Hi everyone

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Hi everyone

Postby Shannen Doherty » Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:36 pm

Hi all!! I am so sorry that it's been so long since i posted. Its been a bit crazy for me lately and i found myself just overwhelmed and to be honest kind of hiding away. I do want to say Thankyou Yana. Thankyou for posting your letter and telling your story. You have no idea how much it means to me that i was able to help you at all. I must say that the scene that touched you happens to be one of my all time favorite scenes in my acting career. I too at the time was going thru alot of stuff and channeled it into my work and for me as an actor that was one of my most honest moments. I am glad to hear that you are moving forward and doing well and i send you and your family my love. Anyway i have missed you all and appreciate the continued post and support that i feel from this site and please know that even if i go into "hiding" for a bit you are all still in my heart and prayers. much love to you and i will check back in soon. lots of love, Shannen

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Hi everyone

Postby shannen222 » Tue May 04, 2010 2:04 am

Hi Shannen <3 My name is Ryan Stickney, I write this from my home in Toronto, Ontario. I can proudly say I am your biggest fan, I have no idea how to thankyou for the inspiration you have provided me in your career as an actress and just an overall genuine person- Through your interviews and stories you strike me as such a genuine woman and amazing actress. I am an aspiring actor myself, my passion for the theatre is what feeds my soul and its great to see someone out there who respects the craft and works hard to persist through the negative attention from the media and the harmful words that others so blindly seem to toss about. Thankyou for being as strong as you are, for appreciating your fans and for just giving us enjoyable films and television shows to watch- Ur the best Shannen xxxoo
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