The fight for Prue

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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Fri Jul 04, 2008 6:50 pm

"What does this mean?" Paige asked concerned as she had seen the other demons as the pages had flipped.

"We don't know, it usually means it's bad. How bad we don't know till either Phoebe sees more, or we face it."

"It's Prue I'm worried about, she's not got her powers. She's going to freak out when she comes face to face with this thing, Paige can I ask you to do something. I know I shouldn't but it maybe the thing that saves Prue."

Looking intently at Paige who started to back up, she didn't want to be demon bait.

"I've got a plan if it works we'll have Prue back at the manor, without her memory still. But at least she'll be safe and we can start helping her to remember."

While explaining the plan, Gideon and Odin stood cloaked in the kitchen watching and listening. Decloaking and orbing at the same time they stood before the girls.

"What do you want?" Piper wasn't in the mood for elders.

"We've come to help, the pact was broken the moment you returned to earth. We've come to even the odds a bit, but we do have a problem."

"Then Prue should be here with us now! So why isn't she, and why has Phoebe got the premonition she's in trouble?"

"That's the problem, we don't know why and there's another problem and we need your help."

"A problem the all knowing elders can't sort out on their own. Will wonders never cease?"

Phoebe said sarcastically as she prepared the spell to bring Prue's powers back to her once she was back in the manor.

"Because it has to do with Penny, we don't know her as well as you or Victor does. We need your help in finding out if she is the real Penny or not."

"You're saying she's possessed or something?" Piper rolled her eyes.

"Or something, what we don't know so will you help us?"

"Only to get you back where you belong, and have Prue back."

Getting out of the car Prue surveyed the mansion and grounds she could see. Walking up the steps the door opened.

"Miss Hitchcock I presume?" Sanders smiled warmly as she walked through the front door.
Stopping a couple of steps in she looked in wonder at the ornate decoration in the entrance hall.

"This way Miss, Mr Jacobson said could you look at the painting in the study. He will be with you shortly."

"Of course, would you mind if I use his desk to write on while I do the preliminary checks?"

"Yes you may. He said to help yourself to whatever it is you need."

Walking out of the study Sanders felt a chill run down his spin. Something was going to happen and it would happen quickly, noticing a photo on the floor he picked it up.

It was the photo Prue had shown to Leo. It was of her, Phoebe and Piper standing outside the manor, he wondered if it was the same woman or another dead end.

Josh walked in to the hall, looking perplexed as he watched Sanders with the photo.

"What's that?"

"A photo sir, the young lady is in the study she must have dropped this on her way through. Do you want me to return it or?"

"I'll return it, do make those enquiries. Some times I'm glad you speak out loud, when you don't think I'm around."

Smiling gently at him, Josh walked into the study. Looking up from her pad she smiled and shook his hand warmly, he was about to say something when nothing came out.

"Hi, I'm Prue from Buckland auctioneers. This is such a lovely painting. 17th century I think, it will need to be confirmed, this isn't the original frame so that will detract from the value."

"Oh, um yeah ok. Whatever you think. I'm Josh by the way. Nice to meet you. And this is yours I think, my butler found it in the hall you must have dropped it."

Taking the photo she thanked him and put it in her bag, picking up the camera she took a few pictures and leaned in for a closer look at the name in the corner.

"Do you mind if I watch you work?"

"Sure, go ahead. I like the clients in put of what they want from Buckland, and me as their employee. Can't have you saying I left you out of the process."

Laughing he sat down watching her as she appraised a few more items in the study. As her face changed as she studied, wrote and photographed each piece.

"Do you do normal photography?"


"I mean pictures of people, I was wanting a photo of myself for a charity I'm helping to raise funds for. It's a bachelor sale, the highest bidder gets a bachelor to do almost anything. I'd pay you of course"

"I'll do it for free, since it's for charity. After I finish logging what I can for today, is that ok?"

"Sure, just call when you are done. That's the door sorry I better go see who it is."

Watching him walk away she smiled, that was the first time she'd accepted a photography job that didn't involve inanimate objects.

Halting a few feet from the door he felt his knees go weak, there stood his worst problem. He thought he'd have by the next morning to have done what he'd promised.

"I heard she was in the house, so I invited myself to make sure that you carried out your side of the bargin. My boss wont be pleased if you don't do it, but he will have fun exacting his revenge."

