A Happy Ending?

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A Happy Ending?

Postby jenny777 » Sun Mar 27, 2005 8:07 am

This is a fanfic i have posted on fanfiction.net, and my friends have told me i should put it here as well, so please tell me what you think...if you like it or not.

I do not own charmed, I only own parts of my alternate story line…..

Well this fanfic is an alternate ending to Déjà Vu All Over Again. I love Prue, and I hate that they were both killed off. So in this fanfic things will be very different.

This first chapter starts off after the third day has been re-started, and Prue and Andy are at their swing while Prue warns Andy.

Golden Gate Park

“A time loop? You mean demons can actually do that sort of thing?” Andy asked with a worried look upon his face.
“None that I've ever seen before but if it is a demon, it's the most powerful one we've ever come up against.” Prue answered back.
“He's going through all this just to kill me. No way, Prue. If he's as powerful as you say, then he's gotta be after you.”
“Andy, please just let us handle this. Whatever you do you have to promise me that you'll stay away from the manor.”
“I can't promise you that, Prue. If you're right and Rodriguez is the demon then it's a trap.”
“Yeah, then I'll have Piper and Phoebe there to back me up, alright, the power of three.”
“What if that's what he wants, all three of you together. What if that's the reason he set the time loop?” Andy’s look of concern was growing, as he began to realize even more that the woman he loved was in great danger.
“We'll just have to take our chances.”
“You could get killed Prue.”
“I mean it. This is not your fight. Don't make me use my magic on you. Andy, I would die if anything happened to you. I love you.” These words that had been so hard to say a few months ago weren’t hard to say at this moment. Especially after the thought of Andy, the man she has always loved being killed.
“I love you too, Prue.”
They then hugged for several moments; Prue wished that this moment would never end. She felt safe in Andy’s arms.

Outside The Manor

Andy had been waiting outside the manor for quite some time. Even though Prue told him to stay away while some super powerful demon came after them, he decided that there was no way he could let her get hurt in any way. And there would be no way he could ever forgive himself if anything ever happened to her, he would die and never move on if anything ever happened to her.
Rodriguez’s car pulled up in front of the manor, and he exited the car. Andy watched him as he walked up the steps. When Kit growled at him, he made a big mistake. He was enraged and made his eyes turn red.
“Oh my God, Prue.” Andy was overwhelmed with worry for Prue and her sisters and decided to go in after Rodriguez.


“The devil's sorcerer, Tempus. He can manipulate time anyway he chooses.” Phoebe informed her sisters as they stood over the book.
“Does it say how to vanquish him?” Piper asked with a curious look on her face.
“Uh, take him out of the time that he's in. What ever that means.” Phoebe said with a very confused look.
Just then Rodriquez kicked open the door and shot an energy ball directly at Prue. Piper pushed her out of the way leaving her unconscious. Just then Andy ran in the door.
“NO!!” He screamed seeing Prue motionless on the floor, as thoughts of her death flashed through his mind.
Andy pulled his weapon from under his leather jacket, and fired several shots at Rodriquez.
Phoebe spun around quickly and from out of the corner of her eye, she notices Rodriquez’s arms outstretched with flickers of electricity spitting out at random spots, and time. She rushes towards him, and dives at the back of his legs. His concentration is momentarily broken and he stumbles to the floor. Rage fills the demon quickly, and he picks up a small table nearby. He swings the table through the air, striking Piper and Phoebe, as they fall to the ground, he then shifts his attention to Andy. He swings the shattered table at him, striking his left temple. Andy falls to his knees, blood dripping down his face. Rodriquez snickers and faces Prue.
“NO…Prue!” Andy screams as he desperately attempts to get to his feet. But it was too late, Rodriquez had already conjured his energy ball, and had fired it directly at the motionless Prue lying on the floor. Her body shook from the electricity as shock, horror, and pain filled Andy’s eyes.
“Oh God no!! Prue…” Piper screamed through her tears as she froze Rodriquez and ran towards her sister’s body. Andy was already holding her body in his arms with tears in his eyes, and a pale white face. He began to sob holding whom he loved so dearly in his hands. Piper and Phoebe were hysterical trying to feel for a pulse.
“There’s no use, I already checked…she’s dead.” Andy said while his lips quivered.
He began stroking her dark hair, unable to hold back the tears.
“Well, we’re going to fix this someway or another, I mean we’re in a time loop right.” Phoebe said trying to reassure everyone.
“Ok, well Prue said something earlier about thinking that his death triggered the time loop.” Andy said, with tears still streaming down his face.
“So right now we have to figure out how to kill this bast…. I mean demon.” Piper said with a determined look on her face, wiping away the tears.

