A Happy Ending?

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A Happy Ending?

Postby jenny777 » Wed Jul 20, 2005 6:11 am

Thanks for the PM's... But I'll post this last bit, and if youwant more, then just ask.. But if not then I'll leave it at this.


Piper and Phoebe were in the attic, hovering over the book of shadows, looking for more information on Rowland.

“Well it doesn’t say anything else, except for what we read before. Basically just that we can’t let him touch us, because we’ll be either incinerated or paralysed. Yay!” Phoebe sighed as she closed the book angrily.

“Well we will wait until he comes after us, then find a way to vanquish him, like his creepy twin brother Keith.” Piper said as she walked over to the chest holding all of their tools, and picking out an old athame and a potions bottle.

“Yeah well what if he comes after us now?” Phoebe asked with panic in her voice. “ We’re screwed if he does.”

“How are we screwed, he’s just a stupid warlock.”

“We’re screwed because he’s the most powerful warlock we’ve ever seen, and the fact that Prue has not gotten out of bed in the past few days, except to go to the bathroom and puke.” Phoebe said as she sat down on the old couch and covered her face with her hands.

“Well she has the flu, and thank God she hasn’t come out of her room, or we would get her bug. And hopefully if he does come after us, we won’t need the power of three to vanquish him. And if we do, then Prue will just have to get out of bed, and hold off puking for five minutes.”

“I still say we’re screwed, but I’m too hungry to debate with you, so I’m going to go make a sandwich.” Phoebe quipped as she left the room.

Piper then walked down the stairs to Prue’s room to check up on her. It had been two weeks since the Darklighter incident, and there had been no demon attacks since. Which was good, since Prue had been sick with a stomach flu for the past few days.

“Hi honey.” Piper said quietly as she gently kissed the top of her head that was peaking out of the covers.

“Hi.” Prue said in a muffled voice.

“Feeling any better?” Piper asked as she lifted the covers and sat next to where Prue was lying.

“No… If it’s possible, I may even feel worse.” Prue said clutching her stomach.

“Aww, well do you think you feel up to some good news? Well for me and Leo, but not for Dan.”

“You finally did it!” Prue asked as she quickly moved to a sitting position to hug her sister.

“Well if you mean finally breaking up with Dan… Then yes.” Piper said looking down at the covers, with a sad expression on her face.

“Piper, you had to end the relationship, alright. Your heart wasn't in it and it was the only way not to break his.” Prue said noticing her sister’s face, in hopes to help.

“I know, it’s just I feel like Dan got the short end of the stick. And I mean Leo and I can’t even be together now that he’s a whitelighter again.”

“You’ll find a way to be together, I know you will.” Prue said as she kissed the side of Piper’s head. “ I mean look at Andy and I, we have an amazing relationship, even through all the problems we’ve faced.”

“Seeing you and Andy together makes me hopeful, and happy.” Piper said smiling, both at the thought of her and Leo together, and seeing Prue so happy finally.

Suddenly Prue’s head jerked when she heard a car door close from the driveway. She knew it was Andy, so she gently kissed her sister’s head and ran down the stairs to greet him.

“Hey you!” Prue yelped in excitement when Andy walked through the door.

“Hey to you too.” He said as he dropped his briefcase to the floor and pulled her into his arms. “I brought you a little treat. It’s in my briefcase.”

“Really, a treat for me?” Prue said grinning and looking over his shoulder trying to peak into the sealed briefcase.

“Hey no peaking.” Andy said as he held her closer, and began to spin around. At first Prue was laughing, because she loved when they played around. But suddenly she was not so happy when her stomach began to turn, and she felt extremely nauseous. She pushed herself away from Andy’s grasp, and ran to the bathroom underneath the stairs.

“Prue are you okay in there?” Andy asked lightly tapping on the door, knowing that she was throwing up again.

“Is she sick again?” Piper asked as she came down the stairs carrying a laundry basket.

“Yeah. This bug is really getting to her.” Andy said as Phoebe walked in to join them from the kitchen.

“Umm, guys can you come with me to the living room?” Phoebe questioned, using her hands to point to the living room.

“Uh… Yeah sure.” Andy said as he helped Piper carry another laundry basket to the living room, and set it on the ground.

“Ok… Now I have a thought of why Prue may be sick, but it’s not a bug.” Phoebe said as she looked down at her twiddling thumbs.

“Well what else could it be?” Piper asked curiously.

“Umm… Okay, now remember this is just a thought.” Phoebe said taking a deep breath. “ But you all remember that criminal Prue kinda well you know, slept with about three weeks ago?”

“What are you trying to say here!” Andy said, with his temper rising, he hated to think about that situation.

“Well I mean, it’s not like she would have brought condoms along, I mean she was being kidnapped. And he had just gotten out of jail, so if you get what I’m trying to say here?”

“ Are you trying to say that you think Prue is pregnant with that criminal’s tainted child!” Andy screamed, getting up from the couch, and pacing back and forth.

“Andy… Keep your voice down, we don’t want her to hear.” Piper said grabbing his hand, and pulling him closer to her.
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A Happy Ending?

Postby monkeylover » Sat Aug 13, 2005 3:45 pm

Image loved the story well done
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Re: A Happy Ending?

Postby sourgummycandy » Mon Sep 19, 2011 2:57 am

nothing more? isn't there like a continuation to the story? that's it? was prue really pregnant with bane's child or andy? i really wanna know. can anyone fill me in with this? :)
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Re: A Happy Ending?

Postby PrudenceGemini » Mon Sep 19, 2011 5:58 am

Sadly i think that's all they came up with, i was sad too cuz i really wanted to see what happened, it was good :D
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