The fight for Prue

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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:52 pm

I'm borrowing from other seasons on this one. So you might get a few surprises.

Paige walked past Phoebe and Leo who were holding Piper up. Heading for the attic, grabbing the book of shadows she thumbed through. Not knowing what she was looking for she stood in front of the pedastal instead.



Again Nothing.

With her shouting she'd brought Phoebe up the stairs,
"What are you doing?"

"I'm not having Piper this upset, I'll get Prue back here even if it means going up there and kicking Elder butt."

"Um, Paige? You should know that they dont allow the dead to visit for a reason. It was Prue's time to go, I miss her beyond words and I'd love to have her back."

She looked at Phoebe amazed that she had the nerve to breathe those words, she couldnt understand her attitude towards the loss of a sister.

"I don't care, it wasn't Prue's time. I get this icky feeling in my stomach every time I hear or think those words."

"What do you mean?" Phoebe looked worried, could her premonition be correct then?

"I mean I feel it was the wrong thing to happen, you were meant to meet me but not to lose a sister."

Grabbing Paige's arm she pushed her towards the candles, while she flicked through the book of shadows for the spell to bring Prue back.

"That will take too long, we need."

"You need too allow Prue time to get used to being dead."

Grams became whole as the last orbs settled, holding back the usual greeting she looked for Piper.

"She's devastated Grams, just as I am. Why is Paige getting instincts that say it wasnt Prue's time to die?"

Looking nervous she tried brushing it off, that it was her destiny.

"It wasn't her destiny and you know it." Cole shimmered in.

"You know nothing, your just a demon out for what you can get." Grams went on the attack, she knew he was right but didn't want the girls to know it.

Stepping between them Paige and Phoebe pushed them apart, standing next to Cole Phoebe tried keeping her tears in check.
Paige looked at the door and smiled as Piper walked in with Leo.

"What's going on?"

"Nothing my angel, how are you holding up?"

Grams went to hug her, pulling back she looked at Cole who was looking at everything else but her.

"OK Cole, you have never lied to me before so tell me what is going on?"

Looking her in the eye for the first time, while everyone held their breathe he explained about Prue dying before her time.
That time had been changed and neither side should have that ability, as everything was meant to be in its time and space.

Holding onto Leo as she stumbled, helping her into the chair Leo kissed her and orbed out.

"Where's he going?" Grams wasn't pleased if Leo went nosing in things that didn't concern him.

"Grams, you have bound our powers, kept us in the dark over different things in our three years as witches. You have done some wonderful things too, but keeping Prue our own sister away from us. That is barely forgiveable."

"Piper, Grams had her reasons." Paige tried softening the conversation.

"No Paige, this time they have gone too far. They took a good soul, a good witch before her time and I want her back. We NEED her back our destiny isn't finished till it is time."

Wiping away her tears, Cole sat next to her cradling her wishing Leo hadn't left the attic. He motioned for Phoebe to sit with Piper, shimmering out he'd whispered a promise to Piper.

"See things get too hot and he runs, typical demon."
Grams spat the words out.

"Enough Grams, he's done alot of good. He saved me, helped Prue go back in time. Saved Paige from the Source of all evil, helped Leo when Prue died and has been a rock since. Just because he's half demon doesnt make him fully evil."

Phoebe sighed heavily, wondering where they had gone to. Orbs swirled around and Leo stood before them with tears of anger in his eyes.

"What happened?" Pipers eyes pleaded for good news.

"They wont release her, they say it was her time to go and we need to move on from this. I argued your case, I threatened to bring you all up here to get Prue. They wouldn't budge."

Fresh sobs ripped through Piper and Phoebe, Paige was pacing back and forth with anger at the injustice.

"That's that then, you girls can move on and after a time Prue may be allowed to visit."
Grams smiled triumphantly at the news.

"How can you say that? How dare you stand there and agree with the elders! There must be something more that we can do to get Prue back?"
Paige let the words flow, she couldn't not do anything staring at Leo she smiled. Grabbing his hand and laying her hand on Phoebe's shoulder she orbed them upto the Elders.

"What is going on?" an elder watched as they formed in front of him.

"We're here to get Prue, and don't stand in our way or we'll do things that will break so many rules on so many levels your heads will spin!"

Paige was in no mood for being messed about, walking around pulling hoods back she went through those around her. The others got over their shock and started doing the same.

"Piper? Phoebe?" Hearing their names they turned slowly.

"Not so fast!" a hand grabbed Prue and orbed her out, coming back he smiled wickedly.

"You bring her back or so help me God you'll be sorry!" Piper looked him square in the eyes hands at the ready.

