Our Little Girls

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Our Little Girls

Postby GraceHalliwell » Wed Feb 16, 2011 12:27 am

Chapter 1
Brenda Maye Walsh sat up sweat trickled down the side of her face Val whipped it from her forehead by using a small cloth "you did great Bren" Val told her "Val where's my Baby?" Brenda asked Concerned "don't worry Sweetie they are in the nursery, Brandon's watching them" Brenda looked at Val Shocked "Val how many babies did I have?" Val looked away from Brenda's stare "Um...Four" ""FOUR!!!!" Brenda gasped Val nodded "Yes four extremely beautiful baby girl's who by the way need names" before Brenda could replied a blonde haired woman in a Nurse's uniform came in holding a pink bundle then Brenda saw her Brown/Blonde haired Brother Brandon holding two pink bundle's "Hey Bren, would you like to meet your daughter's and give them names?" Brandon asked Brenda nodded Brandon handed her the little girl in his Left arm she had Brown/black hair "The girl's are all Identical's so it's hard to tell them apart but most mother's can tell thier Identical's apart I also saw the girl's eye coler and it's a bright green "so Bren are you just gonna stare at them or are you gonna name them?" Val asked "I have the Perfect name for her she's my oldest right?" Brenda asked Brandon, Val and the Nusre Marie nodded "ok say hello to Belinda Daisy or Belle as she's gonna be known as" Brenda handed Belinda back to Brandon.

She took the baby in Brandon's right arm and Imeaditaly knew the little girl's name "This is Amanda Lily or Amy as she's gonna be known as" the nusre Marie handded her a smaller girl Brenda also knew the little one's name "This is Alyssa Rose or Ally as she's gonna be known as" Brenda held Ally while Brandon held Belle and Val now held Amy "Brenda looked up noticing that thier were only three babies where was her youngest "Um where's my youngest daughter?" she asked "Miss Walsh your youngest is in an incubator she's having trouble breathing as her lungs haven't yet developed like her older sister's have she is the smallest I can let you see her but I'm afraid you can't hold her.

Please let her be okay Brenda thought as she was pushed down the hall in a wheelchair finally they came to a nursery area a few babies were lined up in incubator's some baby boy's some baby girls Marie pushed her to where a baby girl lay breathing through a tube there were circular holes in the Incubator "You can reach in and touch her but I'm afraid that's all you can do" Brenda put her hand through one of the holes reaching out her hand carresed the tiny girl's small face she looked around a girl much like her about fifteen was looking through at a Small baby girl much like her own then glancing over at another little girl and a baby boy a older woman and man were holding the little boy and glancing at the other little girl Brenda assumed they were the fifteen year old's parents Brenda wheeled her chair over to her "Hey I was watching you Interact with your babies what are thier names?" the girl looked up "My name's Faith, These are my parent's Jon and Olvia and this is my son William Jon and my Daughter's Ava Hope and Ella Grace" "Wow I love the names how old are you?" Brenda asked "Fifteen how old are you where your baby and what's it's name?" "I'm Brenda I'm 17 my baby girl is over thier" she pointed and Faith glanced over noticing the very Tiny girl "And I have decided to name her Seraphina Faythe".

A few day's later Brenda, Belinda, Amanda and Alyssa were aloud to go home Brenda was talking to Sera "Mommy will come everyday, and your sisters can wait to play with you, Auntie Val, Auntie Kelly, Auntie Donna, Auntie Andrea, Uncle Brandon, Uncle David, Uncle Steve, Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa Love you and your sisters so very much but not as much as Mommy i will come and see you everyday Sera" Marie wheeled Brenda outside Brandon who held Belinda and Alyssa handed Brenda Alyssa and then handed Belinda to Val who also held Amanda so that her could pushed Brenda's wheelchair.

Sera was finally home she was a happy and healthy 10 week old baby girl Belle, Amy and Ally were in the play pen while Brenda held Still small Sera Amy held a block in her little hand, Belle was trying to put her fingers in her mouth and Ally was lying on a pillow fast asleep the bell tolled and Brenda wen't to answer it after checking that her three little girls were fine she answered the door.

"Dylan Hi How did you know where I was?" she asked surprised Dylan only had to say one word "Brandon..." he looked at the baby she held "Is she mine?" Brenda looked down at Sera "Yes" "Can I hold her, What's her name?" he asked "Yes, her name's Seraphina Faythe" "That's a Pretty name, Seraphina means Angel right?" Brenda nodded she handed Sera to her Father an let him in. walking into the living room Dylan notice's the other girls "Are they mine too?" Brenda nods once again "This Is Belinda Daisy, Amanda Lily and Alyssa Rose McKay" Dyaln smiled "You gave our Daughters my last name".
I'll Post more Later tell me what you think? :D
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Re: Our Little Girls

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You should post more :)
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