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*Our Daughters*

Postby shell » Fri Sep 10, 2010 7:27 pm

It's fine Lindsey. I understand you are busy with work. I think I am just the same. I will try and get round to reading it, but if not.

It will probably be Monday or Tuesday when I am not at college as my weekends are normally busy as that's the only chance I get out more and then on the days I am college my time becomes more limited.

So you don't have worry about getting round to reading my fanfiction if you havn't got much time. I don't want to think that you are rushing to get it red. Image

Edit -

Hi Lindsey I got round to reading it sooner than I thought. So anyway here is my review.

I liked what this part of the story was about.

Finding out who was after them. White Vampires was a great idea you came up with and changing what they are like to vampires in stories.

I never had a idea like that Lindsey. Only for Evil Paige in my story where she is half vampire and can walk in sunlight with the help of just a potion Evil Prue makes for her as they are sisters.

I like the idea of White vampires and that they bite magical young women for power instead of blood that helps them become stronger.

It will be great to see what happens in the story with the white vampires when it comes round to fighting them.

Then I liked the idea of Prue ringing Andy up to tell him about what is going happen till that changes when Andy asks Prue out on a date and dinner.

It made her really happy, but I can understand why as Prue and Andy love each other so much.

Then when Prue goes and tells Aria about it, but Aria thought at first her mum was going on a date with someone else and was getting angry till her mum said it was Andy she got really happy.

Then Aria going into hers and Addie's room to give her the news, so they both got happy when Addie also liked the idea Prue and Andy was going on a date.

I am happy to see that both Aria and Addie are really happy to get home schooled and learn more about the craft. Image
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*Our Daughters*