"Hold your hands Piper, if you want Prue then you must go and find her. Prove to us it wasn't her time to die and then you can have her back. If not you can go back down and continue with your life."

"You have got to be kidding us! That is not fair, you know the Source had tempest and shouldn't have had the advantage. Prue should've been healed but you didn't help Leo."

Phoebe pulled herself up as high as she could; she wasn't going to go on a fishing expedition for her sister if she could be brought to her.
Leo stood back allowing the girls to get their anger out, it was Piper who shocked them all.

"Ok, here are the rules the first is you DO NOT interfere. One speck of interference and Prue is sent back to us, second any demon interference we go on a free for all and Prue gets sent back to us. Third any tricks of any kind."

"And Prue gets sent back, I think we have got the idea. Now here is how it's going to start she will have no memory of who you are or her life with you. If you can get her to remember then she comes back to you, any one demon, elder or whitelighter who interferes and she will remember automatically."

Shaking hands they orbed back to the house, sitting on the couch with tea in front of them. Piper and Phoebe curled together as Paige and Leo sat in the chairs.

"Ok, how do we find her now she's human with no powers?"

"Well Leo can't help, but he can make sure no one interferes with Prue."

Phoebe smiled weakly, yawning she made her excuses to head to bed. "Where's Paige sleeping? She can't go home now it's too late."

Phoebe smiled, "She can have my bed and I'll have Prue's for tonight. Borrow any of my pyjamas, then you can say you really are our sister."

Smiling they headed for bed, Leo and Piper to their room and the girl to theirs.
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The fight for Prue

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Thu Jul 03, 2008 5:52 pm

This is a really great idea for a story. I love it, post more soon.
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Thu Jul 03, 2008 9:59 pm

Watching Piper sleep Leo smiled sadly, a jingle pulled him away. Orbing into the lounge he was surprised to see Gideon standing by the fire.

"What's going on?"

"You need to know something, apart from me not meant to be here. Julius is breaking the pact with Piper; he's helping to keep Prue occupied. You are to break the rules too, fight to get Prue back."

Without listening to Leo's questions Gideon orbed back up. Running his hand through his hair, Leo went to the kitchen for a drink. He didn't want to wake the girls so he orbed to Prue's favourite spot.

Sitting on the swing Prue smiled at the photo she had in her hand. Dropping it as she saw lights swirling in front of her, Leo jumped back apologising.

"WHO are you?" bringing her fists up in defense, she eyed him warily.

Holding up his hands "This is awkward, I didn't mean to scare you."

"I asked who are YOU and what was with the light show?"

"My names Leo. Do you mind if I sit down?"

"Go ahead, but talk faster as I'm about to kick your head in."

Managing not too frighten her with warlocks and demons, he explained what he was practicing for a magic show audition.

"Who are these?" pointing too the girls in the photo, Prue took the photo and shrugged her shoulders.

"I keep getting these images in my head, I see myself laughing with them. But I can't for the life of me remember who they are. All I know is I can't find my boyfriend Andy."

Explaining the last thing she remembered was making a date with Andy, he hadn't turned up and that was three days ago. She had gone off to finish her final exam for her art degree so she could join Buckland auctioneers.

Leo made his excuses and left, orbing out when he was sure he was out of her view. Standing at the fountain in the park Odin smiled.

"Wondered how long it would take you, Gideon sent me. He also sent this so you would know I am helping, just once Leo please trust me. There are elders who want Prue out of the way; so a few of us under Gideon are willing to help bring her back to her sisters."

Undoing the cloth he smiled Gideon hadn't forgotten their signal, wrapping it back up he put it in his pocket.

"Keep an eye on Penny, all this has her signature all over it."

"You're not wrong, so please keep you eyes and ears open. Here take this, it's for Piper it will help them all they will know when to use it."

Passing him a pouch, it also contained a vile of liquid nestled in the powder. Leo took it and orbed back to Piper, slipping in beside as she turned over. He kissed her on the temple and went to sleep.

Tossing in her bed Phoeobe couldn't settle; the premonition kept playing in her head. Was it a false premonition, one where Prue wasn't meant to die at the hand of Shax. It was her that should've died instead, for once she couldn't decipher what she saw. Not wanting to upset Piper any more, or putting more pressure on Paige to go faster than she was ready. Phoebe sighed and put her dressing gown on and decided to head for the kitchen.

Walking in she stepped back, as Paige jumped.
"Couldn't sleep?"

"Nope, you?"

"Bad dream, camomile?"

"Fifth cup, Leo orbed out a few minutes ago. This is so weird, even my weirdest dreams I never dreamt I was a witch with three sisters. I came from an average family, adopted, at least they didn't abuse me."

Smiling Phoebe sat down in the chair next to Paige.

