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the real shannen

Postby Shannen Doherty » Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:08 pm

i contacted Dianna so that i could post on this site to say thankyou to all of you for your constant support.It truly means alot to me. I will take a moment to clear up some rumors that i have read so far.First,i will not be returning to charmed.There was never a conversation about it,meaning it will never happen.There are many reasons for that but they are private.However i will say that i think Rose does a great job. I talked with her recently in New York and she is a great girl!Second- Andrew Levitas is not my boyfriend.He never was!!I have been happily single since June.I never even went on a date with him.If there are any other rumors any of you would like me to clear up just post them and i will try.Scare Tactics premieres March 4 we have moved to thursdays and i will be doing press in New York for it soon.I will let you all know what shows.So far i think Letterman and Carson.Once again,thankyou for hanging in there with me i love you all for it. Shannen

(Post has been RESTORED. Originally posted Feb 15th, 2004, 12:46pm)
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