A Video I made this morning about Prue :)

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A Video I made this morning about Prue :)

Postby pruehalliwell224 » Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:37 pm


Its about what would happen if Prue was brought back....
Piper tries to bring back Prue and thinking she is unsuccessful time turns back and Prue is brought back from the dead and appears before Piper. Prue goes to sit quietly and just take in life and the Angel of Death appears to her and she starts asking questions and he tells her she was not meant to die but only to come back and help her sisters. While she sits she starts thinking about Andy and asks if she can bring him back as a reward idea. He says if you can save him, he will bring him back. Prue goes through different flashbacks and memories of them to find the moment which he needed her. She ends up talking to Andy and explains everything and says she will save him and all he wants is to be with her again. At the end Prue ends up being attacked and Andy tries to help her but ends up being attcked and dying again. The Angel says it wasnt meant to be and Prue ends up living without Andy but with her sisters once more.

Tell me what you think :)
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