"It's an adjustment for us too, it was weird when we first got our powers. Weirder to find Grams had bound them, then to see Mom again. To lose and gain a sister within 48hrs is both terrible and wonderful in the same moment."

"Then to find your sister shouldn't have died when she did, that must be worse."

Paige smiled thinly, she felt out of her depth in dealing with things.

"Hey sweetie, couldn't sleep?" Phoebe hugged Piper who had come down for a drink.

"No, Leo's asleep I didn't want to wake him. I just want to go out and find Prue, screw the elders and our pact. She should be here with us; she has a sister to meet."

Fresh tears slid down her face as Phoebe held her close, Paige squealed making them jump.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing just had an idea to start looking for Prue."
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The fight for Prue

Postby Mercedes-Doherty » Thu Jul 03, 2008 10:13 pm

witch is this episode?lol or ours can used ours inmagination?lol Image
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Thu Jul 03, 2008 10:16 pm

One I am making up, as alot of fans feel cheated with how things worked out.
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The fight for Prue

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Fri Jul 04, 2008 9:15 am

"Go ahead, but talk faster as I'm about to kick your head in."

lol i can so see prue saying that. I'm glad leo found her, but wats sad is that prues waiting for andy. Poor love.

Please post more soon, i love this.
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:34 pm

Standing in her bosses office Prue smiled knowing she had passed the test, verifying, catalouging and securing a major estate.

"Where's Rex?" curiosity flashed across her face.

"Rex, left years ago Prue. Are you ok?" Clark looked puzzled

"Yeah a bit weird, wonder why I thought of him after all this time. Anyway, how did the new estate auction go last night? Sorry I couldn't make it, bad case of monthlies."

"Uh, yeah fine. Bit too much info with the last bit. We got a record 3.2 million, they were very pleased. In fact they asked if you could handle their friends antiques too."

"Wow, that's amazing. I'd love to handle them. Does this mean I'm off probation for losing that artifact?"

"Yes it does, just come to me if you have any problems. Oh one more thing, they have asked for you to go out and photograph the pieces for the article."

"I've not used a camera in years, why did they ask for me. We have our own photographer."

"Dunno, you able to do it?"

"Yeah, sure. I'll get sorted now."

Clark smiled as she walked out the door, picking up the phone he rang Morris.

"Hey Clark what can't I do for you?"

"Wondering if you had time for the game tonight."

"Sure, what time do you want to meet?"

"7.30, I'll bring the beer you make your best hot dogs and cornchips."

"Before you go Morris, can I run something past you?"


"Prue mentioned Rex Buckland, you remember him he disappeared years ago."

"What about it?"

"It was the way she looked as though she expected to see him walk in any second."

"Odd, you know Prue she gets distracted but she'll be fine. You taking her out over the weekend."

"Maybe, Maybe not I'll see. Catch you later."

"Cya Clark."

Hanging up Clark wasn't convinced that Prue was ok, something kept prodding him to do some checking.

Walking into her office Prue let out a squeal of delight, bringing her assistant in.

"It's ok, I just got the Jacobson account!"

Squealing again, her assistant went too get all the information she would need before driving to the estate.

"I'll need too stop at home and pick up my camera."

"It's ok, I'll ask Charlie if you can borrow his. He'll be upset he wont be taking the photos; I'll deal with him tonight."

Smiling she walked out, closing the door so Prue could change and get the paperwork organised.

Picking up the picture of Andy she sighed, TEXTWhere are you?TEXT talking to herself. The ringing of the phone jolted her out of her thoughts.

"Hello Prue Hitchcock, may I help you?"

"Yeah this is Josh Jacobson, you're meant to be coming out to the estate today."

"Yes that's correct, anything wrong?"

"No, nothings wrong just rang to make sure you were still coming. We're relieved we have the best looking after our estate. See you in about an hour and a half?"

"Sure, glad to be of help. I'll let you know if I get caught up in traffic. as they are meant to be doing road work on the freeway."

"Ok, thats fine as long as you get here in one piece."

Hanging up Josh smiled, turning he punched the air. Walking into the library he bumped into his butler.

"Everything to your liking sir?"

"Yes Sanders, very much to my liking. When Miss Hitchcock arrives make sure you take her to the study first. There is that painting I want her to take a look at, oh and can you go down to my enclave and get me the book. You know the one."

"Yes sir, I know the one. Just one thing sir, it's not a good time for you to do anything. Rash."

"I know but I have to do something, unless you have a better plan?"

"I might just sir, if you way lay following through with yours for a few hours."

"Ok Sanders, a few more hours. But then I have to do something."

"Very good sir."

