Weriod Charmed dreams

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Weriod Charmed dreams

Postby raven » Sun Oct 24, 2004 12:06 am

tell your weriodest charmed dreams.

my weriodest so far was a very.......emotional moment with adult Chris in my bed room followed by watching Leo cheating on Piper with Phoebe, right in front of my eyes. Then Piper said "I know i'm fine with it." she must have said that because next thing i know i see Prue beating Phoebe to a bloody pulp. the whole time this was happening adult Chris and i were holding hands. Oh and Cole was playing airplane with Wyatt and baby Chris got so mad he orbed himself to Victor 300 miles away. And Piper was so mad at us that she sent P{rue Adult Chris and me to find Baby Chris so by the end of the dream adult Chris Prue and I had orb all over the US twice to find baby Chris. At one time we were in New York city.
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