Paige bashing.

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Paige bashing.

Postby artemis2 » Sun Jan 01, 2006 7:29 pm

Ok, many here DONT like Paige, so i thought that i would be nice and do a little Paige bashing. Let me here here what you think.
Its in Paiges POV.
I look at her. This angry person.
Piper looks at me angry. She hates me, i now that. And of al the sudden i ask:
- What was so great about Prue?
Piper looks suprised,then she went fast to angry. And she shouts:
- What?
- I mean, its sad that she died and all, but you guys are taking it waaay to serius, i mean, its the circel of life! I said.
- You dont now her, so you cant say that! Piper screams.
- She`s just another person you now! Your gonna die to. Maybe it was her time to go. I said like it was nothing.
Piper turns to leave but before she leaves she sais angry:
- What was so great about Prue you ask? Well, Prue was everything you arent, and everything youll never be.
The end.
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