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Postby joella92 » Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:04 am

shando1525 wrote:Hi everyone, I am Stéphanie. I am French-Canadian and I am 18 years old.

I have been a fan of Shannen for year and I have been on this website for a little while but I hadn't come in a while. But I am planning on starting to come more often now because it is a great site.

I discovered the great Shannen when she played Prue in Charmed and she was my favorite character. When I was younger I LOVED Charmed so much that I was listening to the episodes and writing the spells down and then I was writing them on my computer to print them on a beige paper (to make it look old) and I made my very own Book of Shadows, which I still have.

I have also seen a lot of movies with Shannen and today I went to the videoclub and I saw a new one that I have never seen, I will probably watch it this weekend. It is called ''Kiss me deadly''

I don't know why but I that everything she says (in interviews, etc.) or her look remembers me of myself.

See, I could be her but like 20 years later,

1. She has brown hair, me too.
2. She may consider adoption and I think it's great to save a kid, I may adopt too.
3. She's ''petite'', I am too, and I, too, was supposed to be tall.
4. She has long feet, I do too.
5. She loves horses and dogs, and they're my favorites.
6. I love acting, and she's an actress.
7. She was very private as a kid and I am too, I prefer to be alone in my thoughts than be with a large group of people. I like to have time for myself away from others.
8. She was always making sure she had exceptionnal grades and that is totally me, if I have a bad mark I panic and the next time has to be perfect.
9. She speaks french, me too (mother tongue).
10. She is right handed, me too.
11. She stands up for what's wrong or right, and doesn't care who has a problem with it, I am totally like that and I'm glad to see that she's like that too because, you know, sometimes I just don't feel good when I'm against somebody because of something wrong, but to know that she's like that too actually gives me the power to continue against these people who do mean things to other people I know (even though I don't like them all, it doesn't give the right to do these things).
12. Her favorite Charmed episodes are ''Which Prue Is It Anyway?'' and ''Ms. Hellfire', mine are exactly the same but I also like the one with baby Matthew, ''Reckless Abandon''.
13. Shannen is germophobic, I am too and it's not good, anything I touch, I have to wash my hands, I NEVER touch the tables in the cafeteria of my school, anything in the bathroom or on the bus, and if I do I wash my hands right away with Purell (Always in the bag).
14.Shannen has regrets but no apologies, me too, cause I say, everything we do wrong is a lesson for the rest of our life.
15. She speaks three languages and I speak three languages too. Well I speak four, but in four, there is three Image
16. Our two names start by an S (Shannen and Stéphanie)
17. Our sibling names also start by an S (her brother Sean, my sis Sophie)
18. My eyes are not the same size, like Shannen's and it shows especially on pictures

I like to think I am a little bit like her. Lol

I love you Shannen!!
This site is great, I can't wait to meet loads of other Shannen fans.


hi im Joella nice to meet you
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