Postby Linz » Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:14 am

Prue got in the shower and fixed her hair, straightening every last bit of it, for her date with Andy. She was so excited, they had not been on a date since high school. She had butterflies in her stomach and she felt very happy. She wondered why though. 'Its just Andy.' She thought to herself. 'But... he's so much more than 'just Andy,' to me.' She walked into her closet and scanned her rows of clothes until her eyes stopped on a red strapless dress with a multi-tiered skirt that stopped just above her knees. "Perfect." She said aloud, grabbing it and slipping it on. She hung her towel back in her bathroom and grabbed her make-up bag from off the counter. She sat down at her vanity and started applying eyeshadow. She was almost finished applying her make-up, just finishing up the eye-liner, when there was a knock at the door. "Come in." Prue said.
Aria walked into her room. Prue finished her eye and then put the liner back in the bag. "Hey sweety, what's up?" She asked, turning to look at her daughter.
"Mom, you look beautiful." Aria said.
Prue smiled at how sweet her daughter was. "Aww, thanks baby." She said.
"I was just coming in to see what time you were leaving." Aria said.
"Andy is picking me up at 7." Prue said.
"Okay.. .well, I'm a little nervous about what he will say about me being home-schooled. I don't think he's going to like it." Aria said, biting her fingernails.
"Honey, don't do that to your nails please. He'll be okay with it. I'll talk to him, we might have to compromise, but we can make it work." Prue assured her.
Aria put her hands down at her sides, she sat on her Mom's bed. "I don't know... I just think he'll want me to have normal schooling." Aria said.
"Aria, you worry too much. It'll be fine." Prue said, getting up and grabbing her shoes from the closet.
She sat down on her bed and put on the matching red high-heels. "Alright, if you say so mother." Aria said. Prue buckled her last shoe and stood up to take a look in the mirror.
"Are you nervous?" Aria asked. Prue was twisting her hair around her right finger, her head tilted to the side.
"No. Why would I be nervous? Its just Andy." Prue said.
"Mom, you only twist your hair like that when your nervous." Aria said, raising her eyebrows at her Mom.
Prue smiled at how well her daughter knew her. After all, they had been together basically every day since Aria was born! They should know each other inside and out!
"Maybe a little." Prue said.
"Aww, I think its sweet. You guys haven't ben on a date since high school!" Aria said.
"I know. Long time, huh?" Prue said. Aria nodded. The doorbell rang. Aria's mouth dropped open, and Prue giggled.
'She is always so excited to see him. I Love it!' Prue thought to herself. She glanced at the clock, as Aria ran downstairs to get the door. It was 7:00 p.m. on the dot.
"He's always been so prompt." Prue said aloud to herself. Reminiscing about the days that Andy would pick her up for dates and always be right on time. Even Grams appreciated that!
Aria opened the door and her Dad smiled at her. "Hey pumpkin!" Andy said. Aria jumped into his arms and hugged him.
"Daddy!" She said. Andy stepped into the door and put her down. He closed the door behind him.
"How's it going?" He asked.
"Good. Same old thing. Fighting demons. But, I was in the middle of helping Grammy Elizabeth bake cookies this time, so I was mad." Aria said. ANdy chuckled at her comment.
"They always have to spoil something!" Aria exclaimed. Prue smiled at this comment as she walked down the stairs. Andy was wearing black suit pants, a royal blue collared shirt, and a tie that happened to be the exact same color of Prue's dress, with swirly silver accents throughout the tie.
Andy was watching Prue walk down the stairs, in awe of how beautiful she looked. 'She's always mesmerizing to me, but she looks insanely gorgeous right now.' He thought.
'Ugh... he is so cute.' She thought to herself. She finally reached the bottom of the stairs and they both smiled at each other.
"Hi." Prue said, smiling at him.
"Hi." Andy said ,returning the gesture. Piper, Phoebe, and Addie were sitting in the living room, watching TV, and they got up and walked into the hallway.
"Aww, don't you two look cute." Phoebe said. Prue squinted her eyes at her sister and she giggled.
"Okay, its picture time." Aria said, grabbing her digital camera out of her purse.
Prue looked at her daughter. "Please Mom, its your first date for me. That's a big milestone in your life- and I want to remember it forever!" Aria said. Everyone laughed.
Prue walked over to Andy and grabbed his hand. They both smiled at the camera and Aria took the picture. She looked at it afterwards and said, "I'm such a photographer!" Andy and Prue laughed.
"I wonder where you get those skills from?" Piper asked.
"Hmm... I don't know." Aria joked. Prue squinted her eyes at her daughter and they both laughed.
"Okay we're leaving." Prue said.
Aria hugged both of her parents. "Don't stay out too late, and don't forget to buckle up." She said.
"What are you, their Mom?" Phoebe joked. They all laughed.
"Okay, we Love you." Prue said to all of them.
"Love you too!" Piper, Phoebe, Addie, and Aria said. Aria used her power to shut the door behind them.
"They're a piece of work." Prue said.
"Your telling me." Andy said. They both laughed. He opened the door for her and helped her into the Mercedes-Benz.
"Oh, nice wheels." Prue said, when Andy got into the car. They both buckled their seat belts.
"Where are we going?" Prue asked.
"Its a surprise." Andy said.
Hey Shell! I'll add more ASAP!! Image
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*Our Daughters*

Postby shell » Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:50 am

Hi Lindsey. Great part to the story. I enjoyed reading this part of the story because Prue and Andy were going on a date.

I liked how Prue was getting herself ready with everything and making herself more beautiful because she was going out with Andy.

Then her thinking back to herself why she was putting everything on as she thought it's only Andy.

Then Aria knocking on the door and coming into Prue's bedroom to see when her mum was going.

I think Prue and Aria are sweet together being mother and daughter they seem to be very alike and Prue knowing that her daughter knows everything about her.

Especially when Prue started to twist her hair around her finger showing that she was nervous. Aria court onto that and said that she knows she only does that when she is nervous.

I liked the little talk Aria and Prue had together before Andy came at 7 on the dot.

I liked how Aria wanted the picture of her mum and dad together and that it was the first date they had been on since high school. It's good that she wanted something to remember it by.

Then Prue's sisters coming to see her off with Addie also.

Then when Prue and Andy was going that Aria hugged them and told them to buckle up and not stay out to late.

Then I liked what Prue said to Andy when she was outside that they all are hard work and agreeing with her.

Then Prue liking Andy's car and then her asking Andy whilst in the car where they were going.

Then Andy saying it was a surprise.