Rodriquez awoke moments later, tied up in a chair. Piper and Phoebe stood around him, faces still flushed with tears. Andy still lay beside Prue’s body, clutching her, as sobs still managed to force their way out.
“Don’t worry Prue, somehow we’re going to fix this, no matter what.” Andy could hardly talk without beginning to cry.
“You’re right Andy, we will fix this, no matter what.” Piper added in.
“Go ahead. Kill me. I don't care.” Rodriguez quipped.
“We know we're in a time loop aren't we?” She asked rhetorically to Rodriquez. “All we have to do is start the day over and Prue lives. And we’re willing to bet that your death somehow triggers the time loop?”
“I'm impressed. I was told you wouldn't know that.” Rodriquez said, trying not to laugh.
“Really… By who…Tempus? Yeah, we know about him too. And we also know you're not him otherwise you would of started the day by now. So, where do we find him?
“In your nightmares. Kill me. I dare you.”
Andy couldn’t take hearing the voice of the man who did this to Prue anymore. So he turned around grabbing his gun. Last time he had missed, but not this time. Prue was going to live, and he was going to die. He shot a good five shots into Rodriguez’s chest.
“Oh my God!” Piper and Phoebe both screamed as the bullets flew everywhere. Rodriguez was somehow vanquished by the bullets and disappeared.
“Whoa, Andy calm down.” Phoebe said in a jokingly manner.
“This is no time for jokes, now why isn’t the day re-starting?” Andy asked beginning to head towards Prue’s body.
“I have no clue, but it should soon right?” Piper asked with a frantic look on her face.
“It better, I can’t live without Prue, I love her too much.” Andy said kissing her forehead and stroking her hair again.

Several Hours Later

Andy finally left Prue’s side. He was still in a daze, and was holding a cup of coffee, yet didn’t drink a drop of it. Every little while he would look over to her body. Piper had covered it with a blanket for the time being.
“Look Andy, maybe we should call Darryl, just until time does reset.” Phoebe stated, in a concerned tone. She too was holding a cup of coffee and started sipping the coffee.
“Look, guys what if time isn’t going to reset,” she slipped, without thinking. Andy shot a horrible look at her, yet didn’t say anything. He knew his look was all he had to say.
Piper was a little uneasy now, “What if,” she sighed, “What if we’ve lost our sister… forever.”


I have many more chapters already made, and if you like them i will post them.
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A Happy Ending?

Postby alwaysastar » Sun Mar 27, 2005 1:58 pm

Image please continue!
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A Happy Ending?

Postby mrsmcmahon » Sun Mar 27, 2005 4:15 pm

post them! i need to find out what happens! lol! it's really good so far! xx
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A Happy Ending?

Postby jenny777 » Sun Mar 27, 2005 9:39 pm

At The Manor

“How is everyone holding up in here?“ Daryll asked as he walked through the door to see everyones faces red and tear soaked.

‘’ We’re not too good at the moment Daryll.’’ Andy said looking towards Prue’s body. He began to sob again when he looked at her.

‘’Andy don’t worry it will all get fixed as soon as Tempus resets time’’ Piper said trying to comfort Andy by hugging him. She was still unsure herself but couldn’t even think about Prue being gone forever. Whenever she even looked at Prue’s body that was covered with a blanket her stomach turned and she was overcome with grief.

‘’Piper what if it doesn’t?’’ Phoebe asked. She wasn’t sure if it was right to say that but she couldn’t ake her mind of that thought.

