Lost family woes

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Lost family woes

Postby thefifthsister » Wed Nov 19, 2008 11:32 pm

Damn sis. And you ask me why I have faith in you! I think it's obvious.... this was fantastic Image MORE


xoxoxo Image
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Lost family woes

Postby ibon » Thu Nov 20, 2008 12:42 am

Image rick and brenda?? hmmmm i guesss i could love them....i trust your writtings hun... and that was a great update..
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Lost family woes

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:17 am

Thanks you two...i can always trust you guys to give it me honestly lol. Yea i must admit Charms. I was unsure how my readers would take to the whole Brenda/Rick thing but, it's a pairing i have always loved seeing together. When i watched it originally i was all for her running off into the sunset with him, and leaving slapper Kelly and heartbraker Dylan behind. Bren deserves some happiness, and Rick gave her that. Plus he was a sex god to boot *Hubba Hubba* How did you guys like the crowd stood staring...i would be so embarased if that was me, but then again my fella proposed to me down on one knee in the middle of a packed Mc Donalds so ..... It kinda did, lol. I'll write more soon. Love you all Mwahhhhh xxxx
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Lost family woes

Postby ibon » Thu Nov 20, 2008 3:11 pm

well i kinda like them together in the series too.. especially when they saw DK in that restaurant and rick was so calm and matured towards the situation, and it's really obvious that he love brenda dearly...

actually he's like stuart in the beginning, but stuart became a jackass towards the end..so yeah i guess i could accept nthose two...

can't wait to post this part in ff...i wanna see what the readers think too...which reminds me... don't forget to send me the updates hun...

in my BH stories..i somehow manage to pair brenda with bane!!! :lol: i know it's odd but readers liked it!! and i got them married and they have a child... bane is still hot and yummy and rich!! *lol* BTW, dylan's in my story too, i dont know for some reason i havent write them together..and this is coming from a hardcore brenda/dylan fan...*lol*

anyhow...im just saying that, you can make me love that pairing more.. so im looking forward to read more of it hun..
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Lost family woes

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Thu Nov 20, 2008 4:03 pm

Hehe, and i look forward to writing it lol. I have made a Rick/Brenda video.... check it out.

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Lost family woes

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:28 am

"Your what!!!!?" Phoebe screamed as Brenda told her her news.

This was followed shortly after by Brenda being covered with long curly hair as Phoebe jumped into her arms, Promptly followed by her arm almost being ripped out of it's socket by Phoebe grabbing her hand to take a look at the ring.

"Woahhhh check out the rock, Damn... Rick that must have set you back a packet?" Phoebe said.

"Phoebe?" Brenda reprimanded.

"It's ok Bren', i would pay all the money in the world to have this beautiful woman as my wife." He said and pulled her into a kiss. Piper entered the room

"Geez, can you be any more obvious guys...come on, baby present." She said grinning at the couple and nodding down to Andrew who was lying in her arms.

Rick just grinned at Brenda and placed his arms around her waist and his chin on her shoulder.

"What's wrong with him?" Phoebe asked Piper, nodding at Andrew.

"Nothing. Just can't put him down." Piper admitted.

Phoebe grinned at her big sister and pulled her into a one armed hug.

"They are irrisistable aren't they. Do you think Jamie's alright with his name?" Phoebe asked.

"Well. He named him so i guess. Prue has told him how much Andy meant to her. I'm sure he's fine with it." Piper answered.

"I hope so..." Phoebe began, but trailed of as Daniel began grizzling in his cot. " Well, better go sort him out. Oh and Piper, check out Brenda's finger." Phoebe grinned as she kissed her sister's on the cheek and Rick , ruffled Andrew's hair then left the kitchen.

Piper's eyes strayed to her sister's finger and her eye's almost copied Phoebe's previously.

"Woah..sis..thats a beauty.. I take it wedding bells are in the near future then?" Piper said as she picked up Brenda's hand to examine the ring more closely.

"Well we..." Brenda began.. but Rick interupted.

"Of course...i want to marry your sister as soon as possible."

Piper looked at Brenda grinning at her embarased face.

"Well you better go tell Prue. She will be so excited for you both." Piper spoke softly.

"That's if Phoebe's not told her already... come on Rick... lets go tell her." Brenda said softly kissing Piper on her cheek before taking Rick's hand and leaving the room.

Once they reached the door of Prue's room. Rick hesitated and pulled Brenda aside.

"Am i gonna be ok going in there, it is Prue's bedroom after all." He said.. Brenda just grinned at him.

"It'll be fine Rick... she is dressed you know." And giggling she took him by his hand and after knocking on Prue's door and hearing a soft 'come in' she went in to see her sister.

Reaching her side Brenda hugged her sister and sat down on her bed at her side.

