jay and silent bob strike back

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jay and silent bob strike back

Postby sweissman » Fri Jan 12, 2007 5:08 am

*~ Lise ~* wrote:is strike back the next one after mallrats? cause i've seen that movie cause shannen whas in it and i think it's a great movie! i haven't seen strike back yet, i hope i'll find it.

Actually the movie "Chasing Amy" is after "Mallrats" then it's "Dogma" which Shannen was going to be in according to the "Mallrats" commentary, but she never did for whatever reasons; after "Dogma" is "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back".

And it's a pretty easy movie to find, just check your local video stores, they should have it.

Catarina wrote:I've never seen it.
Is Shannen seen in the movie alot?

She's only in it for a few seconds near the very end, she's in a scene where they're making a 'Scream' type film...it's based in the rumors she was suppose to be in 'Scream 3' but wasn't; she plays a Neve Campbell type and fights off the villian - it even has Wes Craven in it, it's pretty funny in a cute sort of way.

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jay and silent bob strike back

Postby Letizia » Sat Jan 13, 2007 8:25 pm



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