So anyway I will have to wait and see on that one where they are going to be. Image
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*Our Daughters*

Postby Linz » Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:21 am

Andy was taking Prue to a restaurant in San Francisco that was at the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel. One of the five star hotels in San Fran. The restaurant was at the very top of the hotel, appropriately called the 'Top of the Mark.'
Andy pulled up to the hotel and the valet took his keys to park the car. "Thank you, sir." Andy said, tipping him as he got into the car.
Andy took Prue's hand and they were greeted by the doorman, as he opened the door for them.
"Thank you." They said, smiling at him as they passed.
They walked into the foyer of the hotel. It was neatly designed, with marble floors and gold plated elevators and ceilings. Andy pushed the button and they waited for the elevator.
The doors opened and a couple stepped out, then Prue and Andy stepped in. They went up to the top floor and then entered the restaurant from the elevator.
"Hello. Reservations?" The host asked.
"Yes sir, under Trudeau." Andy said.
"Hellol Inspector. Your table is waiting." The host said.
Prue and Andy smiled at each other as they followed their host to the table. Andy pulled out Prue's chair for her and then sat in his own.
"Well, its nice up here." Prue said, observing the area.
"Yeah, I like it. I haven't been here forever. I came with my parents when I was younger." Andy said.
"Well, its gorgeous. So... how was work?" Prue asked.
"It was good. Stressful today though. We have a few cases that are just tough. No leads." Andy said. Prue nodded.
"How about you?" Andy asked.
"Well... I photographed ten single women today in Golden Gate Park. All from San Fran." Prue said.
"Hmm... I bet that was interesting." Andy said.
"It definitely was. They were all really great, I couldn't believe they were single." Prue said.
"Well, some girls are just to self-absorbed." Andy joked. Prue giggled.
"I'd say a few of them were. But, they were young, so its understandable." She said. The waiter came over and took their drink orders.
"I'll have water, and a white wine please." Prue said.
"I'll have water and a scotch on the rocks." Andy said.
"Okay, I'll have that right out for you." The waiter said.
"They were asking me if I was single." Prue said. Andy smiled.
"What did you say?" Andy asked.
"Well, I said.... kind of. I just said that its complicated." Prue said. Andy nodded.
"It is a little." Andy said.
"But.... something got me thinking. Because, they asked if you were a drunk or anything like that." Prue said.
Andy laughed. "Right." He said.
"They did! And I said no, he's actually wonderful and we get along well. He is an amazing father to our daughter. They said that you sounded like a keeper and I realized that they were absolutely right." Prue said.
Andy was very touched by these words. It was rare for Prue to be so open and direct, and they both knew it.
"What are you saying Prue?" Andy asked.
"Andy, I made the mistake of letting you go the first time and I do not want to do that again. So, I just want you to be mine." Prue said, smiling. Andy smiled at her.
"Well, I want you to be mine too." Andy said. They were holding hands for a minute. The waiter came and gave them their drinks.
"Do you folks know what you would like for dinner?" He asked.
"Yes, I woud like the 3 oz. steak with mashed potatoes and green beans." Prue said.
"And I'll have the lobster with steak and broccoli." Andy said. The waiter wrote this down and then told them he'd be back to check on them.
"Aria is going to be so excited!" Prue said.
"I know. We finally took the step she has been trying to get us to take forever." Andy said. They both smiled, thinking of their daughter.
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*Our Daughters*

Postby shell » Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:30 am

Hi Lindsey.

Great new part to the story.

I like the idea of the 5 star hotel and the resturant on top. I like how you described what was in side with the marble floors and gold platted elevators.

I think that was a great place for Andy to take Prue for dinner.

It got them to talk over things they did at work and helped Prue to be more open when she started talking about the single women she photographed.

I liked the talk they had as I think it made them both more open to each other about their feelings. So I can see why Andy was touched by Prue's words as he knew that it was hard for Prue to be open with him on how she feels.

I am glad they both want each other and said that they do to one another.

