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Postby Shannen Doherty » Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:05 pm

wow, thankyou so much for the kindness! I would just like to say that Dianna is indeed,from what i can tell, a very honest person.She would not lie and just so you all know she grilled me! she was relentless in having me prove it was me.I started actually getting upset.but if there are some who still don't believe i will try to prove it.No one but myself knows my travel plans but i will share them with all of you.I will be in Miami next weekend at a party for ocean drive magazine and then my friend is opening a new club there called Mansion. what next....i am trying to remember some of your new show is still being worked on.we are trying to find the perfect writer. law and order offered me the one hundreth episode but i was filming scare and could not do it.But of course i would do something on any of them. you guys don't have to be shy with your questions,i promise i will try to answer them,and Kristen thankyou for being so protective,it means alot to me.Also if my show is live i promise i will get you and your sister in to see it not matter how old she is. we are firming up my New York schedule and the shows i will be on as soon as i know for sure i will let all of you know. Thanksagain i love you all and god bless xoxo,shannen

(Post has been RESTORED. Originally posted Feb 15th, 2004, 11:15am)
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