Smiling he walked through to the back of the house, rolling his eyes he followed. Looking for Sanders, then remembering he'd promised him the rest of the day off. Hoping he'd find a way to help them both with their guest, and the problem he brought with him.
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The fight for Prue

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Sat Jul 05, 2008 7:44 am

hmmmm. interesting section. It's mysterious. Post more soon please. Image
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Sat Jul 05, 2008 9:04 am

Cole shimmered in to an alley way, smoothing his coat he smiled at the thought of Pipers face.
Seeing Sanders walk into the Witches and Warlocks shop, he followed at a sedate pace. Browsing the books Sanders scratched his head.

"Excuse me, interesting choice. The witches hand book on spells. Anything in particular?"

"Yeah, excuse me I need to find something." Turning to leave, his eye caught another book. A book on demons, warlocks and all things evil.

"You don't want that either, it's rude of me. My names Cole Turner, attorney at law and also interested in all things witchy."

Smiling at last Sanders introduced himself and gave a little history of what he was looking for.

"Don't know why I told you."

"Maybe you needed a person who wasn't involved to listen. How about a coffee, since I'm not allowed to drink while working."

Walking out they turned left towards Cole's favourite coffee shop. Smiling at the waitress as she greeted him by name, they took his favourite seat in a private booth.

"You must be a regular in here."

"Yep I am, I've got another reason for bumping into you. I've heard it on good authority that your boss is in trouble, the demon kind."

"How did you know? I need to find someone who can help, not a mortal. I need to get going."

Getting up to leave Cole put his hand on his arm, assuring him he can help. Looking around to make sure no one was looking, he quickly shimmered.

Jumping back Sanders looked around, "What are you, demon?"

"Half actually, and in love with a witch. It does make for an interesting life, but I know her and her sisters will help you."

Looking doubtful Sanders argued about the women being warlocks rather than witches. After listening to Cole he agreed to meet with the Charmed ones. Asking as they pulling up in front of the manor, if he was safe then Sanders looked up.

"Nice place, you sure they will help me?"

"I'm sure, here's Paige now."

Pulling up Paige sighed, lifting the box out of the car she tried closing the door.

"Oh thank you."
Cole smiled and introduced her to Sanders.

"Come on in, I'll see if Piper and Phoebe are in."

Walking in she called for her sisters, Piper walked in from the kitchen and Phoebe from the conservatory.

"Hey what's up? Whose this?"

"This is Sanders, what is your first name?"

"It's Mark, I'm here on behalf of my boss Mr Jacobson. He has a young lady at the mansion."

"Um, we don't do law work, that would be for Cole to deal with."
Phoebe was losing interest fast.

"It's not that, she's in trouble. Mr Turner"

"Cole please."

"Cole said you could help, obviously he was wrong."

Turning to head out the door Paige stepped around him putting both hands on his chest she turned him back into the house. Leading to the lounge she sat him down.

"We can help, what kind of trouble is she in. Is your boss a demon?"

Piper had followed firing questions.

"No he's not a demon, but the person who came this afternoon is. That's her!" he shot out of his chair, as everyone looked to what he'd picked up off the coffee table.

Pointing excitedly at Prue, "It's Miss Hitchcock. If my boss doesn't kill her by morning he's dead himself. I saw this man pull up, he thought I hadn't seen him but I recognised him from 20 years ago. Hadn't changed a bit."

Turning to Phoebe he asked how they had got her to be in the photo with them, he asked if they were related in some way.

"Ok, she's really our sister whose lost her memory of all things magical. She doesn't know that she has a gift, or that we are her sisters so this is going to be hard for her. Girls I know we're not meant to show mortals the book. But this is an emergency, do you agree."

Phoebe took a deep breathe hoping her sisters were with her, Piper said she was one step ahead as she raced up the stairs.

"Why is Miss Hitchcock at the mansion?"

"She's there appraising the estate for sale of items, she's a great photographer too. The master actually sat and watched her work, I've not seen him take as much interest in someone in years. If she's your sister what is her real name?"

"Prue Halliwell, she used to work at Buckland but now she's a full time photographer at 415. Well right now she's the bait for your boss, would he sacrifice her if he really had to?"

