The Lost Identity

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The Lost Identity

Postby charmed4life » Sun Oct 29, 2006 4:33 am

The Lost Identity
Summary: After six years Pippa has returned to San Francisco after running away because her parents were always fighting. Wanting to get close to her family she creates a fake identity for herself.

10yr old Pippa hurriedly grabbed the back pack she had packed earlier and hoisted herself up on the windowsill and unlocked the lock on her window and pushed it open with a creak. She stiffened up and listened to make sure she hadn’t been heard. Nothing seemed to be different so she pushed her window open a little more stopping at the next creak. She stopped and listened again. Nothing except the sounds of her cousins breathing in the next room and the usual sound coming from downstairs of her parents fighting. The whole reason she was doing this. Running away. Maybe if she was gone her parents would stop fighting for a few days to try and find her. Or maybe they wouldn’t. Maybe she was the one who caused this. Maybe it was all her fault. Either way they would stop fighting and her family would be at peace. Slowly she slid her legs out side the window making sure she didn’t slip. That would be a disaster. She’d not only get a few broken bones but it might make her parents even madder at her. From across the room her kitty Tasha let out a meow and scampered across the room and landed on the windowsill next to her. “You’re a very smart kitty, I wish I could take you with me,” she whispered stroking the cats head “But you’ve got to stay here and take care of the others.”
The black cat purred, not quite understanding. Pippa gave the kitty a kiss on its head and slipped out the window onto the branch below. The kitty meowed and jumped down onto the branch too. Pippa sighed. “I guess she’s coming too then” she thought. Slipping down onto the next branch, she half-smiled. At least she wouldn’t be alone… and maybe her family didn’t really need the cat… After all they had Ophelia and Samson so they wouldn’t be entirely unprotected. And plus, they had their powers, where she didn’t have any, she couldn’t protect herself if demons came knocking. They probably wouldn’t follow her where she was going, she wasn’t worth it. I mean, what could you do with a powerless witch? Which brang up another question, where was she going? She didn’t know her way around San Francisco let alone any where else. But her aunt Phoebe did. Her aunt had gone away to New York after Pippa’s great Grams had died. Quickly climbing back up the branches to her window she slipped into her room and tip toed over to her book case and pulled her Aunt Phoebe’s diary out and slipped it into her bag and climbed out the window again and slipped down the branches to the ground where Tasha was sitting, waiting for her. Taking one last look at the place where she had lived her life she thought of her brothers Chris and Wyatt, her cousins Bailey, Leslie, Jordan, Madison, Drew, Carrie, Andrea, Henry, Jennifer and Shannen, and her Mom and Dad and Her Aunt Phoebe, aunt Paige and Aunt Prue and Her Uncle Coop, uncle Andy and uncle Henry.

6 years later:
Pippa, or Logan as she liked to be called now, walked down the Bus steps to certain doom. Well actually that was an exaggeration. After 6 years she was finally returning to San Francisco, where she had grown up for the better part of her life. As she stepped down onto the pavement she passed some people she vaguely recognized. Storm, Storm Moonshine 3rd grade, spilled soda on her dress on purpose because she said his new shirt looked ugly. Jaime Johnson her best friend in 2nd grade, had a fight with her because she said Jaime’s drawing looked retarded. As she looked at these people she wondered if they had even remotely cared that she was gone. No, probably not. No one had come after her, put ads in newspapers. No one cared. Probably forgot she even existed. But it was her own fault. She had chosen to run away, chosen the path she was taking and she had to deal with the consequences. Even if she didn’t like it.
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