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Good Luck, Shannen, on your new show

PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 1:58 am
by shannenfallenangel
Agree with everything kristin has said. it frustrates me so much when he media bring up things from so many years ago. dont worry shannen ,theyll soon wise up - well maybe not, but who cares about them? we love you. 'shannen did this when she was a tennager' ... andImageImageImage? what teenager did anything different from youImage you lived your life like you werent famous - like a normal, down-to-earth human being!!! thats what i admire most about you, shannen.

and oh yes... dont actually break a leg!! it might come in handy!!! Image

one day i'll be working in the nedia, and i strive to change any negative attitudes about you.