"He would sacrifice himself, but he doesnt want to do either. So he asked me to find help, I found Cole and now you."

Cole had sat quietly watching Piper, coming back down the stairs she caught him watching her. Smiling she placed the book of shadows on the table.

"What's this?"

Turning the pages Mark couldn't believe what he was seeing, he'd seen demons in movies but nothing as scary as these.

"This is our book of demons, we use it to vanquish them. There are nice things in there, like how to call for a lost witch, healing. There is even magical law and ranks of demons and angels."

The book turned the pages on its own again, making Mark jump back. Assuring him that it did this on a regular basis, and it saved time flickin through the pages. It stopped at the blank page, only this time a picture and words were forming. Mark asked if that was normal too, they agreed it was the first time in years it had done it.

Looking as the picture became clear Mark said it was the demon at the house. Reading what it said he sank back into his seat, the girls looked worried and Cole just smiled.

"That's my sparring partner, a pain in the butt. If you want I can get rid of him for you, it's quite easy actually. I've beaten him that many times I got bored."

Cole looked surprised as they looked at him, not believing that he just said what he had.

"Cole this is our sister Prue your talking about, and you think u can kill him so easily. You're not meant to use your powers any more."

Piper looked sad, Cole sat up straight and apologised,
looked again at the page. Shaking his head, he said they would need something stronger than what the book suggested to vanquish him.

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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Sat Jul 05, 2008 5:47 pm

Orbing into the attic Penny looked around quickly for the book of shadows, she slapped the podium when she couldn't find it. Hearing voices down stairs she headed towards the top of them to listen.

Hearing a strange voice mentioning that Prue was at a mansion she smiled, she'd get there kill the demon and have Prue moved to another city. Thinking she had it all figured she didn't notice when Leo and Gideon orbed her out.

Coming face to face with Victor she turned to leave, instead she walked straight into Gideon and Leo.

"Why have you brought me here and why is Victor here?"

"Because Penny, what did you say to me when Patty and I broke up."

"You know what I said, why should I repeat it now after all this time. Besides you know how I feel about you."

"That's not Penny, if it was she'd have brushed me off then told me Patty made the best choice."

Looking shocked at what she was hearing, she tried orbing but was held back.

"Let me go, I'm Penny why do you doubt me? He's only saying those things because he's never liked me. He's jealous that Patty found someone new."

Gideon and Leo looked at each other, thanking Victor they orbed her back to elderdom. Finding herself in the great hall, she turned on them with all the power she could muster.
Nothing happened, Gideon smiled telling her they had made it impossible for anyone including them to use magic.

"A non magic part, that is ridiculous. You can only stop the powers working which makes it still magical."

"So use your powers and allow us to use magic again."

"You do it, I didn't put the spell on this place."

"Any whitelighter or elder can undo anything up here, you should know that. We can't keep calling you Penny so what do we call you?"

"Leo remember when I first became a whitelighter it was you who took me under your wing. My first charge was Carla she had a tattoo. What do you mean my name is PENNY HALLIWELL."

Looking at each other Gideon and Leo, walking out the door they locked it from the other side. Finding Odin in the library they called a meeting of all the Elders and whitelighters. Something had possessed Penny and they needed to find out who, what and why.

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The fight for Prue

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:24 pm

ohhhhh interesting. So Penny is posessed by a whitelighter, or something.Interesting. Please post soon.
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Sun Jul 06, 2008 1:45 pm

Finding Prue finishing up in the study; Josh asked if she would like too take a break or carry on to the library.
Saying she'd like to do both, they decided she'd eat in the library while working.

In the library she gasped, it was bigger than she had imagined. Looking at the ornate carvings and wood work, she set her things on the long table.

"WOW! This is impressive, where do you want me to begin?"

"How about with lunch, I've brought it with me. When you have finished I can come back and help with the history."

Agreeing he left her in peace, walking back to the study he found his guest holding the painting.

"Nice artwork shame Prue doesn't know who she is. Would've been much more fun pitting my powers against her. Never mind; I can kill her sisters just as easily."

"Pardon?" Josh had heard just the enough to hope Sanders had help.

Telling him that he'd been thinking aloud about the painting, he put it back on the easel. Picking up some papers he flicked through them, telling Josh he wanted a tour of the grounds.

