hi everyone

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hi everyone

Postby Shannen Doherty » Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:40 pm

hi all!! I just got back from miami and read your post.Thankyou once again for caring and for being there for me. now i will try to answer some questions... my horses names are louisito,alberto,domingo,picasso,samourzakan,aries addiction(ari) and thunder my dogs are elfie german shepherd,leroy who is a kane corso and sadly my amazing dog max died.i miss him very much! producing can be hard if you care about it.I have no desire to just collect a paycheck and let other people do all the work.I believe you have to have passion for your job. i loved doing gone in the night and yes i met the real people.they were very happy with the way the movie was going and they were lovely people i never dated luke perry amd jason i can't comment on but i adore him. yes they wanted me to do the last episode of 90210 but it did not feel right to me. i guess brenda got a little nasty towards the end however i feel that she was a girl who wanted more and was in a limited environment.but think about it she did go thru an awful lot.friends lied to her,her one true love cheated on her.she sorta had a reason to be a little bit bitter!!! my favorite tv movie i ever did is probably friends til the end because it was fun to sing and be in a band i love directing and will do it again but i need to focus on my true passion for acting first. i hope i have answered your questions okay and thankyou for supporting me.i love you all and will continue to check in xoxo,Shannen

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