‘’Well then…. ‘’ Andy’s words were stopped as the floor began to shake.

‘’ Oh my God an earthquake!! ‘’ Phoebe screamed, she had always been horrified of earthquakes.

Just then time began to rewind…

That Morning

Good morning, San Francisco. Well, it looks like it's going to be a beautiful Wednesday in the Bay area. The weather girl said on the T.V that Phoebe was listening to.

Don't tell me. I already know. You spilt marinara sauce on your dress, right? Am I right? Think Piper, think. Doesn't all of this seem awfully familiar to you? Don’t you remember what happened before time was reset? Prue died!”

“I what?” Prue said with a curious face as she entered the room.

“Thank God!” Phoebe screamed as she dropped the phone and ran over to hug her big sister. Her heart was overwhelmed with relief seeing Prue alive.
“Umm, Phoebes… Why are you so neurotic?” Prue said as she put down her cup of coffee that had spilled a moment before when Phoebe almost pushed over from her hug.

“Don’t you remember anything that happened yesterday? Well I guess today, but it’s a time loop so…” She still hadn’t loosened her grip on her sister waist and began stoking her hair.

“Ok, don’t give yourself a headache… Now what are you talking about?” Prue was really wondering about her sister. She hardly ever acted like this.
“Look you have to remember before time was reset you died! Rodriguez killed you when you were unconscious. Well of course you wouldn’t remember that part, but ok do you remember me having a premonition of Andy dying here at the manor?”

“Now that you bring it up, I vaguely remember. But why would someone want to kill Andy?” Prue was frantic thinking about the man she loved being killed.
“Not just anyone a demon, Rodriguez is a demon. He wants to kill us and Andy is probably trying to protect you and gets killed. So you have to go warn him.”

Just then the door opened and Andy ran right through.

“Prue!” He screamed as he ran through the entrance.” Prue are you here!” Hoping so hard that when he would see her beautiful face with her crystal blue eyes.

“ We’re in here Andy.” Prue said as she pushed herself away from Phoebe and began to walk towards the sound of Andy’s voice.

“Oh God Prue, you’re alright!” He said as he scooped her into his arms and held her so tight she couldn’t breathe.” I thought I had lost you forever.” He continued to hold her as he kissed her cheek, neck and just all over.

“Andy you’ll never lose me, unless you choke me to death right now.” She laughed as he smiled and put her down. Kissing her forehead and still holding her, just not quite as tight.

“Andy, one question. How come you remember before time was reset but Prue doesn’t?” Phoebe asked.
“Well I remember some of the things you were talking about but none of this me dying stuff.” Prue added.

“Well she probably doesn’t remember herself dying because well on she was unconscious, and two she wasn’t there after that.” Andy said looking down at her, it was still there in his memory, Prue lying dead on the floor. He would never forget that sight, and hoped he would never have to see it again.

“Ok, well even if I supposedly died before time was reset, we can’t worry about that now, we have to worry about defeating the demons whoever they are before they kill one or all of us again.” Prue was very determined there was no way one of her sisters or Andy were going to get killed, she’d rather die then have that happen.

“Well Piper should be home any minute now. And we can get started on how to kill this guy. He must remember what happened before and he may even try to come sooner to catch us by surprise.

“Yes, yes I may try that.” Rodriguez was in the front door with a huge grin on his face.

“Oh, oh no...” Prue was shocked and sent him flying through the wall.

“You stupid witch. I killed you before, and I’ll do it again!” He snickered and sent a fireball towards her. Andy and Phoebe screamed worrying that all they had done would just lead to the same loss all over again. When the fireball was centimetres away from her head it all of a sudden froze along with Rodriguez.

“Piper?” they all said with curiosity.

“Yeah, I’m here and thank god I got here when I did. It looks like Prue was going to be fried again.”

“Yeah I was…” Prue said as she slid carefully out of the way of the energy ball. Then just as she was safe it all unfroze and the fireball hit the wall.

“No!!” Rodriguez screamed when he realized he had been frozen. He then sent a energy ball directly at Andy. Which made Prue tackle him the way Piper had tackled her before time was reset to get him from harms way. But this time she was knocked unconscious from hitting the end table as she fell to the ground.