They walked out into manicured lawns and hedges, walking towards the maze. Josh couldn't help but look back towards the library where Prue was working away.

Her eyes lit up at everything that she picked up, walking over to the bookshelf she admired the wide range of books in each section. Running her hands gently along the spines, her hand stopped at a book on demons and witches.
Picking it up she flicked through the pages, taking it back to the table she placed it open. Turning to pick up her pad and pen, the pages turned themselves making her jump.

Sanders who had just returned picked up the mail and heard her yelp. Running in he asked if everything was ok; when she said everything was alright. He looked at the book she had placed on the table.

Reading the page it had turned to he asked if she had seen anything like it before, assuring him she hadn't she told him the pages had turned on their own.

"It wasn't the wind either, they're barely open. Is this house haunted by any chance?"

"It probably is, but we've not had any trouble from them."

Cole stood outside the window listening; smiling at himself for turning the pages. Piper slapped him and hushed him, she didn't want to be caught now.

Hearing a noise he pulled Piper closer to him, she tried pulling away when he shimmered out. Finding themselves in the study she hit him harder.

"What did you do that for?" she whispered loudly at him

"Because someone was coming around the corner, you'd have given us away."

"You didn't need too hold me that close, I am married you know."

Cole turned his head so she didn't see how upset he was, something inside him made him want to protect her from everything. She couldn't allow him to know she had felt something for him too; she loved Leo but this was something totally different.

Grabbing his hand, she urged him to shimmer just as the door opened. They landed in the library, between two rows of shelves she pressed into his body.

"Sorry" he whispered

"It's, OH MY GOD! It's Prue."

Both of them peeped around the corner, watching Prue and Sanders talking. Looking at the plate of unfinished food, he asked if his master had made them.
Nodding and screwing up her face, they laughed he asked her to follow him to the kitchen.

As they left Piper and Cole stood up straight, she hugged him so tight and went to follow her sister. Pulling her back, unintentionally so she fell against him.


"You can't talk to her just yet, first things first. We need to look at that book, second of all we need to make sure Sanders has a bit more time to explain things."

"And next time you can bring Phoebe or Paige along, we can't keep doing what ever it is we're doing."

"I thought we were finding your sister, to give her back her memories. What do you think we're doing?"

His smile gave him away, punching him she walked to the table. Both looked surprised at the picture in the book; it was the same as the one that had turned up in the book of shadows.

Taking a picture of it on her phone, Cole grabbed her and shimmered. Falling awkwardly onto the couch, she pushed off as Leo orbed in.

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The fight for Prue

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Sun Jul 06, 2008 2:06 pm

oi oi oi whats going on here then. Piper and Cole. NOOOOO That can't happen, tell me it won't happen.I wanna know what this picture was. Please post soon.
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:32 pm

Getting up off the couch, Piper called for her sisters no one showed up. Walking to the kitchen she grabbed a coffee, offering Cole one.

"What is going on Cole?"

"Between us, nothing. It's a promise I made to Gideon, he just told me to use whatever means to protect you. I apologise if I over stepped the mark."

"Why would Gideon ask you to protect me? I've got my powers and Leo if I do get hurt."

Cole wished she hadn't asked him that question; they had to find out what Gideon had found out.

"Let's just say I'm your bodyguard till further notice, as for Prue. I'm hoping Mark can keep her away from Josh and his guest. Hey you still got that photo?"

"That doesn't answer my question, but for now I'll have to put up with it. Mark should just fill Prue in, it get her scared for a bit. But I think she would handle it in her own. WHATImage?"

As they were walking through to the lounge Phoebe and Paige flew through the door, turning around screaming for Piper to freeze the next thing through the door.

Flicking her hands up, a demon bigger than even Shax stood rooted in place. His face contorted with anger, Paige and Phoebe physically relaxed.
Just then he broke through the freezing, flicking her hands again Piper asked what was going on.
Cole smiled again and told them to grab the crystals, closing the door as Paige orbed to get the crystals.

Just as he unfroze the last crystal was put down, reaching out he received a shock. "What is this witch?"

"Just a little something to keep you in. Now what are you doing here?"

"Killing witches, you think this little cage will keep me?"

"It will if you want to live to fight another day. Then again you were never that smart, Portus."

