How many movies did Shannen did.

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How many movies did Shannen did.

Postby oreo4me » Fri Nov 12, 2004 6:53 am

I just like to know.

and i do have directv and i have this thing called the scout, this will let me know when my favorite show or people i like to see even there movies.

so i would like to know on how can i put here name on her, i have only 14 boxs on there. and she has 14 latters in her name.

so do i need to put a space and between her and like.

Shannen-Doherty. or can i do this. ShannenDoherty.

any info would be great.

and i hope you guy's know what i am talking about.
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How many movies did Shannen did.

Postby frz » Fri Nov 12, 2004 6:59 am

I don't understand what do You mean about the name thing but if you wanna know how many movies she has been in you can find info here . (click Here) and then click on Filmograpgy . Image
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