“Oh great Prue, the most powerful is knocked out again.” Phoebe said looking distressed.

“Quick Piper freeze him for now!” Andy screamed as he got up from the floor. ”We don’t want him to do the same thing as last time.” Andy picked up Prue’s unconscious body and placed it gently on the couch.

“Well we need to figure out how to get out of the time loop, it’s the only way to kill him and not have the day reset.” Phoebe said.

“Well maybe if we go ahead in time to tomorrow, because you said you have to take him out of the time he’s in? So going ahead one day would do that.” Andy was sure that would work, and was proud of his idea.

“Well we should try to wake up Prue, the spell will have more impact with the power of three. ”Piper said as she began to shake her injured sister. Prue gave a few moans as she came around.

“Is everyone okay?” She asked as Andy and Piper helped her up to her feet.

“Yeah we’ll all be fine once this guy over here is vanquished along with his little friend Tempus.” Piper retorted as she and Phoebe hugged their sister.” At least this time you’re with us for the vanquish.” Phoebe said playing with her oldest sisters dark hair.

“Yeah, well don’t worry I’m not going anywhere.” Prue said. Andy thought to himself how much he hated how she always thought she was invincible, because this always put her in more harm.

“Okay, here’s the spell to accelerate time.” Phoebe said as she placed the book in Prue’s hands.

“Well here goes nothing.” Piper said as she looked down at the book preparing to read.

Winds of time gather 'round, Give me wings to speed my way...

“NO!!” Rodriguez screamed knowing this would break the time loop.

Rush me on my journey forward, let tomorrow be today.
When the girls were finished they looked up at the clock and watched the hands go round to just after midnight.

Rodriguez was full of rage and was able to break through the restraint that was holding him to the chair.

“Phoebe duck!!” Piper screamed as the energy ball headed straight for her little sister. Little did she know that Prue was already ready for it and threw the energy ball telekinetically right back to Rodriguez. He screamed in pain, and disappeared with a puff of smoke.

“Well I’m glad that’s over, and that we’re all safe.” Andy said as he wrapped his arms around Prue and resting his head on hers.

“Well at least for now.” Prue said placing her hands over Andy’s.

“Okay…Phoebe I think we should go get ready for bed don’t you think?” Piper said trying to get Phoebe out of the room, so Prue and Andy could have some time alone. She was staring at her sister wanting to stay, but Piper dragged her away.

“I don’t know I can thank you for being here Andy. Even though I told you not to.” She smiled giving him a playful evil eye.

“Well I’m glad I came, I mean not to brag but I did help quite a bit. You see I can help a bit when it comes to demons.” He said as she turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Hmm… well I guess just a bit.” She smiled and they began to kiss passionately.

“Well I think I know how you can thank me.” Andy said with a mischievous smile.

“Really? Me too.” She said as she began to kiss his neck.” Come on let’s go upstairs.”

“Eww…” Around the corner Phoebe and Piper were listening to their sister, because they were really hoping she would get back together with Andy so that she could finally do something that made her happy. They watched as Prue and Andy ran up the stairs into Prue’s room laughing and holding hands.
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A Happy Ending?

Postby jenny777 » Tue May 24, 2005 6:27 am

Hey, this is a fan-fic i posted a while back. It's on fanfiction.net and has many chapters there... but i though I'd start posting them here again. If you like it and want me to post more, then just review and i will gladly Image...

Okay, so this chapter takes place a few months after the last chapter. Andy and Prue have been dating ever since. Piper is dating Dan just as she is mid second season. And Phoebe is well, just Phoebe.

Prue's Bedroom

Prue woke up to the sun shinning in her eyes. She rolled over and placed her hand on Andy’s chest.

“Wake up sleepy head” she said as she kissed his neck.

“No. You get up too early for your own good, and you keep me up late with you too.”

“Oh… so you don’t like staying up late with me?” She said with a mischievous smile.

“No I love that, I just hate waking up so early. But I don’t mind it because I’m with you.” He then kissed her passionately on the lips and pulled her closer.

