hey Banners?

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hey Banners?

Postby prudence0403 » Sun Sep 19, 2004 12:16 pm

^^ You're welcome
Have you downloaded the programme?

To make a banner you need to start a new sheet by either clicking File, New or the little icon like a piece of paper you then need to give it a size, banners vary in size but average is about 600 x 150 then clcik ok and then you can open pictures from your my documents and resize them by clicking image, then resize and when youre ready to put it on your banner you have to hold down control and 'C' then right click on the banner and click paste, then paste as new layer and you can then move it about
It then depends if you want to blend pictures together...
this is probably getting confusing so here is a tutorial for help and if it still doesnt make sense let me know!!

Basic Stuff

I did have a tutorial for blending but it doesnt work anymore there is a little icon on the programme called eraser and you have to overlap pictures then erase the join so the pictures merge together have a practice!

Avatars are really easy just choose a picture u like and resize it to 100 x 100 and then you can add text or effects
im sure this has really confused u so let me know if u need more help
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