Bringing Prue back...Dead of Alive!!!

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Bringing Prue back...Dead of Alive!!!

Postby SammyHalliwell » Thu Jun 21, 2012 9:01 pm

Prue has been gone for over a decade and the show has been gone for years. I know there has been a great deal of chatter about a reunion and various spin-offs, but somehow that all seems doubtful.

I admit that I don't know the truth about Shannen's departure. Too many stories abound, and at this stage of the game digging into it would be like pouring salt into wounds that might never I am not going there.

They say that being smart is not always synonymous with being clever, but in Miss Doherty's case I have to applaud her wisdom and obvious abilities to mix the two in a remarkable brew. Controlling the use of her image and owning part of the Charmed production, was to me a very impressive coup. Long after her flight from the Charmed world, she was still a major factor and making money to boot. Being old enough to be her mother I have to say...."good for you my dear".

So with that said, where does one go from here? Well if only Shannen can be Prue, what is to stop her from doing so? Now I understand being newly married is a big job in its self, but somewhere down the line she could revive her character. The rest of the cast could join in from time to time, or not as it really wouldn't matter to the story-line. After all it is a fantasy and the rules of life do not have to apply.

Is Prue dead? Leo was and he did just fine in the life department right down to fathering children. How would one explain the age change? Who really knows what happens in the after-life. Who says there can't be exceptions, and besides, Shannen doesn't look her age anyway.

Prue could have moved on. Perhaps she is a ghost in another location. Returning to the families roots on the east coast might be a thought. Mind you now she wouldn't be a common ghost as she was a Charmed One. There are many doors Shannen/Prue could walk through here and I would like to think that Kern and company couldn't do a thing about it.

How does the line go.....he/she who laughs last, laughs best......rock on. Sammy
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