"How are you feeling sis?" Brenda asked.

"I'm goo....oh my goodness, what a rock??!!" Prue said spotting Brenda's ring...

"It is gorgeous isn't it..." Brenda said looking at her hand in Prue's.

"So... details sis.' How did Rick propose?"

Brenda looked over to her fiance and saw him blush. Giggling to herself she relayed the event to Prue.. who was engrosed in the tale. Until Patricia began grizzling...taking Prue's attention away from Brenda.

"Want me to feed her?" Brenda asked.

"Na. It's about time i got the hang of it. But you can grab Soleil and we'll go down stairs." Prue said. Uncovering her legs, to show her short shorts. Rick looked away embarassed.

After slipping on her dressing gown. and struggling to walk to the door... she was still quite sore... She allowed Rick and Brenda to grab a neice each while she concentrated on getting downstairs. She needed a different scene than the four walls she had been in since her childrens birth.
Holding onto the banister she moved slowly down. Jamie was at her side. Brenda and Phoebe were behind them walking slowly down with the babies.

All of a sudden an ugly red-faced demon shimmered in and startled Prue. She dropped to the floor and pulled Rick and Brenda gently down behind her. Her eyes quickly scanning her surroundings, she spotted a pointy umbrella sticking point up near the door and waved the demon in that direction. He flew off his feet and flew into the umbrella... After screaming he burst into tiny pieces and disintegrated on the spot. Prue stayed crouched down...breathing hard for a few seconds before slowly standing up as Piper rushed into the lobby.

"What....i heard a scream... are you ok Prue?"

"I'm fine sis... can't say the same for beetroot face though.." Prue replied.

Piper looked at her strange until it clicked "Ohhhh" She said. Then took Prue's arm and helped her the rest of the way down the stairs, and into the sun room.

"Where's Andrew?" Prue asked Piper as she eased down on the wicker sofa.

"Leo has him. He took him when i heard the scream." Piper explained.

Prue looked over at Rick. A sudden realisation dawning on her face. She had just used her magic in front of him, and now he looked really freaked out. The only reason she suspected he was still here was because he was still holding her daughter. But he looked really shocked at what he had just seen. Prue looked over at Brenda, who looked just as worried.

"Rick? Are you ok?" Prue asked gently, placing her hand on his.

Jumping slightly Rick looked at her, then at Brenda, Then Piper, then Phoebe as she came down the stairs holding Daniel.

"Did i miss something...was that a van....erm..." Phoebe said catching her self in time, and raising her shoulders in a shrug.

"Rick...i can explain.....what you just saw was...." Brenda began.

"No i get it...your magician's that red faced fella will jump out and say 'surprise' any time now won't he...that's gotta be it... but.... how did you manage the flying and the blowing up thats some serious magical talent that." Rick said laughing slightly.

Prue looked at her sister's and Piper picked Soleil out of Ricks arms, where she had been nuzzling in the crook of his arm.

"Rick...this is never easy to admit...but..." Prue began.

"No...wait Prue...I think i better explain." Brenda said nodding to Patricia and Prue took hold of her daughter.

Brenda turned to Rick and took hold of his hands.

"Honey.. i wanted to tell you this so many times..." Brenda said but paused.

This was the moment that would make or break her relationship will Rick. He would either run or embrace her true self.

"That red faced male was a demon. What Prue did was use her powers to vanquish him!!! We are witches!!!! All of us!!! Good witches!!!! We are known as the Charmed ones. The most powerful good witches ever born."Brenda finished.

Rick was looking deeply into her eye's. Looking for any signs of a joke Brenda figured.

"So what your telling me is that these....demons will be dropping in unannounced and you girls will have to... what? Kill them...How does that make you good witches... doesn't that make YOU the murderers?"

"Rick...please..." Brenda began.

"No Brenda he has a valid point here." Prue Interceded. Prue turned to Rick, looked in his eye's and spoke softly.

"Rick imagine a world full of hate. Where demon's ... kill for pleasure every single day... where your worst nightmares come true.. Then imagine a force of good so pure,trying to stop this by destroying this hate. By eliminating the source of this evil.That is what we are fighting for Rick... That world exists, right here and now...but it is being controlled by us. We are doing our job as Charmed one's by eliminating that threat. To us, to our families. to your family. We fight to keep the innocent just that... innocent." Prue said her eyes trained on Ricks.

"I don't know...this is kinda hard to take in...."

"Rick don't hate Brenda for our family heritag..." Piper began.

"I don't hate her...never could hate her... it's just... i'm not sure how fighting demon's fits in with our plans..is all." He admitted.
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Lost family woes

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:28 am

Prue felt her heart tighten.. that was exactly what Andy had said to her, shortly before the demon Rodrigues had killed him. But she didn't mention that, just watched as Brenda squeezed Ricks hand and he looked back at her.