So I think Prue is right that Aria will be excited about it and Andy agreeing with what Prue said is great as it seems to be a great new start for them to be together. Image

So anyway I will have to wait see what happens in the next part and seeing what Aria's reaction will be, but I am sure it will be a good one. Image
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*Our Daughters*

Postby Linz » Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:49 pm

After they finished eating dinner, they both were standing at the window, looking out on the city of San Francisco through the window of 'The Top of the Mark.'
"Hmm.. its beautiful." Prue said.
"Yes, but not as beautiful as you." Andy said. Prue smiled and looked at him.
"Your sweet. And beautiful yourself." Prue teased him. He smiled at her and they kissed.
"Okay, let's go home. Are you ready?" Andy asked. Prue nodded and they walked to the elevator, went down to the first floor, and walked outside and got into their car.
They pulled up to the house and Andy got out and opened Prue's door for her. "Thank you." She said, taking his hand as he helped her out and shut the door behind her.
"Your welcome." He said. They walked up to the house and walked inside the front door. Aria, Addie, Phoebe, and Piper were watching "The Proposal," in the living room.
They were all laughing as the scene with Betty White and Sandra Bullock dancing and chanting in the woods came across the screen. "Hahaha, that imy favorite part!" Aria said, giggling.
"Mine too!" They all said.
"Hey guys." Prue said. They all turned around immediately.
"Hey!" Everyone said. Phoebe paused the movie.
"How was your date?" Piper asked.
"It was great. We went to Top of the Mark." Prue answered.
"Oohh... Andy, your Mr. Fancy." Phoebe said.
"Next time, you can feel free to take the rest of us with you." Aria joked.
Andy smiled at his daughter's witty personality.
"He just knows how to treat women." Prue said, looking at Phoebe. They both smiled giggled.
"What are you watching??" Andy asked, looking at the screen.
"Oh, The Proposal. With Betty White and Sandra Bullock." Piper said.
"You know, the movie where they pretend to be married ,but they realize they love each other and end up getting married anyway. Hint hint." Phoebe teased Andy.
"Listen to her." Aria joked, pointing to Phoebe. Prue hit her daughter playfully in the arm.
"You would say that." She said. Aria shrugged and nodded her head yes.
"Yes, I've seen it. Its a good one." Andy said. They all nodded.
Phoebe played the movie and they all finished watching it. Prue and Andy sat down on the love seat to watch the movie with everyone else.
After it was over, they all decided to go to bed. "Goodnight Andy." Everyone said, waving to him before they walked upstairs.
"Night Daddy." Aria said, jumping into his arms. He hugged her tightly.
"Goodnight Aria. Love you." Andy said, kissing her cheek and then she jumped down to hug her Mom.
"Night Mom." Aria said, hugging her. Prue kissed her daughter's forehead and ran her hand through her hair.
"Love you baby." Prue said.
"Love you guys." Aria said, then she ran upstairs to her room to get ready for bed.
Prue and Andy looked at each other. "We're so lucky to have such a beautiful, healthy, and well-behaved daughter. She is nothing like we were." Prue said. Andy chuckled.
"I agree and thank god for that." Andy said. Prue laughed and nodded her head.

Aria was standing behind the wall at the top of the stairs, listening to their conversation. She smiled to herself. 'I'm lucky to have such great parents.' She thought.

"Thanks for the date, babe." Prue said, smiling at Andy. Andy put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer.

"It was my pleasure. Let's do it again." Andy said, smiling. They were just inches apart and Prue smiled at him. They kissed and it was long and passionate. Very much needed for both of them.
"Yes, and soon." Prue said.
"You know what? We need a vacation soon." Andy said.
"Whoa honey, going from a date to a vacation. Aren't we moving a little fast, Inspector?" Prue teased him.
"Please, baby. Based on our history together... we are way too slow." Andy said. Prue nodded in agreement after a few seconds of thinking to herself.
"True. I could use a vacation. Where should we go?" Prue asked.
"Hmm... to the beach or the mountains. Aria can come too. We just need to get away and escape the insanity of demon hunting and working." Andy said.
"Mmm, agreed." Prue said, rubbing his back with one hand and placing her head on his chest.
"Well, I'll call you tomorrow. I have to go help Darryl in the morning for a few hours with a case." Andy said.
"Okay, I'll be here. I'm off until Tuesday." Prue said.
They kissed again. "Bye, thanks again." Prue said, smiling at him as he walked out the door.
"Your welcome. See you tomorrow." Andy said, squeezing her hand as he walked out the door.
She watched him walk away and get into his car and drive off before shutting the door. Prue locked the door behind her and leaned against it, thinking to herself, 'He is so handsome. And so perfect.' Aria ran upstairs to her room and got into her pajamas quickly and jumped into bed.
Prue walked upstairs, after shutting all of the lights off downstairs, and went into her room to change into her pajamas and go to sleep.
Hey! Sorry its been a few days, but I got all of my homework done and had some time, so I wanted to add while I could! Hope you like! Image
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*Our Daughters*

