The Turkey Movie...Now why is that a put-down?

Talk about Shannen's role as Beth Hammersmith/Karen Oxford and any of the other characters!

The Turkey Movie...Now why is that a put-down?

Postby SammyHalliwell » Sat Jun 23, 2012 12:14 am

There are classics out there..."East of Eden", John Steinbeck never wrote a turkey. "Ben Hur", William Wyler didn't make turkeys. "West Side Story", Leonard Bernstein wouldn't know how to compose for a turkey. But the true classics are few and far between, and for the most part we the viewers are left with defending our own taste...accordingly. Life is as it should be, a banquet of many flavors and aromas to suite the gathering of the masses.

"Satan's School For Girls" was a turkey in 1973, and was a rehashed (tasty dinner) in 2000. This said, I love turkey. I like it hot with all the trimmings, and cold late at night when I raid the refrig and put large slices between bread with mayo and cranberry sauce. Feel free to join me.

The trouble with calling anything a turkey is that the term has a negative note. This is a shame as turkey is good for you. It is low in calories and saturated fat, high in B vitamins and lowers your stress level. So I say eat more/watch more turkey.

I remember watching "Satan's School for Girls" when it first aired on the tube in 1973. I tuned in because of the cast. Pamela Franklin, the role Shannen revived, was well known is the scary circles having been in "The Legend of Hell House" and "Necromancy". Jamie Smith-Jackson had stared in "Go Ask Alice", an interesting little movie about the perils of dropping acid in the 60's, and went on to guest star on "The Rookies" with Kate Jackson a some time later. FYI here. She later married Michael Ontkean one of the police officers featured on "The Rookies", and they have now been married forever and live in Hawaii. Kate Jackson made a movie with Ontkean entitled "Making Love" where she played his wife. Hummm...this is not 6 degrees of separation, but more like 3 or 4. Cheryl Ladd before attending the dark lords school was the voice of one of Josie's Pussycats and had also guested on the set of "The Rookies". She had not yet married David Ladd, the son of the legend Alan Ladd, so she was billed under her own name of Soppelmoor. She was as we all know, the Charmed Ones step-mother for a very short time. Kate Jackson who's career kicked off with a re-occuring part on "Dark Shadows" as the ghost of Daphne Harridge, played the part of Roberta Lockhart, a loyal servant to the devil. In the remake she in the dean of the school. It would seem that the major focal point to all of this is Kate Jackson...who is everywhere. Of note here is that Kate Jackson's birthday in Oct 29th. Prue who is under the same sign was born on the 28th. I would like to see these two work together.
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