Walking out Sanders sighed heavily, how was he going to get in contact with anyone who knew about demons.
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The fight for Prue

Postby shadofreak » Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:56 pm

Aww. This is great Image
Well wriiten. Image
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The fight for Prue

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:55 pm

hmmm interesting, who is this guy, and why is he so happy that Prue is coming. and who is sanders(couldn't miss the 90210 link there, steve sanders lol)post soon please
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The fight for Prue

Postby monstervsangels » Fri Jul 04, 2008 6:50 pm

Penny threw the vase across the room, the elder moved it with his mind placing it on the table.

"Why can't they just do as they are told, I've raised them from when their mother died. Yes, yes, I know they have minds of their own and are just as stubborn as me. I might have to make them forget Prue; it's the only way that I can make sure they dont remember her at all."

"Penny, why are you keeping Prue away from them? Be honest this time, don't fob me off with talk of it being her destiny."

Watching Penny pacing backwards and forwards, he wanted to change her mind. But something didn't seem right at all, this wasn't the Penny he knew and had grown fond of.

Penny looked and smiled, a smile that didn't reach her normally expressive eyes. He'd noticed that on several occasions that it had never reached her eyes.

"I miss Prue so much, I miss all of them but Prue the most. I thought it would be nice for her too join me for a while and go back in another time line or as a daughter or son for the other girls."

Rolling his eyes he orbed out, it was one lie too many. Finding Gideon and Odin in chambers he coughed loudly.

"It's ok Lesley, we know something is wrong. One thing we know for sure no demon has managed to get whitelighter powers. So it's either a potion or he's taken possession of her, she wouldn't allow that either. Any other ideas?"

The other elders shook their heads, they'd have to talk to the Charmed Ones. They knew their Grams better than anyone, unless it was Victor who would know if it was the real Penny or not.

Looking through the boxes in the attic, Phoebe yelled she'd found one set of photos. Piper said she'd found the last high school year book, turning around they laughed at Paige who had found a box of toys and other keep sakes.

"I remember this one, remember when Prue got told off for climbing out the window. She showed Grams this flower, and said she couldn't reach from the outside so climbed to pick it."

"Didn't get her off a grounding though, she got caught trying to sneak to that concert."

Paige smiled sadly, she didn't have those kinds of memories. Of siblings and fights, make up and boyfriends.

Realising how it must feel, Phoebe explained they didn't have to look through it all now.

"NO! we need too if we are to fiind Prue, I'm jealous of the relationship you have with each other. Who wouldn't be, I wouldn't change everything about my up bringing. Just one the death of my parents, other than that it was fantastic. Oh and siblings of course. Hey when was this taken?"

Holding up a picture of Prue dressed to impress, Piper squealed with delight.

"I remember that, it was her prom night. Graduation, she was so excited Andy had asked her to the dance. He looked so handsome, and he was so attentive towards her. Grams had encouraged the relationship, but had worried about something. Now we know it was because we would be coming into our powers."

"Remember when Andy brought her home late and they were making out on the porch. Grams politely coughed and made them jump, whats that?"

Paige held up a picture of Prue and Andy at their favourite spot, the faces were squished together as they had sat on the bench with the camera arms length away.

"Prue's first camera, she was so annoying with that. Caught me and Chad or was it Rick, maybe it was Chris."

"Ok Pheebs we get that picture, no pun intended. That was the day she got the job at Buckland Auctioneers, she took us out the following month with her first pay cheque."

Grabbing hold of the photo Phoebe jumped back, the clarity of the images was frightening. Coming back she shook from head to toe, Piper and Paige crawled quickly towards her.

"You ok? What did you see?"

"Prue, I saw Prue she's in trouble. I mean major demon, warlock kind that if she had her powers she'd be fine. Um, it was in colour too which did help. Alot, I must add."

"Phoebe, come on where was she?"

"A mansion, on the other side of town way on the other side."

Phoebe let the words spill out as she raced to the kitchen, yelling at the girls to grab the book and follow her.

In the kitchen she had put the couldron on the bench, pulling out powders, plant extracts, oils and other things she thought they may need. Grabbing bottles, viles and jars she placed them roughly on the table.

"Ok, do you have any idea what we're dealing with here?"

Piper watched as her sister grabbed the book and started turning pages. The pages fell open too call a witches powers to her, looking at the entry they couldn't understand why it had fallen there.

"Maybe we're getting help from another source? Well we might as well try it, keep it handy and look for that demon again."

The pages turned on their own again, "Does this normally happen?"

"Only when we're getting help from Grams or Mom, and since Grams is intent on hiding Prue from us. We can assume it must be Mom."

Looking at the page they gasped, it was blank looking intently at each other they flicked the pages back.
Again it turned to the blank page.

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