Postby shell » Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:48 am

Hi Lindsey. It's fine. You have been busy with other things.

Anyway here is my review for the new part of the story.

I liked it when Prue and Andy was at the window in the resturant looking out to Sanfransisco.

Then Prue saying it looks beautiful and then Andy saying Prue looks more beautiful.

Then Prue saying back to Andy that he is also sweet and beautiful himself and then when they kissed each other was great as that shows how much they love each other.

Andy was so nice to Prue when he pulled up outside the house and opening the car door for her.

Then when they both got inside the house everyone was happy for them when they all found out that Prue's and Andy's date went so well.

Then when they found out what the movie was what the rest of the family had on they both stayed and watched the end of it.

Also when everyone was getting ready for bed afterwards Aria went up to her dad and mum and give them both a loving hug. Then when Aria ran upstairs to listen to what her mum and dad was going to say to each other about how great they feeled having a loving, beautiful daughter like Aria.

Also when Aria said back to herself that she had two great loving parents I thought that was really sweet as that shows how strong her bond is with her parents.

I liked the fact that Andy put his arms around Prue's waist as I thought that shown how much Andy cares for Prue and then them both kissing whilst they were there with each other.

I liked the little conversation they had together about going a vacation somewere and that Aria could come too. Prue agreeing with Andy that a vacation would be just what she needed.

Then when Andy was leaving they both kissed and said their good byes for the night and then Prue watching Andy leave in his car was really great of her as it shows she has stong love towards Andy.

Then Prue locking the door behind her and then leaning against it to think for a miniute about Andy.

I liked it as this one I think had a more very happy ending to this part of the story. Image
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*Our Daughters*

Postby Kristin Marie » Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:24 pm

Andy and Prue were just perfect together..

Kristin Marie
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*Our Daughters*

Postby Linz » Mon Sep 27, 2010 6:27 pm

I agree! They were the perfect couple! I often go back to watch Season 1 for their relationship, because it was complicated at times but amazing! LOL! I'l add more soon! Off to SPanish class now! Image
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*Our Daughters*

