It shouldn't have ended this way!

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It shouldn't have ended this way!

Postby shannenfan92 » Wed Jan 04, 2006 3:37 am

Ok this is my first completed Charmed fic so i hope you enjoy it, please tell me what you think.

Prue is alive, she Piper and Phoebe are in their teens.
Patty is alive and currently seperated from Victor.

Part One

‘’Girls, come on we’re going to be late!’ Patty shouted up the stairs.

‘’Coming.’ Piper replied walking down the stairs.

‘Mom, why do we have to go?’ Prue asked, walking behind her younger sister, she was not at all happy at the fact she had to go to school on a hot day.

‘’Prue, because it’s a Monday, you go to school on a Monday, and besides I have to go talk with your father.’ Patty replied looking at her watch.

‘’Phoebe!’' Patty shouted up the stairs again. ‘’ Come on we are going to be late.’’ She exclaimed.

Phoebe popped her head round the corner of the stairs, her mom spotted her, and smiled.

‘’Come on sweetie, the sooner you get there, the sooner you come home.’ Patty assured Phoebe.

Patty had finally gotten Prue, Piper and Phoebe to school, she now had to go and meet her soon to be ex husband.

‘’Victor?’' Patty asked knocking on a hotel room door.

‘’Come in’’ a man's voice said.

Patty opened the door, she slowly walked in, the room was dark, and was only lit by a couple of candles.

‘’What’s wrong with lights, are you living in the dark ages?'' Patty asked him sarcastically and with a laugh.

‘’ No, not at all, the lights gave out on me, so candles will just have to do.’’ He replied.

Patty looked at Victor, she was really unhappy about their divorce, and she smiled, but then looked away.

‘’Are you ok?’’ Victor asked.

‘’ Huh, yeah sure, why wouldn’t I be?’’ she replied, as if she had been snapped out of a day dream.

‘’ No reason, you just looked a little pre-occupied.’’ Victor said.

‘’I am fine.’’ She said looking serious, but somehow Victor knew she was lying.

‘’No you're not: spill.’’ Victor instructed.

‘’You know me too well, I was just thinking………..why are we divorcing?’’ She asked, looking him in the eye and smiling nervously.

‘’ Well, if you remember, you thought I couldn’t handle your powers, and it tore us apart.’’ He answered

‘’But…..I love you, I can’t live without you Victor.’’ She replied.

Part Two

It had been two days since Patty had told Victor she still loved him.He still hadn’t reacted, he just sat there, with his mouth open, as if he were going to say something, but he never did.

Why didn’t I just keep my mouth shut? Arrgh, I feel so stupid, he looked so surprised. Patty thought.

‘’Mom, can Piper and I go to the mall?’’ Prue asked.

‘’Yeah sure, but please don’t be home late.’’ Patty replied she was looking out of the kitchen window as if she were in her own little world.

‘’Ok, bye Mom.’’ Piper shouted as her and Prue were walking out of the front door.

Upstairs Phoebe was listening to her music; she felt something wasn’t right in the Halliwell manor, but she couldn’t figure out what, she knew that her Mom wasn’t the same.

Ok, should I phone him, or not? If I phone him he will think I am panicking, and if I don’t phone him, then he will think I didn’t mean what I said, and I did mean it, oh why does this have to be so complicated! Patty had been thinking a lot that day, she was very confused.

‘’I will phone him.’’ She said to herself.

Victor’s apartment.

The phone rang; Victor walked over towards it, and slowly picked it up.

‘’Hello.’’ Victor said down the handset.

‘’Victor, hi it’s me, I think we need to talk.’’ Patty replied.

‘’Oh, hi, yeah, do you want to meet?’’ Victor asked.

‘’Yeah, could you come round the manor please, you haven’t seen the girls in a while.’’ Patty responded.

‘’Sure, I will be about an hour, see you then.’’ Victor said as he hung up.

Patty said she loves me, and I just sat there and said nothing, I feel so bad, I need to see her, to set things right, and I need to see my daughters. Victor thought, he grabbed his jacket and left his apartment.

Back at the Manor.

Patty was in her bedroom, she was looking through her closet, throwing outfits onto her bed, she was rushing to pick the perfect outfit, it needed to make a bold statement to Victor that said something like, hey, I love you and that’s that.
But somehow, it didn’t seem to be that easy.

The doorbell rang, and Piper was in the lounge, so she got up to answer the door.

‘’Hey dad!’’ Piper exclaimed as she hugged her father.

‘’Hi sweetheart, is your mother around?’’ Victor replied.

Patty stood at the top of the stairs; she looked absolutely beautiful, in a pale pink dress, her hair was slightly curly, and her smile was like the sun, it was stunning.

‘’Yeah, I’m here.’’ Patty said.

‘’ Wow, you look absolutely phenomenal.’’ Victor said, looking at his wife with adoring eyes.

Piper looked at her mother, and agreed, she did look beautiful, she always did, then she looked at her father, whose expression was the same, she smiled and ran upstairs towards Prues bedroom.

‘’Prue, dad is downstairs, he is looking at mom the way he used too, I think they are getting back together!’’ Piper told her older sister excitedly.
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