a christmas blind date

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a christmas blind date

Postby sqshannen » Sun May 08, 2005 6:23 pm

A Christmas Blind Date
I made this story for fun.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything Image they all don't belong to me except Mandy.
This story happens in high school. Please tell me what you think of it?

Prue is about 16 and Andy 17.

Prue was in school. She couldn't believe it. Her friends have set her up with a blind date on Christmas!
She had promised her friends to go. They were nagging about it all the time, so she finally gave in. Seeing she was still the only one single, as her friends all had a boyfriend.
Then Andy walked towards her. The guy she had been dreaming about a long time now. He is so athletic and smart. Don't forget handsome too! She has a crush on him just like her rival cheerleader Mandy. They both like this great football captain very much. Everyone knew that about Mandy. But do they know it about her? Prue asked herself.
Prue snapped out of it as she heard a mans voice.
'Hey Prue.', Andy called her name. 'Hey Andy.', Prue looked down. Andy looked at her and blushed. 'I wonder if you have a date today... so if you haven't would you...', he was about to ask as Mandy interrupted him.
'Oh here you are Andy! I wondered where u was. I wanted to ask you out.', Mandy turned Andy around and walked with him away, putting her arm around his.

Prue just stood there. She couldn't believe it what happened. Andy tried to ask her out until Mandy interrupted them. And now she's going out with him!
Prue's friend snapped her back to reality. 'Prue? Did just happened what I thought that happened?', Shannen asked. 'I think so...', Prue said sadly. 'Well, don't forget your date with a great guy.' 'How do you know he is that great?', Prue asked. 'Well, just trust me he's perfect for you.' Just forget about Mandy. We know she is a spoiled brat, who is so selfish she doesn't even see, like we all do, that Andy don't like her.' Prue laughed at her friend’s statement. When it comes to her best friend, she always knew a way to cheer her up. Shannen and all Prue's friends just laughed. 'I'll be right back.', Shannen said going in to the same direction as Andy did. Prue turned around and went to the class. She didn't saw Shannen talking to Andy and interrupting Mandy.
After school Prue saw Mandy walking arms in arms with Andy out of the school door. He looked at Prue and sweetly smiled, then he turned back around. Prue could see he was busy listening to everything Mandy had to say. They were probably going on a date now.
Prue sighed. She was the one who really wanted to go out with him.

'Hey Prue here you are!', Shannen said. 'I was afraid you got home already.' 'You know I won't let you down.', Prue smiled. 'I know how you are with promises.', Prue said. Her best friend Shannen was always very stricked when it came to promises. Once Prue did broke one, her best friend didn't spoke to her for almost a week. Not even on cheerleading training. They just trained with not speaking to eachother, well her not speaking to Prue, for the rest of the day. Luckily she did forgive her. Prue didn't want to loose her best friend ever again, so she just decided to do what she promised. Shannen promised her it was a great guy so she believes her and takes her word for it. She couldn't believe it, Shannen really NEVER broke a promise!
'Hello? Prue?', her friend snapped her back to reality. 'What is up with me today?', Prue asked. 'You're just nervous for your date', she smiled. 'Shall we go then?', Prue said. 'Yeah. We are all coming with you. They are all exited too to see your date.', Shannen said turning Prue around showing all her friends. 'Thanks.', Prue laughed.

'Okay we're here.', Shannen said.
'He's sitting over there.', she pointed out to a guy on a small two-person table. Prue could only see a guys back. She took a deep breath and walked towards him. The guy heard food steps and turned around. 'Hey Beauty.', he said. 'Andy!', Prue said excited and sad down across the table. 'I didn't expected to see you here!'. Prue smiled. She was really happy to see him and he was here! Not with Mandy! 'I thought you were with Mandy and you tried to ask me out?', Prue blurted it out. Prue felt ashamed and quickly covered her mouth for saying something stupid. Stupid me! How could I just have blurted that out! She could have hit herself for that. 'It's that's okay.', Andy said putting her hand down. He was holding her hand. Before he realised that, he quickly let go. He touched my hand! And is he blushing? Prue smiled.
'I'm sorry.’, Andy said. 'And yeah I was with Mandy, but I only walked her home. I told her I was going out with you. All because of Shannen.', he smiled. 'Oh, it was all her idea huh?', Prue smiled and looked at her friend who was waving at her. They both just waved back to Shannen. 'Yeah.', he continued. 'First I tried to ask you out but then Mandy interfered. She tried to ask me out. But then Shannen interfered and said she needed a blind date for you, she called me about it earlier but I didn't really confirmed her because, I was kinda scared how you would react. I quickly agreed with her before I answered Mandy's question. It all happened kinda strange, but the idea was great. And I am happy to be here now.', he smiled. This time Prue blushed. 'So what did you told Mandy?', Prue smiled. He dumped Mandy for her! This day couldn't get any better, Prue thought.
'Well I told her I would go out with her sometime, but not today.', then Andy decided to come out with it. 'Prue', he took her hand, this time intended. 'You know I have liked you for some time. I think you are great and sweet. Not to forget thoughtful to others and a great sister I heard. I hope you like me a lot too, but what I have heard from Shannen, you do.', he smiled. 'So...', he kissed her hand. 'Would you like to be my beautiful girlfriend?', he asked. 'Prue couldn't believe what she just heard. Her day could go better than it already was!
'Yes Andy. I would really like that!', she smiled. 'You are very beautiful.', Andy smiled with glitters in his eyes. Then he took something out of his pocket. It was a mistletoe. He holds it above their head. They leaned into eachother. 'Would you also like to kiss me?', he asked. 'Yes I would.', Prue leaned to him. They kissed. After the kiss they looked at Shannen and all their friends, even Andy's, laughed.

'Can I have a kiss from you?', Prue asked smiling. 'Yes Beauty. You can.', Andy kissed her. She just wrapped her arms around him. Andy opened her lips with his and slipped his tong into her mouth. Prue was very excited. She never kissed like this before! Andy 's kisses were so sweet and soft. She felt great. Then they slowly broke apart. 'Where did u learned to kiss like that?', he smiled. 'I haven't.' They couldn't glow more then they already did. They looked eachother in the eyes. Andy crossed over the table and sat next to Prue. Prue wrapped her arms around his neck again and he holds her in his arms. They sweetly kissed again and smiled. 'Thanks Shannen!', they yelled and threw their cake into her face. 'Food fight!', Shannen yelled. Now everyone was throwing cakes everywhere. As Prue and Andy still glowed, they kissed again. Starring into eachothers eyes. They were so happy to be with eachother. They passionately kissed again.
Prue woke up in Andy's arms. 'Hey beauty.', he said to her. 'Hey Sweetie.', Prue smiled. 'What are you smiling?' 'I dreamed about us, when we were younger. I dreamed about our first BLIND date.', Prue smiled. 'Ah I remember that.' 'Yeah you were a great kisser back then...' 'Hm... I was huh?' 'Yepz, maybe better then you do now.', Prue joked. 'Hm... not funny.', he tickled her. 'Andy no! Stop it! Okay okay. I'll let you try again.', Prue laughed. 'Alright.', he smiled. Then he kissed her passionately. She couldn't let him go. 'How was that?' 'Hm... I’ll let you try again...', they laughed. Then he kissed her again and this time didn't let her go.

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