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The Meeting Of Two Famous Actresses!

PostPosted: Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:56 pm
by GraceHalliwell
TheSuperAwesomeNanny: Hello

BadassShannenDoherty: Hello

TheSuperAwesomeNanny: OMG your Shannen Doherty!!!!! I would love to do a show or movie with you what do you say?

BadassShannenDoherty: Sure where should we meet? who are you?"

TheSuperAwesomeNanny: My name is Fran Drescher I surpose you don't know me?

BadassShannenDoherty: Actually I do so where should we meet?

TheSuperAwesomeNanny: Are you in Central Park?

BadassShannenDoherty: Yes, just walk around I should be underneath a Tree stitting with a blue Laptop with two Kids running around me.

TheSuperAwesomeNanny: Ok.

TheSuperAwesomeNanny has logged off

Fran looked around she spotted kids and saw two kids running around a woman with Black/Brown hair she had with her a Blue Laptop it's Shannen she thought Fran made her way to the woman and Children Shannen looked up "Fran?, Fran Drescher?" she asked Fran Nodded .

I know it's short but this is my First Story on here I have writing other stoires in notebooks but I'll post more soon tell me what you think Hate it, Love it , Think I could work on it? thanks