something to ask Image