"So what are these power's you were talking about... what? Can you fly or something?"

"I can...sorta..." Phoebe piped up. and Rick looked shocked at her. "Well its called Levitation,, i kinda float on air...so it's similar to flying i guess." She explained."I also have premonitions. I can see the past or future events." She finished.

"I don't believe that.. i wasn't being serious." Rick denied, shaking his head.

Sighing Phoebe placed Daniel in a nearby basinette and walked back in front of Rick. Concentrating, closing her eye's, she raised her body of the floor and opened her eye's to look at Rick. He had jumped back into the back of the sofa, but instead of the shock. Now he was displaying a huge smile.

"That is so...cool." He said smiling, as Phoebe landed on her feet again. Rick turned to Prue.

"What about you? You move things with your hands right?" He said, remembering the demon incident.

"Not exactly. more like with my mind, look " Prue replied, and suddenly the pot pourri bowl slid across the table, making Rick jump as Prue had merely glanced at it.

"Yo...you did that?" He stuttered, and Prue nodded.

"Handy..and you Piper?" Rick said nodding at her.

"I freeze time.....look at the clock on the mantle and memorize the exact time on it." Piper said and Rick unsurely did as she had asked. Then looked back at Piper and nodded.

Raising her arms the room froze along with Rick. Piper looked at Brenda. Her eye's saying sorry but her lips unmoving. Piper unfroze the clock so it would continue ticking. Five minutes later, raising her arms again the room unfroze and Piper nodded to the clock. Rick looked and gasped.

"That was on 5 minutes past. How is it now on 10 minutes past. You make it move somehow?" Rick said agasp.

"Nope... i stopped time Rick." Piper simply said.

Rick looked at her unsure..but after a few minutes he shook his head and smiled.Then turned to Brenda. Taking hold of her hand again, he spoke softly...

"And what about you? What can you do?"

"I feel people's moods, Rick, i'm known as an empath.And right now i feel you are unsure but willing to try and understand what we are."

"You feel peoples moods?"


"Is that why you were so scared on the cruise when that jerk confronted you? Did you feel malice...or danger?" Rick said placing a hand on her back and pulling her towards him.

"Yes..and because i'm a witch..it was magnified."

Brenda leaned into her fiance, she could feel a mixture of love and anger coming from him. She looked up at him. Worried he was angry at her.

"Why are you angry?" She asked.

"I'm no...oh.." He said realising he couldn't hide it from her. "Ok i'm angry that that jerk affected you like that....that i couldn't prevent it from happening again...you seeing him." Rick admitted.

Brenda felt her heart soar...He wasn't angry at her. He was angry at him. She looked up into his eye's saying with them what she knew he would feel. Then leaning up she kissed him, deeply. After pulling away and blushing as her sisters casually looked anywhere but at them.. but with huge smiles on thier faces.. she stood and Rick stood with her.

"Are you ok if we go. There's a few things i think we should discuss...in private." She said grinning. Her sister's catching on and after giving her and Rick a hug they waved them off.

"So do you think we should worry...about him knowing?" Prue said when they were gone.

"I don't think so...He loves Bren' i don't think he would want any harm to come to her...or us for that matter." Phoebe answered.

"Phoebe's right....Rick's one of the good guys...he will keep our secret i know he will." Piper agreed with Phoebe.

"I hope so, for the childrens sakes. Lord know's what would happen to them if we were exposed." Prue said and standing went toward the kitchen.

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Lost family woes

Postby ibon » Tue Dec 09, 2008 4:56 am

great updates!!! yay!!!
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Lost family woes

Postby lilmisshalliwell » Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:51 pm

A few weeks had passed since the triplet's birth and Brenda and Rick's announcement. Prue had contacted Grams to arrange a wiccaning for all six babies. Brenda's would be wicca'd too, for extra protection.A wiccaning was a magical ceremony that witches Invited people too. People who care about the child, or children in this case, and will be watching over them. Family, goddess Parents, if any, and friends. People or witches may bring a small, symbolic gift to the child if they so desire. It could be a poem, a gemstone, a collection of photographs or something the person made for the child. Ideally many of these things would be saved so that the child can have them again at age 18 or so, to see all the wishes people had for them.

Prue wanted also the protection of the Halliwell line to be put in place as soon as possible. With these babies being the children of the charmed one's, she knew every demon in the country would want a peice of her's and Phoebe's children, Brenda's too, seeing as she was now a charmed one. At the present moment in time Prue was having a much needed rest while her sister's had taken over her childrens feeds. She didn't want to admit it but being a mom of three young babies, well, it was overwhelming,she was exhausted.

