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FAQ & Copyright

Postby Dianna » Thu May 26, 2005 10:58 pm

Can I become a Moderator?
No Mods are need at the moment, if the time comes that one is needed you will need to be a trusted member of the board and be invited to become one by Dianna, Yana & Duha.

Can I have Shannen's e-mail address?

Does Shannen accept private Messages?
No we had to close it down for her. She was getting way to many PM's which made it impossible to answer them all.

How can I add a picture to my signature?
Follow this link... Link ...If done correctly it will work! if not just ask a member of staff.

How can I add pictures in my posts?
See above, but please make sure the pic is uploaded to your own server and you have permission to use it!

What servers are there for me to upload my pics to for my banners and avatars + pictures in posts?
http://www.photobucket.com (requires registration) http://www.imageshack.us (doesn't require registration) There are others but those are the most popular.

When will the Shannen chat be taking place? Shannen & Dianna will let us know!

What do I do if I forgot my password?
Use the ''Forgot Password'' feature which is located on the ''Login'' Screen.

I haven't received my Password! Can you help? Yes, send us an email to dianna@shannen-doherty.net with the username you signed up with and we'll sort it for you.

I use AOL and my password hasn't come! Why? AOL will automatically spam the email so just send an email to dianna@shannen-doherty.net with the username you signed up with and we'll get you a password.

Can I change my password later?
Yes via your profile.

What are the warning you give out, all about?
If you read the rules and follow them you will never receive a warning! Warnings are given for breaking rules. 3 in total are given before being banned!

I posted something and now its gone!?
We will remove anything we feel is unfit for the board. Spam is one!

What's Spam?
Spamming a thread, is posting then posting straight after in the same thread! We ask that you use the ''Edit'' feature in your posts.

I can't get in the chat room! Why?
The Chat Room is 'Java' enabled so please make sure you are up to date with the most recent version at all times to ensure access... you will get java here!. If you still cant get in after downloading the most recent version of java ask a member of staff for help!

Can you explain the titles and ranks?
Yes, they are as followed:
0-50 posts: 1 star = New Shannen Fan
50 posts: 2 stars = Shannen Wanna be
100 posts: 3 Stars = Major Shannen fan
250 posts: 4 stars = Shannen Fanatic
500 posts: 5 stars = Very important Shannen Fan
1000 posts, you can choose your own title! - please send your request to Dianna.


What is Copyright?

Copyright gives www.shannen-doherty.net certain kinds of material rights to control the ways our material can be used. These rights start as soon as our material is recorded in writing or in any other way...

The rights cover:
* Copying!
* Adapting!
* Distributing!
* Renting Or Lending Copies!

The author www.shannen-doherty.net + The Accompanying Message Board will have the right to be identified on their works and to object if our work is distorted or mutilated in anyway.

Copyright and the Internet:
Under UK law (the position in other countries may differ) copyright material sent over the Internet or stored on web servers will generally be protected in the same way as material in other media. So anyone wishing to use copyright material on the Internet, or further distribute or download such material that www.shannen-doherty.net have placed on the Internet, should ensure that they have the permission from the owner of rights in the material.

So for instance the facts page located here is -- ©_www.shannen-doherty.net as it was written by www.shannen-doherty.net -- (That's just a quick example!)

When www.shannen-doherty.net puts its work on the internet, it is always marked with the international © mark followed by the name of the copyright owner and year of publication. (Copyright © 2002-2005 Shannen-Doherty.net . All rights reserved.) If any material on our web site is used without our permission, we would generally need to take action for copyright infringement when this occurs.

All pages, documents and graphics on the World Wide Web server (with URLs beginning http://www.shannen-doherty.net) are copyright. Except where indicated
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