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Hell and Heaven-Fan Fic

Postby yakshax » Tue Mar 21, 2006 2:51 pm


Hey guys I’m starting a new fan fic but still going to be writing my other one at the same time anyways this does has Shannen in it but she’ll be added in a couple chapters anyways here are the characters and this was inspired by the book called The Last Vampire if you havent read the Last Vampire i suggest you do they're great books.

Ryan: main person in first view is a vampire

Katie: young girl around 16 has premonitions in her sleep.

Raven: Ryan’s sire for those who don’t know what that means… he turned him into a vampire. He is also the first vampire

Dan: a friend that Ryan meets at the school he is going to.

Shannen: well your going to have to wait and find out Image

Note: this is going to be different from my other stories I’m not going to write all in one big blob it’ll be spaced so it’s easier for people to read.
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