The girls watched as Cole teased the demon, telling him to stop doing it Phoebe watched as his eyes went to Piper.
Looking over Paige grabbed her sister as she stumbled, helping her to the couch the demon looked on concerned.

"Why do you look so worried?" Paige had noticed his look

"She's with child, you knew! Balthazor you knew, how could they allow this to happen. It tips the scales too much in their favour."

"Cole what is he talking about? Is Piper really pregnant?"
Phoebe looked at him, not believing what she had just heard.

"I have no idea what he's talking about, if she has been she would've more than likely lost the foetus before she knew. The stress of losing Prue would've more than likely made her miscarry."

It was enough time for the demon to kick one of the crystals aside, if Paige hadn't noticed the movement he'd have escaped.
Without a word she moved the crystal into place, she decided not to tell anyone. As she thought it, the demon disappeared.

"Uh, where's the demon?" Piper had just come around.

They all looked at the empty crystal cage, Cole shimmered out. Phoebe brought Piper a drink and Paige decided to show them her new power, phoebe went to get the book of shadows.
Paige brought the book to Phoebe, her sisters squealed in delight. They also wondered why she had got a power boost so early on, they decided to question Leo later. Finding the demon that came through the door was more important, although Phoebe was a bit out of sorts with Piper.

"Ok what is going on Phoebe?"

"Nothing, why?"

"Come on Pheebs, you have a face like a slapped butt. You think there is something between me and Cole?"

"Well maybe."

"What are you on Phoebe Halliwell? Cole is meant to be my bodyguard, if you want to know why ask Gideon."

"Gideon? What has he got to do with it?"

"To do with what?" Gideon and Leo orbed in as the book turned its pages.
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Wed Jul 09, 2008 10:20 pm

Cole shimmered into the underworld, hiding behind a boulder as two demons came around a corner. THey were talking about the new source of evil, keeping hidden as much as possible he followed them.
Finding himself in the main chamber where the source was, he looked at the three demons that stood talking.

"Come out Cole or should I say Balthazor? Long time no see, don't worry I will save you till last. Once you've seen the Charmed Ones destroyed, as for their Grams she will be begging for death."

"You did say you had got their Grams, just to make sure I heard you right. Because if the Charmed Ones don't kill you, their Grams will put you in so many zip codes and countries no demon will bring you back again."

Laughing he slapped Cole on the back, he told him that he was the one who had made sure Grams was other wise occupied. That nothing anyone did would make her the old Grams again, even going so far as to say she'd turn evil.

Cole smiled, "You have this all figured out?"

"For the most part yes, for the Charmed Ones. Just say I'm not going for a frontal assault, they will get a surprise."

Letting his mind wander back to when he had put this demon in stone, even the source had trouble catching and entombing him. He wished they had got rid of the spell to bring him back, he was going too have to make it back to the Charmed Ones and get Penny and Prue back.

"Don't worry Cole, you're free to go. I do expect you to tell the girls that, they have a new nemisis. One that makes the source look like a walk in the park. That reminds me, someone I need to meet in a park."

With that he shimmered out, leaving Cole with the other demons. Before they could throw anything at him, he shimmered after his enemy.
He would have too put off telling the girls for now, unless he could get hold of Leo. Within moments Leo was beside him, looking harrassed and more than a little brassed off.

"Ok, whatever it is I'm meant to have done, can you yell at me later. Right now we have a new source to deal with. And look."

Pointing across the playground they saw Prue walking on her own, it was her day off and she decided to go for a walk. Thinking about what Sanders had told her, she couldn't decide if she believed in demons or he was taking drugs.

Accidently bumping into Prue he smiled, Cole almost didn't recognise him being so spruced up. Leo asked who he was, giving him a shortened version of events he wanted to know what the elders wanted to do.

Looking again at Prue they decided she was their main priority for now, split up and rescue Penny and tell the girls. Leo let him know they'd have to talk when they had the time.

"Leo, if Gideon hasn't told you. Then I can't tell you, just know that I love Piper as a sister. You know you can trust me, more than I can trust some demons and elders."

Leo nodded; smiling he orbed out so Cole could get Prue and he could help Penny.
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The fight for Prue

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:23 pm

ok so is cole gonna shimmer prue to her sisters.? Please post more and soon this is really good.
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