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Big Trip to China!

PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:18 am
by mike
Hey all Image long time no see.

So this european guy goes to china Image (1st of October)
Worked in Ireland for 10 months met some people got an invitation from a friend of a friend to go to china with her for a month. She wants to see her family.

First question: anyone else been there?

Any tips?

Like what do I have to get/ prepare to go there:
injections(maybe someone can already tell me what kind of injections) - ill go to the docter as soon as possible
visa - to get in china for some time(1 month)
maybe someone can already tell me from selfexperience how that goes to get a visum.

that's about it
thank you and hopefully Ill get some good information from people who done things like this before