“I love you so much Prue.”

“I love you so much more Andy.” They began to kiss again and pulled each other back under the covers.

Phoebe’s Room

There was some romance going on in Phoebe’s room with a man named Keith who she had met at P3 the night before.

“Good morning.” Phoebe said as she noticed Keith beginning to wake up beside her.

“Morning.” He said as he wrapped his arm around her. He knew that Prue would be getting out of her roof in about ten minutes to get ready for work, so it would be the perfect opportunity to kill her first. She was the strongest so when Piper and Phoebe come to help he will be able to kill them easily.

“ Did you have a good sleep?” Phoebe asked in her little baby voice.

“ Yeah except it was hard to fall asleep because I didn’t want to close my eyes and stop looking at you.”

“ You’re too good to be true.” She said as she rolling on top of him and they began to kiss. Just then Keith heard Prue’s door open down the hallway.

“ Well I really have to go to the bathroom so I’ll be right back.” Kissing her forehead she was not able to see his evil grin. He put his clothes on quickly and headed for the door with an athame hidden to his side.

Prue was about to enter the bathroom when he turned the corner.

“Oh my God!” She screamed startled, not expecting him to be there.

“ Oh sorry I was just looking for the bathroom.”

“Well it’s right here.” She said beginning to wonder if he was crazy considering they were standing in front of the bathroom.

“Oh thank you, you’re such a kind witch.”

“Oh you’re welcome.” Just then Prue realised that he has said witch. She turned around to see him holding an athame in his right hand.

“Oh… oh no.” Just as she was about to send him flying he grabbed her arm and held her against his chest.

“Piper!! Phoebe!!” She screamed as he thrust the athame into her lower abdomen. “Ah… she moaned as she began to fall to the ground clutching her stomach.

“Prue!” Andy came running into the hallway and managed to catch her before she hit the floor. His face was in complete horror seeing the blood that was covering his shirt that she had borrowed to go to the shower.

“Andy get Phoebe someplace safe.” Prue whispered, with a shaky voice since her body was shaking.

Phoebe came running into the hallway in her pyjamas. Tears filled her eyes when she saw Andy covered in Prue’s blood. Andy was about to run to get his gun but then remembered that it would do nothing to the warlock.

“I’ll fight him off you go get Piper at Dan’s!” Phoebe screamed hurling a lamp at Keith. He just simply shook off the impact of the lamp. After the lamp didn’t work she picked up a stone decoration that was sitting on the end table and threw it straight at his head. This time he was knocked unconscious.

“No Prue.” Phoebe said as she ran over to where Prue was lying. “Prue honey, we’re going to get you better.” She picked up the phone and called 911 as she looked down at her sister who was shaking. Tears filled Phoebe’s eyes as she saw the colour begin to leave Prue’s face.

“Phoebe…Prue!” Piper and Andy screamed as they ran back into the house. They both fell to their knees at Prue’s side.

“Andy… Pi…” Prue began to say, holding out her hand for Andy to hold but wasn’t able to finish, her hand dropped as Andy was about to take it and she began to fall unconscious. Her body was beginning to shut down.

“Oh God Prue.” Piper said when she noticed the life slip away from her sister so quickly.

“We don’t have enough time to wait for an ambulance, she won’t make it.” Andy said as he looked down at Prue, he then picked up the towel she was bringing with her to take a shower and pressed it against the stab wound hoping it would at least help a bit.

“We need Leo’s healing touch, if anyone can save her it’s him. I know he can.” Piper said as she began to tremble looking down at Prue.

“Ok but how do we get him to come? I mean he’s always just been around.”

“Ok well he said he listens to us sometimes so maybe we just have to scream his name?”

“LEO!!!” Piper and Phoebe screamed at the top of their lungs.

“ Well even if he isn’t listening I think he would’ve been able to hear that.” Andy said as he uncovered his ears.

Just as they suspected Leo orbed in front of Piper. He was smiling until he saw Prue.

“Can you fix this?” Piper asked with huge wondering eyes that were beginning to fill with tears. “ Cause you better.”

