Even In Death They'll Always Be Her Sisters

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Even In Death They'll Always Be Her Sisters

Postby shannensangel » Thu Dec 07, 2006 3:51 am

Omigosh I am going to post this Prue poem I found on fanfiction.net. I don't own it. So the credit goes to whoever wrote it, but I thought It was awsome so here it is.

Even In Death, They Will Always Be Her Sisters (Prue’s Goodbye)

It’s dark

Piper, Phoebe were are you?

Help me

Save me

I’ve always been there for you

I always took care of you

Will you help me this time?

Will you save me?

Will you take care of me?

Phoebe you’re disappearing

Piper don’t go




Don’t leave me

I’m scared

Everything is getting darker

I can’t see anymore

I can’t hear anymore

It’s too dark

Too quiet

It’s dawning on me

The shock is wearing off

I’m never going to wake up

My time is almost over

I can’t resist

It’s getting harder

I fell like I’m under water or sand

It’s too tight

It’s too dark and quiet

Why do I have to leave them?

I promised I would never leave

That I would watch over them forever

Be at their side

I never break my promises

Mom, Grams!

Can’t you do something?

Help me

I need to stay

Protect them

I see someone

It’s bright

I can’t stand it

Leave me alone

Let go off me

The voice is deep

It is your time


It speaks again

You can’t fight me

I’ve told you about that before


When I was still alive

But I won’t go

I can’t leave them

They need me

I can’t die

He answers with age

Everything dies

It is your time

He says softly


I struggle

I can see Piper

Her eyes are closed

But she’s still breathing

I need to be with them

I need to help them figure it all

I need to stay with them

It’s time they fend for themselves

You can’t always be there for them

You can’t always sacrifice everything for them

The Angel of Death answered

But I can try

I’m not backing down

There not ready to lose me yet

I have to be with them

What about you mother?

You grandma and Andy?

He asks

It’s been so long

I haven’t seen them in awhile

But I love my sisters

I can’t just leave them

Not without a warning

Not without a finale goodbye

Not without seeing them once more

You promised I wouldn’t be next

You lied

The tears were coming down

Clouding my vision

His eyes showed age

I didn’t know things would go like this

Fate is unpredictable

Things change

I go where I’m called

Tell me something then

I might go with you

Yes he says

Will they be alright?

They’ll be fine

He answers

How do you know that?

You said it yourself things change

They do

He answers

But for now they will be alright

I was shaking

It was almost impossible to breath

Was I breathing?

I couldn’t leave

I just couldn’t



It was Piper

Phoebe was there too

Good Phoebe survived

They’re not taking it well

I can’t leave

Death is waiting

It looks like I don’t have much of a choice

But grams always said you had a choice

You chose your own fate

But I don’t have much of a choice

Do I?

I can see them now

How, I don’t care

I can see them

Piper is losing it

Phoebe isn’t any better

I can see their tears

One of their greatest fears

Has come true

What’s going to happen?

To them

Now that I’m gone

What’s going to happen?

Oh please let me stay


They need me


Something is tugging me

Pulling me back

I knew what will happen

I can see it

But I guess it’s alright

For now

They’ll be alright

They’ll make it

Paige will take care of them

I just wish it could be me

I’m sorry Piper and Phoebe

I want them to know

That’ll I’ll always there

I’ll always watch them

From were I will be

I’ll protect them the best I can

That I’ll be there protector

From the heart

And from above

I’ll be their guardian angel

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