Lying in her bed, looking up at the ceiling, she imagined what her mom would have been like had she kept Brenda and Brandon. Would she have felt so exhausted? Would Piper and Phoebe have even been born? But try as she may, Prue could never imagine ever giving up her children, and separating them from each other. Her thought's were interupted by a shower of red lights appearing to her right near to the bedroom door. She turned her head and smiled as her husband orbed into view.

"Hi hunny. Your charge alright?" Prue asked as Jamie climbed on the bed next to her and kissed her lips deeply.

"Yea, she was having trouble coming to terms with her new power. Vanished a whole street. But it's ok, i managed to make it visable again" Jamie said grinning at her.

"You are so clever." Prue said cuddling up to him and leaning her head on his chest. "This is nice." She said closing her eyes and listening to Jamie's rhythmic breathing.

The moment was disturbed by a soft knock on ther door and Piper's voice emenating through it.

"Prue you awake?"

Prue looked at Jamie and grinned. Then back to the door.

"Sure sis, come on in." Prue called.

Piper opened the door and stuck her head round it. Momentarily taken aback at seeing her sister lying on the bed wrapped around her husband. Feeling slightly embarassed at having disturbed them she avoided looking at the couple.

"Prue just wanted to tell you that i have to go to the club."

Prue smiled at her sisters obvious embarasment and sat up, earning a moan from Jamie as she leaned on his chest.

"Sure Piper i'll be down in a minute ok.How have they been?"

Piper relaxing slightly looked at Prue.

"Like babies sis' Matthew ring any bells? I'll wait downstairs ok."

And with that she unpopped her head from the door and shut it quietly, no doubt trying not to bang it and wake any sleeping babies.Prue smiled at the place Piper had been then standing up slowly and stretching she looked back at Jamie and was about to tell him to hurry up when she saw he was lying with his eyes closed.

' i'll let him sleep a while' she said to herself and headed out of her room and down the stairs.

"Where are my children then." She called as she tiptoed down the last step.

She was about to walk into the table room when out of nowhere a demon shimmered in behind her and grabbed her around her waist. Prue managed to grab hold of a vase and smash it to the floor and let out a scream before the demon shimmered out taking her with him. Piper rushed into the room after hearing her sister scream and saw the glass smashed all over the floor and a sense of dread fell over her.

"PRUE?.. PHOEBEEEE." she screamed and bent down to touch the broken shards as if hoping to do Phoebe's job for her and get a premonition.

Phoebe rushed in from the sunroom where she had been tending to her son and neices and nephew and Leo followed behind her. Jamie rushed down the stairs after hearing the commotion and took in the scene. Phoebe was just kneeling down to pick up a shard of glass as Piper had done and he looked around.

"Where's Prue?" He almost demanded.

"Taken we think." Piper replied looking up at her brother in laws worried face.

"WHAT?"Jamie said and rushed over to the glass he bent down across from Phoebe who was apparently in a trance, he just hoped she was seeing the demon who took Prue so they could go kick his ass and get his wife back as soon as possible.

Coming out of her trance moments later she opened her eye's and looked around at her family.

"Got him.....B.O.S" Phoebe said and rushed up the stairs toward the attic, her sister and Jamie rushing after her.

Piper paused on the stairs as Leo attempted to follow them .

"Maybe you should stay with the babies, Leo this could be a ploy to lure us away from them." She said. Leo nodded and rushed to the sunroom.

"DEMON!!!" Piper heard him shout and as she turned around she saw her husband fly across the room and crash into the old grandfather clock.

"Leoooo" Piper screamed and rushed to his side.

"I'm ok...Patricia!!!" He said and pointed towards where the babies were. And sitting up rubbing his head where a small bump was now forming.

Piper jumped up and rushed to the sunroom, upon nearing she saw a huge dark male holding her neice in one hand and holding his other over Patricia's head. Her neice was crying and for a moment Piper's blood froze...what was he doing to her? She flung her hands up and the demon froze, rushing over to Patricia, she gently removed her from his grasp and gathered up Soleil in her other arm.. Leo joined her side and grabbed hold of Andrew and Daniel then he orbed them all up to the attic, startling Phoebe who was frantically flipping through the book. Grabbing her son from Leo she looked at Piper's scared face,as Jamie took Andrew from Leo.

"What happened?"

"Demon had Patty, he was doing something to her." Piper said as she gently lowered Soleil to the spare basinette and checked over her other niece."She doesn't seem hurt..." Piper said looking over Patty's forehead.

"He what...?" Phoebe asked going over to check on her niece aswel.

"She's fine Pheebs...find anything on who took Prue?"

"Yea..this guy looks familiar."

Phoebe said sliding the book around on the stand for Piper and the guys to see.

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