“I should. This looks really bad, you should’ve called me earlier.” He placed his hands over her wound and after a few heart-pounding seconds a bright glow came from his hands, and her wound began to heal.

“Well we didn’t know all we had to do was scream your name.” Piper retorted.

Prue let out a huge gasp as she woke up, and was almost completely healed.

“Whoa, slow down I’m not done yet.” Leo said placing his other hand on her shoulder. When she was completely healed Andy pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead. Phoebe and Piper were also still holding her hands and trying to hug her.

“Okay, let me breathe please people.” She said as she pushed them away but remained leaning on Andy.

“Thank God Prue, we thought we lost you… again.” Piper said as she looked at her sister with such relief. “ Thanks to Leo you’re still with us.” She looked up towards Leo and was suddenly sad again from the thought that she couldn’t be with the man she loved so much.

“Yeah thank you Leo for saving me… Piper watch out!” Keith woke up and grabbed Piper holding an athame to her neck. They had all forgotten about the warlock that had been lying on the floor.

“Don’t you dare touch her.” Prue said as she sent him flying across the room. She began to pull Piper back up to her feet when she heard a shriek coming from behind her.

“Guys help!” Phoebe screamed as the warlock she knew as Keith blinked behind and grabbed her.

“This is what you get for doing that witch.” He said as he blinked out with Phoebe.
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A Happy Ending?

Postby alwaysastar » Tue May 24, 2005 7:59 pm

Very good so far!
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A Happy Ending?

Postby sarahconnor » Wed May 25, 2005 4:58 am

Ooh, good to know that Prue is okay...I wonder what will happen to Phoebe??

(Not that I really care hehe) Image
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A Happy Ending?

Postby jenny777 » Wed May 25, 2005 5:04 am

Lol i think the same way about Phoebe. here's another chapter, thanks for the reviews.


“Phoebe!” Prue and Piper screamed as their sister disappeared in the blink of an eye with the warlock they knew as Keith. “Where did he take her? And what is he doing to her. What if he’s killing her right now.” Prue was panicking at the thought of her little sister being killed.

“ We’ll find her, and he better not hurt her if he knows what’s good for him.” Piper said looking at the spot that her sister was just standing a moment before.

“Look I’m sure he’s not killing her, if he wanted to do that he could’ve done that without blinking away.” Andy said trying to calm them down. He then placed his hands on Prue’s shoulders in hope to comfort her.

“ Andy you don’t understand. It’s my job to protect her and Piper.” Tears formed in her eyes.” It’s always been my job and it’s the only thing I’m good at, and now I can’t even protect her when she’s standing right behind me!”

“ Prue honey it’s not your job to protect us, and even if that’s what you do. And it’s not the only thing you’re good at either.” Piper began to hug her sister. She always knew that Prue thought it was her job and duty in life to protect her, but never expected it to come out of her mouth.

“ Whatever Piper that’s not important right now.” She sighed as she ran her hand through her hair.” What is important is saving Phoebe. This guy has to be in the Book of Shadows, and I’m going to check.”

The sisters ran upstairs to the attic leaving Andy and Leo alone in the hallway.

“ I can’t thank you enough for saving Prue.” Andy said looking toward Leo.

“ No problem, that’s my job.” Leo said giving a huge smile and making Andy laugh.

“ Speaking of jobs, I better to go mine. I hate to leave at a time like this but I can’t get fired tell Prue I’ll be by in an hour or so.” As he began making his way out he patted Leo on the shoulder.

“ Sure thing.”

Abandoned Apartment

Keith wouldn’t stop blinking for about an hour. All they did was shimmer everywhere.

“When are you going to stop blinking everywhere? And why are you doing it?

“ So that stupid whitelighter won’t be able to sense you. I think it’s safe now though.” He then let go of her and turned to lock the doors. The windows already had boards over them.

“ I think I’m going to be sick.” She clutched her stomach and sat on the ground.

“ Well please don’t. When I kiss you I don’t want to taste puke.”

“ What makes you think I’ll ever touch you again.” Phoebe gave him a disgusted look and moved into the corner of the room.