Postby Linz » Tue Oct 05, 2010 6:22 pm

The next day, Addie and Aria were over at Andy's mom's house- watching movies and baking pumpkin bread with her. "Oh grammy, this is so much fun." Aria said.
"I agree. Its so nice to just relax and have fun." Addie said. "Yes, school can be stressful. And demon-fighting too." Aria added. Addie nodded in agreement.
Liz chuckled. "Well, I'm glad you are happy when you come over here. I've always tried to make it a safe and happy environment." She said. The girls smiled. The oven made a dinging sound. "Oh, that loaf is done." Liz said. Addie took it out of the oven with a hot pad and they set it on the stove to cool.
"Let's go watch a movie while this cools." Liz said. "Okay." The girls said, following her into the living room.
Addie's phone was ringing. It was her mom. She answered it. "Hello." She said.
"Hi sweetheart. I was just calling because Aunt Prue and I want you girls to come home before it gets too late." Piper said.
"Okay Mom, we're going to watch a movie right now and wait for this pumpkin bread to cool. BUt, we will come home after that. Is that okay?" Addie asked.
Piper looked at the clock. "Umm... yes, that'll be ten o'clock so, that's fine." She answered. Prue nodded in agreement.
"Okay love you. See you later." Addie said.
"Love you sweety." Piper made kissing sounds into the fun and hung up.
"Alright, let's watch The Last Song." Aria suggested.
"Okay." Liz and Addie agreed. They put in The Last Song and each curled up with a blanket on the couch.
By the end of the movie ,they were all bawling. "Wow, that was a sad one." Liz said, wiping her eyes.
"I agree." Aria and Addie said, doing the same.
"But that sadness is about to go away! Time for pumpkin bread!" Addie said.
"Yes!" Aria said.
Liz gout out the butter and the apple butter from the fridge. They sliced the pumpkin bread and each took a piece.
"Mmm... Grandma this is so good." Aria said.
"Yeah Liz, really good." Addie said.
"Thanks." Liz said, smiling and taking a bite of her own.
Little did they know, a white hooded vampire was standing outside the house ,watching them through the window. There were no protective charms on Liz's house, because the vampires were not interested in her, they just wanted the powers of the girls and the Charmed Ones.
After they had each eaten about three pieces of brea, the girls looked at the clock and saw that it said ten. "Oh, its time for us to go." Addie said.
"Aww." Aria made a sad face.
"Well, you girls come see me soon." Liz said, hugging them both. She kissed their cheeks and then they walked out the door. She watched as they got halfway to their house, right next door, and then closed her door. As soon as she shut the door, two white vampires appeared in front of them. Addie put her hands up to freeze one of them, and Aria raised her hand up to throw one of them across the street.
The girls grabbed each others hand and ran inside their house as fast as they could. They were out of breath when the ran in the door. Prue was making out with Andy on the couch, but they pulled apart as soon as the door opened. Piper and Leo were upstairs, along with Phoebe and Cole.
"Oh my gosh, that was so scary!" Aria said.
'I know, I can't breathe." Addie said. Prue and Andy looked at each other and got up quickly and went into the foyer.
"What's going on? " Prue asked, looking at them. She was holding Andy's hand. Aria smiled for a moment.
"Well.... we just almost got attacked by two white vampires when we were walking from Liz's house.' Addie explained.
"But Addie froze one and I threw the other one across the street. " Aria said
"Your lucky they did not come at you from behind." Prue said. The girls nodded.
"Can we put a protective charm on my Moms house and the areas between here and there?" Andy asked.
"Well... we can do it for her house, but its doesn't work an inanimate objects. Like grass, swings, or sidewalks." Prue said.
"Damn." Andy said..
"We'll just have to walk you over there and back next time. I'm glad you are okay." Prue said, Piper, Leo, Phoebe and Cole were coming downstairs to go to the kitchen and have some tea when they heard this.
"What happened?" Piper asked, running over to them.
"Well, the girls were almost attacked by white vampires. But, they used their powers and, thankfully, got away." Prue explained.
"Oh thank goodness." Phoebe said. Piper hugged her daughter.
"We'll have to put a charm on Liz's house.' Piper said.
"Yes, and walk the girls back and forth." Phoebe added. They were all in agreement about that.
"Do you think Grandma is safe?" Aria asked, worry in her tone.
"Yes, baby. They are not interested in her because she has no powers." Prue reassured her daughter.
"Okay, well that means I can sleep tonight." Aria said. Andy smiled, she was so concerned for others.
"Well, I'm ready for bed. Addie, you are welcome to sleep in my room." Aria said, looking at her cousin.
"Believe me, I wilL! That was too scary." Addie said. All the adults laughed.
"Love you girls." ALl the adults said, hugging them.
"Love you too." The girls said, and they walked upstairs to their rooms to get ready for bed.
"This is crazy. We need to get rid of these vampires ASAP." Phoebe said.
"I agree." Piper said.
"Me too. Now, how to go about it?" Prue asked.
"BOS. Tomorrow we will look at it." Phoebe said.
"Agreed." Piper and Prue said. Everyone, except for Prue and Andy, headed upstairs to bed.
"Now, where were we?" andy asked, jokingly. He kissed her again.
"Hmmm.... you could spend the night, you know. I might need protecting." Prue teased him.
"I think I'm the man for the job." Andy said. Prue giggled. They locked the door behind them and went upstairs to her room.
Okay guys, gtg for a run before class today!!!!

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