“You had no problem with it last night, and this morning.” He had a huge grin on his face as he slowly approached Phoebe.

“That was before I found out that you were a warlock, and you tried to kill my sister!” She was furious, all she could think of was how she could be so gullible. It made her even angrier, she was always so gullible, like with Rex.

“Well I don’t care.” He then made his way towards her planted a kiss on her lips. He grabbed her arms and held them behind her back as he continued to kiss her. She struggled for a while but couldn’t make a difference, he was too strong. Within seconds she could feel a metal on her wrists. She knew what it was, as he held her he handcuffed her to a pipe on the wall.


“ So this guy’s name is Rowland. I knew Keith couldn’t be his real name, way too gay for a warlock.” Prue stated to Piper as the two hovered over the book.” I mean Keith is a great name but not for warlocks.”

“Yeah, but look it says here that if he chooses he has the touch of death and can also paralyse you easily just by touching you.” Piper’s heart suddenly jumped reading this.” So he can easily hurt Phoebe by making her paralysed. Oh God he better not be hurting her.”

“ Well he shouldn’t if he knows what’s good for him.” Prue said flipping through the pages looking for a vanquishing potion or spell.” Well I can’t find a vanquishing solution so I guess we can just vanquish him by kicking some warlock butt.”

“I guess, but how are we going to find Phoebe in the mean time?”

“ We’ll scry or something I don’t know, but I do know that I have to go get dressed.” Prue said as she made her way down the stairs.

As Prue left the attic Leo walked in.

“Look Piper I tried to sense her, but I couldn’t every time I’d almost know where she was it would change again.”

“It’s ok Leo, thank you for trying.” She walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek.” I should go get changed too, I’ll call if we need anymore help.” Leo then orbed away leaving Piper standing alone in the attic.

Prue’s Room

Prue was sitting on her bed holding a picture of the three girls with their mother.

“I’m sorry I failed Mom. I tried to protect her but I couldn’t.” Tears were streaming down her face as she looked down towards the picture. She was so distracted that she didn’t notice Andy quietly walk into the room and stand behind her.

“Prue you didn’t fail her.” He sat next to her and pulled her onto his lap. ”You were saving Piper when Phoebe was attacked. It would’ve been impossible for you to save them both unless you could be in two places at once. She rested her head on his chest. His words made her feel a bit better about not being able to protect Phoebe, but she still thought she had failed.

“Well I should be able to be in two places at once, I mean it’s not fair I can’t protect both of them at them same time.”

“It’s ok, we’ll find her and everything will be fine.” Andy said as he wiped the tears off her cheek and kissed her forehead.

Abandoned Apartment

Phoebe had been alone in the room for quite some time every little while Keith would come in to check on her and blink out again. She clutched her stomach as it ached from hunger.

“Hungry?” He asked when he blinked in with some bags of groceries.

“Why would you care? Phoebe was determined to keep her dignity, and not show any weakness.

“Well if you’re dead then your sisters won’t come to save you. And if they don’t come to save you then I can’t kill them as easily.” He was at the dirt covered counter in the grungy looking kitchen preparing a peanut butter sandwich.

“What would you like to drink? I have milk and some apple juice.” He asked as he handed her the plate with the sandwich on it.

“ I don’t care!” She spat to him as she grabbed the sandwich off the plate.

“Milk it is.” He pulled out a carton of milk and poured it into a glass that was in the cupboard. Not much of a cupboard though, the door was falling off.

“They will come eventually, and I will kill them.” He placed the cup on the ground next to her.” And there’s nothing that you can do about it.” He snickered as his kissed her forehead catching her off guard and blinked out.
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A Happy Ending?

Postby sarahconnor » Wed May 25, 2005 6:28 am

Rowland, I think, is an even gayer name for a warlock. Image

Good to know that Phoebe is being well taken care of. Image

Jenn wrote:Lol i
So this guy’s name is Rowland. I knew Keith couldn’t be his real name, way too gay for a warlock
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A Happy Ending?

Postby alwaysastar » Wed May 25, 2005 2:49 pm

please continue...
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